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Mark Rylance delivers what is likely the best performance of his career in The Outfit, a slow burn of a film that rides a thrilling plot to a superb conclusion in style.

All is going wrong for a band of mobsters who utilize the discretion of an expert tailor (Rylance) and his shop to make sense of the threat of a rat amongst their ranks. The Outfit is completely enthralling from beginning to end with new characters entering the fray in every other scene, elevating the stakes of the story and keeping you guessing. Rylance commands the film with grace and a quiet intensity in an almost mesmerizing performance. The entire film takes place in one setting, the tailor’s shop, yet every beat seems fresh and new. Graham Moore trusts in the actors bringing these complex characters to life to slowly unravel the plot developments and provide the exposition lacking from the beginning. It all works beautifully.

Thought I ended up loving The Outfit, I was worried early on due to a seemingly miscast Dylan O’Brien, here playing the son of the mob head. He simply was not believable to me, nor able to rise to the authenticity and prowess of the rest of the cast. Zoey Deutch, on the other hand, fills her role with mystery and confidence. Once you move beyond O’Brien and are pulled further into the world Moore establishes, The Outfit provides a rare early-in-the-year hit that takes viewers on a surprising journey. This being Moore’s first time behind the camera, I expect him to become highly sought after and one to watch.

The Outfit hits theaters this Friday.

Rating: 4/5

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