‘The Batman’: Background On Barry Keoghan’s Joker; Deleted Scene Released

In case you haven’t heard from under a rock or something, Barry Keoghan brought a new version of Joker to life in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Though we only saw him for mere moments near the end of the film, a deleted scene has since surfaced revealing more of a look at this iteration of the character (below). Said scene was tested with audiences prior to the final cut being locked. Now, speaking with Variety, Reeves has revealed more about this version, revealing that Joker has a congenital disease that keeps him smiling through the scars, though we don’t know where they came from. The director referenced “The Elephant Man” as inspiration when speaking with IGN. It also sounds like there is a possibility of Joker showing up in the upcoming HBO Max spin-off series exploring Arkham Asylum.

Check out the deleted scene here:

Photo from Polygon

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