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Informative and surprisingly emotional, Amy Poehler’s Lucy and Desi is a standout documentary that shines light onto the people behind the iconic characters from their early days through their careers.

Poehler checks all of the boxes when it comes to documentary filmmaking, charting a narrative course that introduces viewers to the iconic stars and takes you along for their ride to the top. The use of audiotapes from Lucille Ball herself is stirring and impactful, providing a unique narration to the archival footage shown. Similarly, the involvement of the couple’s own daughter (and estate) reinforces an authenticity that only strengthens the film. Lucy and Desi also has fantastic contributors, such as as Bette Midler and Carol Burnett, who are used to propel the story forward in compliment to the footage utilized.

I wasn’t expecting it all to lead to such an emotional climax as the later years of both Lucy and Desi are detailed. The film has a ton of things I didn’t know, especially about Desi’s journey and motivations. It all comes together to depict a couple that was not afraid to challenge the norms and ultimately transformed the television sitcom forever. Moreover, both Lucy and Desi were powerful forces in Hollywood for years far beyond their final episode of I Love Lucy. Poehler’s film is a truly beautiful and remarkable work of encyclopedic storytelling that arrived at the perfect time, just after Being the Ricardos reintroduced the couple into our lives.

Lucy and Desi is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Rating: 5/5

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