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Each week, Darren from @darrenmoviereviews will be recapping the most recent episode(s) of Moon Knight and the show’s overall connection to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It’s time for a full moon party on this week’s episode of Moon Knight, but not the full moon party that Doctor Strange made sure Wong forgot that occurred at Kamar-Taj. This party is far more deadly, providing the first great glimpse at the brutal action this series has been teasing.

After the second episode which felt slower compared to the premiere episode, Moon Knight returns to the standard set by the premiere episode, delivering the best episode of the series to date. With the audience used to the different personalities of Steven, the banter between Marc and Steven flows more naturally and creates some truly entertaining moments. Both Moon Knight and Mr. Knight are given time to shine, finding the balance between the two personalities that was missing from the second episode. The story moves quickly, progressing the overall plot of the series and begins building towards the climax of the series, even if we don’t know the endgame of the story yet. Compared to the second episode which spent a lot of time setting up future events in the series which caused it to feel slow at times. But the highlight of the episode was the action sequence at Mogart’s party. It’s an outstanding sequence that captures the intensity of Moon Knight as a character in the action that unfolds on screen, while throwing in the comedic bits that make Mr. Knight a fun personality. Once again, the fight sequence features some great shots of Moon Knight in action that are just visually spectacular. It’s the closest that the series has got to date to the bloody and brutal violence teased in the marketing, while still indicating throughout the episode that the more brutal violence is just around the corner.

And into spoiler territory we go. If you have not seen this week’s episode of Moon Knight, stop reading now. If you have, keep on reading to find out what we learnt in this week’s episode…

The episode opens with Layla getting fake passports made so that she can travel to Egypt in search of Marc. Speaking to the woman making her passport, Layla tells her that she is not concerned about returning home despite having stolen artifacts from individuals in Cairo. As she explains it, they were already stolen in the first place and that she was merely stealing them to return the artifacts to their rightful owners, even if she kept a few for herself.

In Egypt, Harrow and his men are using the scarab to find Amit’s tomb. As they are walking, the scarab points down to the ground, indicating that they have arrived at the tomb’s location. As Harrow orders his men to start excavating the tomb, one of his men informs him that Marc is in Cairo and tracking their men there.

We then jump to Marc in Cairo, jumping across rooftops on a mission. His target: a group of Harrow’s men surrounding an individual that has information about Amit’s tomb that Marc needs. However, as Marc lands on the rooftop they are all on, Harrow’s men stab and kill the individual that Marc was tracking. Marc attacks the men, and as the fight continues Marc pulls a knife on one of the men. However, Marc sees Steven in the reflection of the knife and Steven takes over. Marc then blacks out and wakes up in a cab, driving away from the men he was chasing. Marc jumps out of the cab and begins chasing the men through the streets. Marc eventually catches one and begins beating him up for Harrow’s location. Unluckily for Marc, a mirror is on the wall where he is beating up the man. Steven appears in the mirror and takes over again, causing Marc to black out. 

Steven wakes up on the outskirts of Cairo, holding a bloody knife. In the reflection of the knife, Steven swears it wasn’t him who killed the men. While Marc and Stepehn are both unsure what happened to the men, Konshu speaks to Marc. Konshu orders Marc to take the one young man who survived the bloodshed to the edge cliff, to dangle him off the edge to force him to give up information on Harrow. However, the young man is a fanatic follower of Harrow, exclaims “praise Amit” and cuts the scarf that Marc is holding him by and falls to his death. Having done what Konshu ordered, Marc asks Konshu if the other Egyptian gods will allow Amit to be resurrected. Though Konshu is more concerned about angering the gods in the process of trying to convince them that they need to stop Harrow, because it could result in him being turned to stone. Hearing this, Marc asks Knoshu if he has any good ideas for what they need to do next. Konshu tells Marc he has a bad one, causing a lunar eclipse to send the gods a message they cannot ignore.

In the desert, Harrow sees the lunar eclipse, immediately knowing the Konshu is desperate to stop him. While his men are distracted by the eclipse and momentarily stop digging, Harrow orders them to not stop digging, no matter what happens.

As a result of the eclipse he caused, Konshu got the audience with the gods he wanted. Marc is transported to the inner chamber of the Pyramid of Giza, where all of the other gods’ avatars have convened. While Stepehn is excited about being inside the pyramid and what he is about to experience, Marc is more hesitant. The gods each take control of their avatars and commence the meeting. The gods remind Konshu that they have already banished him once for nearly exposing their existence, and that they are not happy with his theatrics with the eclipse. They warn him if he manipulates the sky again, they will imprison him. Continuing on with their lecture, they remind Konshu that their avatars are meant to observe, not interfere with the affairs of men. Konshu then demands that the gods make judgment against Harrow for conspiring to release Amit from her tomb. The gods decided the only way to judge Harrow, is to call him and hear his side of the story. Harrow appears, and the gods ask him if he is trying to release Amit. Harrow denies looking for Amit’s tomb, to which Konshu screams he is lying. Harrow responds by claiming that Konshu is unwell, due to the unstable nature of his avatar due to Steven/Marc’s multiple personality disorder. Upon hearing this, Konshu tries to attack Harrow but the gods stop him. Harrow continues by saying that Konshu is taking advantage of Steven and Marc, like he did to himself and is now abusing the power of the court of the gods. He continues, urging the gods to use their power to stop Konshu before it is too late. The gods allow Marc to speak, who confirms that he is unwell but he says that it doesn’t change the fact that Harrow is dangerous. After hearing all of this, the gods determine that there is no judgment to be made against Harrow at this time because Harrow has not committed any offense at this time.   

After the hearing, one of the female avatars stops Marc. She tells him that Amit was buried in secret, but that a man named Senfu was entrusted with the location of the tomb. The avatar tells Marc to find Senfu’s sarcophagus as the secret was buried with him.

Marc exits the Pyramid of Giza, and heads to the black markets in Giza to start looking for Senfu’s sarcophagus. There, Layla finds him. Marc tells Layla that she shouldn’t be here, but Laya tells Marc that she knows where Senfu’s sarcophagus is and to come with him.

Layla is taking Marc to a party, whose host Mogart has Senfu’s sarcophagus. On the way to the party, Marc apologizes to Layla for leaving her in England and coming to Egypt without her. He continues to say that he wants to put the drama aside and just survive tonight. In response, Layla says that she is not here for him, but to prevent Harrow from succeeding in resurrecting Amit. However, she does tell Marc that he could have confided in her about what was happening to him and how he was feeling. Marc tells her he had it under control until recently, and Layla asks him why he no longer has it in control. Marc says it doesn’t matter what happened, but Layla pushes, telling him that they could have handled it together. Marc tells Layla that is not what he does. However, they arrive at the party which ends their conversation. On their way in, they notice two men in a boat with their lights off, trying to arrive unnoticed. 

As they enter the party, they meet their host Mogart, who is currently jousting. Mogart disembarks his horse to greet Layla, and Layla introduces Marc as her husband but under an alias. Mogart begins talking about his collection and how it is more than a collection to him, but him trying to preserve history. Though, Mogart asks where their interest in Senfu comes from, and as Layla begins to answer, he tells her he wants to hear why from Marc. Marc tells Mogart that he would love to see the sarcophagus, and Mogart directs him into the glass pyramid where he is storing the sarcophagus. Layla goes with Marc to examine the sarcophagus, to which she says looks legitimate. But she tells Marc that they need Steven’s expertise to unlock the location of Amit’s tomb. But Steven won’t help unless he gets control of their body. Layla tries to distract Mogart’s guards to buy Marc and Steven fight over who is going to have control of their body. Steven eventually gives in and begins providing Marc instructions on how to decode the secret message hidden in the sarcophagus. Though the guards interrupt and question what Marc is doing and pull a gun on him. Marc steals the guards’ gun, but Mogart takes control of the situation and forces Marc on his knees. Mogart then asks Layla if she thought he was stupid, not knowing the two of them were up to something. Layla pleads with Mogart, saying that he doesn’t understand but that she and Marc are trying to save lives.

At this moment, Harrow arrives at the party, trying to turn Mogart against Layla and Marc. Harrow pulls out the scarab and tells Mogart that he can offer him something more tangible. Layla tries to convince Mogart that Harrow is going to kill millions, but he doesn’t listen to her. Instead, Harrow reveals that the three of them have more in common than they think: Marc is hiding a truth, one that he is scared to tell Layla and Mogart, and that he is here to offer proof. He pulls out Amit’s Gift, offering to show Mogart the truth about the lore around the relics he has been collecting. Using Amit’s Gift on Mogart, Harrow destroys the sarcophagus. Konshu then appears in the background, instructing Marc to put on the suit to save them all from Harrow. Seeing what Harrow is up to, Marc puts on the suit, becomes Moon Knight, and begins fighting Mogart’s men. This buys Layla time to gather pieces of the sarcophagus to find out the location of Amit’s tomb. 

While fighting, Steven asks Marc for control of the body, which Marc agrees to. He then changes into Mr. Knight and tells Mogart’s men to chill out. However, this does not work and Mr. Knight is stabbed by Mogart’s men with spears. He quickly gives control back to Moon Knight, who takes out the guards. With the pieces of the map from the sarcophagus, Layla runs out of the glass pyramid and towards Moon Knight, who saves hers from an attack by Mogart on horse. In doing so, Moon Knight throws a knife into Mogart’s back as he rides away on his horse, allowing Marc and Layla to escape the party.

Driving away from the party, Layla asks Marc about what Harrow was implying about the secret he was hiding. Marc insists that Harrow was just trying to get inside Layla’s head and mess with her to divide the two of them. However, Layla doesn’t think that’s true. She tells Marc that she keeps discovering new secrets about him, to the point that she doesn’t think she knows him anymore. All Marc says to her is that she doesn’t know him truly. As they continue driving into the desert, they are spotted by Harrow’s men who report their location to Harrow.

They eventually get far enough into the desert and exit the car. Marc and Layla try to put together the pieces of the fabric from the sarcophagus, trying to recreate the star map. Though Marc is frustrated that this task will take them forever, to which Layla responds they need Steven’s help. Once again, Marc is hesitant to give Steven control, but gives in and hands control over to Steven. Within seconds, Steven puts the fabric together and recreates the star map. However, he sees that the stars have drifted since the map was made and that it is useless without knowing how the sky looked the night the map was made. At that moment, Knoshu appears and tells them that he remembers who the sky looked that night, offering to turn back the sky to recreate the night the map was made. Which is exactly what Konshu does. Steven turns into Mr. Knight, mimicking Konshu’s motion to help turn back the night sky, with Layla using a table to determine the location of Amit’s tomb using the star map. As he is turning back the sky, Konshu tells Steven that the gods will imprison him for this and that Marc will need to free him. As Layla discovers the location of Amit’s tomb, Konshu is captured by the gods and turned into a stone statue and held within the pyramid of Giza.

With Konshu in statute form, Harrow returns and speaks to the avatars who turned Knoshu to stone, asking if Konshu can hear them. They tell Harrow that they think Knoshu can, and Harrow begins speaking to Konshu. He tells Konshu that he enjoyed dealing out pain on Knoshu’s behalf, despite it being his greatest sin. He is grateful that he was not so completely broken by Konshu so that he was able to appreciate the power of healing. He then tells Konshu that he will do what Konshu could not do and to remember that it was Konshu’s torment that forced him to do what he is about to do. And before we learn what Harrow is about to do, other than the implication it is releasing Amit, the episode ends.

With this episode being Gaspard Ulliel’s first appearance in Moon Knight, the episode is dedicated to him after his unfortunate passing in a ski accident earlier this year. Ullietl portrayed Mogart, but his character has a larger role in the comics. As Mogart says in the episode, he knows Layla from his past in Madripoor, a clear connection to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier which had events in Madripoor. However, in the comics Mogart is known for being a master thief who targets only high-value works of art. He only steals at midnight, which earns him the name “Midnight Man.” Midnight Man is a common enemy of Moon Knight in the comics, and it is quite possible that we have not seen the last of his character in this series or in the MCU. 

Also, the episode teases the existence of a third personality of Steven’s: the one responsible for the brutal killings of Harrow’s men in the beginning of the episode. With multiple personalities existing in the comics, it is unclear as to which one it is. But it seems most likely that it could be Jake Lockley, who in the comics was even more violent than Marc. So is Jake Lockley about to make his MCU debut? Will Harrow succeed in raising Amit? And what is the big twist that is apparently coming in the next episode that is going to change the entire show? Check back next week for the next Moon Knight recap to find out if we learn the answers to any of these questions and what new questions are formed as a result.

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