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Awards analysis is provided by Sean from @MathTeacherMovies.

Why did I start this? All I expected was to give a couple of titles that would garner Oscar attention, but this led to an amount of titles of unfathomable proportions. It’s an embarrassment of riches and I hope it’s enjoyed. 

Steven Spielberg is making The Fablemans which is a semi-autobiographical film, starring previous Oscar heavy hitters Paul Dano and Michelle Willaims. It’s been a common trend for directors to make stories of their lives, such as Roma or Belfast, and these movies garner nominations but they have not won the top prize. However, Spielberg is due as he hasn’t won a director statue since 1998 for Saving Private Ryan and Best Picture since 1993 for Schindler’s List and this could be a cherry on top of his legacy win. 

Maria Schrader has been making a name for herself by directing the very popular and award winning Unorthodox series and her recent film I’m Your Man was on the International Film Shortlist this past year. Her next project, She Said, is her most ambitious with Carey Mulligan and Samantha Morton in a movie that is about the launch of the #metoo movement. The film has so much potential and its reaction could be interesting but in a Hollywood that allowed so much sexism and abuse, it would be interesting if the film gets any consideration. 

Till is the type of story that would be the spoof of the typical Oscar bait, the story of Emmett Till’s mother pursuing justice for his son’s murder. However, with Whoopi Goldberg playing the lead role, this really could bring Goldberg back to the Oscars scene. 

Martin McDonagh is back and the last time he was in the spotlight he received several nominations and wins for Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri. Now with his new film, The Banshees Inishran, he is back working with Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson which will bring In Bruges fans quite a bit of enjoyment. Also starring in the film is Barry Keoghan who is becoming quite a rising star and is a very unique talent.  

Kelly Reichardt is a terrific indie director who has been deserving of an Oscar nomination for a long time now and came ever so slightly close with her recent film First Cow. Her new film, Showing Up, she is reteaming with Michelle Williams who has also been someone that has drawn awards attention. Could this be the indie darling this year? 

James Gray is another director making a movie about him growing up with the upcoming project Armageddon Time which is starring Anthony Hopkins, Anne Hathaway, and Jeremy Strong and while James Gray is a stranger to the Oscars, this could garner quite a few nominations. 

The French Dispatch was criminally ignored by the Oscars last year and yet Wes Anderson is coming out with another film with an unfathomable cast with Asteroid City. Anderson is hit or miss with the Academy but he is always beloved by the fans and this may bring him back to the Oscars. 

Rustin is a film about Bayard Rustin the gay civil rights leader who helped organize the 1963 civil rights march. Colman Domingo has been praised as someone who should have received at least a nomination by now and with him playing the titular character there is a great chance he will finally get that nomination. The film itself is being directed by George C Wolfe and written by Dustin Lance Black responsible for Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom and Milk respectively, which are no stranger to awards. 

George Miller’s next movie, Three Thousand Years of Longing has an absolutely crazy premise of a genuine granting three wishes starring Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton. Miller’s last film was Mad Max Fury Road and there is no doubt in mind this will receive some Oscar buzz from that momentum alone. 

Ridley Scott made two very popular films last year and yet neither made barely any noise at the Oscars. In fact, he has been a stranger to the Oscars for quite some time now. However with his film Napoleon starring Joaquin Phoenix, will definitely be something to consider this year. 

David O. Russell is back and this time without Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence but still with an absolute all star cast that would be too long to list here. The title and plot is unknown except that at one point it was called Canterbury Glass. Russell was on a tear in terms of nominations a few years back with Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, and The Fighter. However, the way he has behaved on set has been given a pass but times have changed and it might be more difficult for him to gain enough popularity to get a nomination. 

Sarah Polley has been out of the picture for quite some time but she is finally returning to behind the camera with Women Talking. Much like She Said, this is another film about sexual assault this time within an isolated Mennonite colony. In addition, the film will be starring previous nominees Rooney Mara and Jessie Buckley, previous winner Francer McDormand, and other performers due for awards in Ben Whishaw and Claire Foy, which could all draw some awards consideration.

Alejandro G. Inarritu is making the film Bardo about the political modernization of Mexico. We haven’t seen Inarritu since he won back to back Best Director Oscars, but also… he won back to back Best Director Oscars so this will be difficult to ignore. 

Call Me by Your Name was a truly beautiful film thanks to its amazing performances but mainly due to Luca Guadagnino’s charming direction and he is coming back to the silver screen with Bones and All. In addition, Luca is reuniting with Timothee Chalamet and Michael Stuhlbarg and adding on Mark Rylance and Chloe Sevigny, the latter of whom starred in his recent limited series We Are Who We Are, therefore this will at least garner the curiosity of Academy voters. 

I Wanna Dance with Somebody seems like it will be lined up to be the typical musical biopic but it chronicles the beloved Whitney Houston, who will be played by Naomi Ackie who refreshingly isn’t a huge star but had an incredible performance in the third season of Master of None. This will be directed by Kasi Lemmons who missed the mark in Harriet can hopefully redeem herself here. 

Paul Schrader has to stay off facebook for another year if he wants his new film Master Gardener to run a successful Oscar campaign. Regardless of his views, Schrader does make films that challenge, while also inspiring great performances and therefore there could be a screenplay nomination in addition to consideration for Joel Edgerton who is due and Sigourney Weaver who hasn’t been in the Oscar spotlight in quite some time. 

The Greatest Beer Run Ever, about a man traveling to Vietnam during the war to give his childhood buddy a case of beer, sounds like a movie that can be ridiculous and tone deaf. The last time that kind of movie won was Green Book and wouldn’t you know it, this movie is directed by Peter Farrelly as well. It’s unlikely that this movie will achieve the same success, but as this his first movie since his win, it’s worth considering. 

In The Holdovers, Alexander Payne and Paul Giamatti are teaming up again and if it’s anything like Sideways, their last collaboration, it will be both successful in quality and also in awards nominations. Not to mention Alexander Payne rarely misses in either of those two aspects. 

So that’s everything, literally everything, that can be thought of to possibly receive Oscar consideration at the end of this year. Some of these movies will be pushed back, others will be duds, but some will be expected greatness. These titles will be talked about quite a lot over the next year and then there will always be the occasional surprising long shot.  

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