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Each week, Darren from @darrenmoviereviews will be recapping the most recent episode(s) of Moon Knight and the show’s overall connection to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Mr. Knight will see you now. Moon Knight continues his Disney+ run as Stephen begins to discover the truth behind the visions he was having, as we meet more of his many personalities.

The premiere of Moon Knight was an exciting and mysterious introduction to a new hero in the MCU, and the second episode continues the mystery and provides more questions than answers. As an audience, we get insight into what is possessing Stephen and what his visions are. But with this additional information, we have more questions about what is happening, why it’s happening and how it came about. In terms of building a story for a miniseries, the building of mystery and questions at this point is good as it helps prepare an intriguing story for the remaining four episodes. Fingers crossed the show can pull off answering all of these questions that are lingering in our minds after the first two episodes, as there is a lot to answer currently.

We get our first good action sequence, and it’s an exciting sequence featuring both Mr. Knight and Moon Knight, but it’s not yet the bloody violence that fans are expecting from this show. As an added bonus, the CGI is a great improvement over that of the first episode and it gives us that stunning shot of Moon Knight jumping across rooftops and soaring in front of a full moon to give a truly memorable shot for the series. 

With more personalities appearing in this episode, Isaac is outstanding in creating all of these different characters and having them interact with each other, which is not a feat that just any actor could do so seamlessly. We get a better idea of who Marc is, see Stephen spiral as his reality is altered forever, and get introduced to the utterly delightful Mr. Knight which is without a doubt my favourite personality so far.

And into spoiler territory we go. If you have not seen this week’s episode of Moon Knight, stop reading now. If you have, keep on reading to find out what we learnt in this week’s episode…

The episode opens on a black screen, with the screams of the jackal echoing. Suddenly, Stephen wakes up in his bed, shackled by his restraints. After removing his restraints, he runs to his bathroom mirror trying to see if his reflection will talk back to him like it did in the bathroom the night before, but he gets no response.

Heading back to the National Gallery for work, Stephen is told that there was damage done to the museum the previous night. As he watches the security footage with one of the security guards, Stephen discovers that the footage shows only him in the museum. No jackal, so instead of being chased, it looks like he is running around like a crazy person. However, the video shows him leaving the museum with a cold look in his eyes: the look of his reflection in the mirror, not him. Stephen is then let go from his job, without charges being laid for the damage they think he caused, but he is urged to seek medical help as they are concerned there is something seriously wrong with Stephen.

Trying to find answers about the phone and keys he found in his apartment, Stephen begins looking for the storage locker that the keys belong to. At the fifth location he checks, he lucks out as the store attendant recognizes him and shows him to Marc’s storage locker. Stephen opens the locker, only to discover it is full of containers, bags and a cot. Stephen opens up the bag, to find it is full of cash, a passport for “Marc Spector”, a gun, and the scarab beetle that he had in the village in the first episode. The scarab beetle begins floating once he picks it up, acting like a compass. At that point, Marc appears in the mirror and begins speaking to Stephen. He tells Stephen he knows that he must be scared and confused, but that he wasn’t supposed to see the inside of this storage locker. Marc tells Stephen that Stephen is in danger and that he needs to give Marc by lying down on the cot and taking a nap so Marc can save them both. However, Stephen refuses to give up control of his body and demands Marc to tell him what he is. Marc tells Stephen that they are both avatars of Konshu, the Egyptian god of the moon, and that they serve him. However, Stephen thinks this is the dumbest thing he has ever heard and tells Marc that he is going to the authorities as he cannot let himself hurt anyone else.

Outside the storage locker, the lights begin flickering and Konshu appears in the distance. With each flicker of the lights, Konshu advances on Stephen, causing Stephen to run out of the storage facility in fear. This results in him running directly into Layla, who traced Marc’s phone to this facility. Layla was concerned that Marc was in danger as he was not wearing “his suit” or was kidnapped again. She begins asking questions of Stephen that he should know, as Marc is her husband. Stephen tells her that he will tell her everything if she takes him back to his flat.

At Stephen’s flat, Marc sees that Stephen has bought Layla here and tells Stephen that he shouldn’t have done that. However, Stephen appears like he is talking to someone else, which has Layla questioning if someone else is in the flat. She begins searching the flat, and in doing so, picks up a book of French poetry and reads it to Stephn. Stephen tells Layla that it is by his favourite poet, to which she replies it is her favourite poet too. While talking, Stephen and Layla discover that they both have the same understanding and views on Egyptian hieroglyphics. However, Layla is not buying what Stephen is saying. She says that Marc sent her divorce papers and she doesn’t believe this good guy act she believes Stephen is putting on, and asks him what he is doing. Stephen tells her he doesn’t know how to explain it, but as he begins talking, Marc cautions him as he thinks Stephen is making a mistake. Stephen shows her the inside of the bag he took from the storage locker, to which Marc says Stepehn is going to get Layla killed. In the bag, Layla finds the scarab, and is shocked that Stephen/Marc kept it for himself as they were looking for it as a couple. Stephen tells her to take the scarab, that he is not Marc but Stephen, and that he is in real danger and that she is the only person who can help him. Hearing this, Layla asks if he really cannot remember that they were looking for the scarab or their life together, but before Stephen can answer, there is a knock at the door.

The police are at Stephen’s door, and they push their way into his flat. They begin searching the flat, but luckily Layla has climbed out the window with the scarab. The officers inform Stepehn that he is in possession of a stolen item, but Stephen says he doesn’t have any stolen items. They find Marc’s bag and Marc’s passport. Stephen says it’s not him in the photo on the passport, but based on this, the officers take Stephen into the station for questioning.

In the car on the way to the station, the police run Marc’s name and discover that he is wanted for killing archeologists in Egypt. Stephn only responds that he didn’t kill those people. They eventually stop driving, however, they have not taken Stephen to the police station. The officers exit the vehicle, leaving Stephen locked in the back seat. Stephen attempts to catch the attention of someone outside the car for help, but he notices the scale tattoo and realizes that the individual and the officers work for Harrow. Marc then appears in the reflection of the car window, telling Stephen to surrender but Stephen refuses. The door to the car then opens and Stephen falls out. Harrow has opened it and tells Stephen that he needed a better chance to understand Stephen’s situation.

After removing Stephen’s hand cuffs, Harrow tells him it’s no wonder the scales didn’t balance for Stephen as it must be difficult for Stephen to have all those voices in his head: Stephen, Marc and Konshu. However, as Harrow is talking to him, Konshu appears behind Harrow and orders Stephen to kill Harrow. But, Harrow can tell immediately that Konshu is here and is telling Stephen to kill him. Harrow then divulges to Stephen that he can no longer see Konshu himself. Konshu continues to order Stephen to put on the cape and creates a gust of wind, but nothing happens. Harrow tells Stephen this is all Konshu can do without Stephen’s help.

As the conversation continues, Harrow takes Stephen through the neighborhood which is all full of his supporters. Harrow begins to explain to Stephen that Konshu was banished by the other Egyptian gods because of his immaturity. Harrow mocks Konshu for calling himself “real justice.” Given all this information about Konshu, Stephen asks Harrow if he can see Konshu. This is when Harrow tells Stephen that he used to be a former avatar of Konshu, but that he can no longer see him. Harrow’s view on Konshu is that Konshu’s judgment comes too late as people have already suffered, compared to Amit who gives judgment before evil is done. That is why he wants the scarab: it is a compass to Amit’s tomb. Stephen tells Harrow he doesn’t have the scarab, and Marc warns Stephen not to tell Harrow that Layla has it. Knowing that Stephen is hiding something, Harrow asks Stephen if he can speak to Marc and what Konshi has promised Marc? He says if he has promised Marc his final mission, that this is a lie. Circling back to Amit’s judgement, Stephen asks Harrow that if Amit is judging an innocent person, isn’t she judging a thought and not an action? Harrow thanks Stepehn for asking this, explaining that the thought is merely a taste of the disease and that sometimes amputation is required for the greater good. But Stephen disagrees. Trying to get the location of the scarab out of Stephen again, Harrow threatens to use Amit’s Gift against Stephen to extract the information. Though at this exact moment, Layla appears and says that she has the scarab.

Turning his attention to Layla, Harrows explains to her that she cannot understand the value of what she is holding. Konshu then appears, telling Stephen that there is no deal and he has to fix this. Layla yells at Stephen to summon the suit and keep the scarab safe. She then grabs Stephen and runs. Using Amit’s Gift, Harrow summons a jackal which chases after Stephen and Layla.

Layla locks herself and Stephen in a room in the warehouse, begging with Stephen to use the suit. Marc appears in the windows, urging Stephen to let him take control. Though, it’s all too much for Stephen and he begins having a panic attack. Seeing his stress, Layla promises Stephen that he can do this. But the jackal breaks into the room and knocks Stephen out the window.

As he is falling to the ground, Konshu tells Stephen to summon the suit. And that is what he does. Making a superhero landing, Stephen is in a suit: a three piece suit. Not the Moon Knight suit Marc and Konshu wanted. Everybody, meet Mr. Knight. Layla makes her way down to the ground, but the jackal follows her and attacks Stephen. Layla manages to distract the jackal to free Stephen, who begins taunting the jackal. As Mr. Knight and the jackal brawl, Marc urges with Stephen to give him control as Mr. Knight cannot defeat the jackal. Stephen agrees, allowing Moon Knight to take control. Moon Knight then leads the jackal on a rooftop chase, ending with the jackal being impaled by a tower spike and killing it.

After defeating the jackal, Marc gives control back to Stephen, but it is revealed that Stephen lost the scarab when Mr. Knight took over. The scene then shifts to Harrow, who now has the scarab as Layla speeds away on her motorbike.

Returning to Stephen and Marc, Marc tells Stephen that now he understands how it is being on the inside and that it will get easier each time he takes control. Stephen asks Marc how long this has been happening, and Marc says it has been happening to him for a long time. Stephen says that he doesn’t want this and just wants his body back, but Marc says he can’t do that. Marc explains to Stephen that there used to be a mental wall separating the two of them, but that something has changed. He continues to tell Stephen that he is doing this to protect Layla as Konshu wants to use her as his next avatar. Marc then smashes the mirror that Stephen is in, cutting him off. The wind rises, and Konshu appears on the roof behind Marc. Konshu reminds Marc that Marc swore that Stephen would not interfere, informing Marc that he has altered the terms of their agreement. Marc tells Konshu that he will find the scarab, but Konshu says it is too late. Instead, Konshu informs Marc that they must get to Amit’s tomb first and that they will do whatever it takes. Konshu tells Marc that they need each other, reminding Marc that he won’t like his next choice of avatar. Marc then asks Konshu where they are going, to which Konshu replies “where the hell do you think?’

Marc wakes up in a tent, sun shining in. As he emerges from the tent, it is revealed that he is now in Egypt as the episode ends. 

What’s inside Amit’s tomb? What is Harrow’s plan for the world after he revives Amit? And will Marc and Stephen team up against Konshu to fight for their freedom? Check back next week for the next Moon Knight recap to find out if we learn the answers to any of these questions and what new questions are formed as a result.

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