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Audiences will finally return to the Wizarding World this weekend as Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore apparates into theaters. In my review of the film, shared last week, I referred to it as a “thrilling, magical series best installment that dazzles from start to finish.” Prior to seeing the film, however, I had the opportunity to attend the international press conference and hear from the stars themselves. Below are some of the highlights:

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

Eddie Redmayne on Newt Scamander’s relationship with Albus Dumbledore in FB3:

“It’s got that complexity of ‘master and apprentice’, but it’s evolved throughout the movies to being something almost fraternal. I would say in this one is sort of ‘older brother younger brother’… [Dumbledore thinks Newt] has the potential for leadership, albeit in an unconventional way.”

Jude Law on playing Albus Dumbledore in FB3:

“I felt like I’d been in preparation subconsciously from the minute I started reading the books to my children.”

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

Jude Law on who Albus Dumbledore is at his core:

“He sees the positives, you think about how Dumbledore believed in Draco, even in Tom Riddle. He sees the good, or the potential good, and I think that’s something he’s always had.”

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

Mads Mikkelsen on joining the cast:

“It’s like a family and you can only hope that they will adopt you, and they did. And for Grindelwald, it wasn’t something where I found myself in the character, this complex character. It was all in David’s* head. We had quite a few conversations with Jude about the link with Dumbledore, about what the relationship looked like. My character is shaped out of that world, nobody in history start’s out saying ‘I’m going to be the bad guy.”

*David Yates, Director of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

Alison Sudol on where Queenie is in FB3:

“All she wants to do is just be with the person she loves, and the narrow-mindedness of the world she lives in puts her into a really vulnerable position, where somebody that’s really manipulative can tell her what she wants to hear… She’s also being utilized for this tremendous power that she has, that she’s either had to hide in the past, or she’s been made to feel guilty about. And there is something interesting about that, about a person who hasn’t actually been able to live fully as who they are. And I think a lot of young women can relate to what happens when somebody sees that thing in you, that burning part of you that nobody else sees.”

Dan Fogler on Jacob in FB3:

“He’s extremely down on his luck. It seems like he’s just in this constant state of loss… Lally comes and offers him a chance to come back and join the adventure again. That’s what he does it all for, for his love [Queenie].”

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

Director David Yates on his experience on the Harry Potter films and Fantastic Beasts:

“Our previous episode was quite complicated plot wise for all of us. And it took us a while to figure that one out. And so, with this story in particular, we wanted it not only to be emotional, but we wanted it to be enjoyable, and for it to be a real treat, for it to lean into the values of some of the earlier Potter films that had whimsies and charm, humor and humanity.”

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore hits theaters tomorrow.

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