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Each week, Chris from @officialtalkintvpodcast will be recapping Halo, now streaming on Paramount+.

HALO EPISODE 3: Emergence

The third episode of Paramount+’s Halo is a big one! Or, at least they’d like you to think it is.

Halo, episode 3 titled “Emergence” introduces us to the sidekick we all know and love from the games, Cortana. Except, this Cortana so far is pointless. In the games she is needed, necessary, and iconic. She serves to deliver quips that help guide the player and offer rich exposition throughout the game that serves to further immerse one into the world of Halo. However, in the show she is nothing more than a spoiled brat. 

Her introduction is lackluster at best and devoid of any real purpose. Aside from playing into typical story beats, such as the intelligent AI that will only be subservient for so long, she offers nothing new or interesting to this story. Like everything else this show is doing so far her introduction is safe, and assumes the viewer is that of a child who cannot handle any type of intricacies at all from their entertainment for fear of overloading the audience. 

To me that’s really unfortunate because this show is starting to feel like a chore. There was so much here to unpack and use to craft the next action sci-fi epic. But instead what we have been given so far is mediocre at best. This show has gotten so bad that I now absolutely dread when Thursdays come back around because at this point it means I have to watch another episode of this show. 

Ok, ok, ok, perhaps that’s a bit of hyperbole. Alright, a lot of hyperbole but, if you are watching along as I am week to week it’s hard to imagine many viewers are still throwing weekly Halo watch parties in their living rooms. If they even were to begin with!

What really changes the narrative of this review series is that weeks prior it was too early to fully write this thing off, but now I think it is clear to see what we are in for. And so I say, run for the hills if you can! I wish I could.

What really helps to expose this show for what it is comes from this last episode being without a major action set piece. The lack of the highly produced action set piece we have come to know from both episode’s 1 and 2 forces the show to hinge entirely on its writing and characters. Both of which are extremely surface level and painfully boring. This show is weak, thin, and any other adjective to help describe just how shallow of an attempt the filmmaking here is. 

All in all I will continue to keep watching because, well, duty calls. But, I will try as quickly as possible to forget that this show has ever existed as soon as this review series concludes. I cannot wait to cancel my Paramount+. 

What a letdown so far.

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