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The weekend box office report is provided by Daniel Garris, courtesy of BoxOfficeReport.com.

3-Day Weekend Estimates Update:

The domestic box office had much needed good news this weekend with the better than expected debuts of both Sony’s Uncharted and United Artists Releasing’s DogUncharted easily led the way this weekend with an estimated 3-day debut of $44.16 million. The four-day estimate for Uncharted currently stands at $51.00 million. Heading into the weekend, the Ruben Fleischer directed action-adventure film starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg had been widely expected to see a four-day opening somewhere in the area of $30 million to $40 million; making this weekend’s over-performance a very legitimate one. In addition to the drawing power of Wahlberg and especially Holland (coming off of the break-out success of fellow Sony release Spider-Man: No Way Home), Uncharted also benefited from having a built-in audience thanks to being based on the popular Uncharted video game series from Sony.

Expectations for Uncharted had been held in check a bit by the film’s largely negative critical reviews, but the film ultimately proved to be critic-proof at the box office this weekend. With Dog also over-performing this weekend, both Uncharted and Dog look to have also received a boost from less frequent moviegoers wanting to get out this weekend (even more so with the NFL season now being over). The three-day opening weekend performance for Uncharted is currently the tenth largest opening weekend since the re-opening of domestic theatres (just ahead of the $44.01 million debut of fellow Sony release Ghostbusters: Afterlife). The four-day opening for Uncharted represents the seventh largest President’s Day four-day opening weekend of all-time.

The Thursday preview gross of $3.7 million for Uncharted didn’t appear to be pointing towards a major break-out for the film this weekend (especially since Thursday previews for Uncharted began at 4PM), but the film really picked up the pace on Friday for an opening day gross of $15.40 million (including previews). On Saturday Uncharted increased a healthy 6 percent to take in $16.26 million and with help from the Presidents’ Day weekend frame, the film is estimated to decrease 23 percent on Sunday to gross $12.50 million and decrease 45 percent on Monday to register $6.85 million. The film’s estimated three-day weekend to previews ratio of 11.93 to 1 is a good early sign that Uncharted is going over much better with audiences than it has with critics, as is the film’s current 90 percent Verified Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes. Uncharted could hold up nicely next weekend, especially since many potential moviegoers will want to catch the film before Warner’s highly anticipated The Batman arrives in theatres the following weekend on March 4. Over the four-day frame, Uncharted grossed an estimated $5.0 million from domestic IMAX screens (which represents 9.8 percent of the film’s overall four-day weekend gross).

Internationally, Uncharted grossed an estimated $55.4 million this weekend from 62 markets. That brings the film’s international total to $88.0 million and global total through Sunday to $132.2 million. This weekend saw Uncharted debut with $6.3 million in France, $4.0 million in Australia, $3.4 million in Germany, $3.1 million in Italy, $3.0 million in South Korea, $2.4 million in Mexico, $1.5 million in Japan and $1.5 million in Brazil. Additional international totals for Uncharted through Sunday include $16.4 million in the United Kingdom, $9.6 million in Russia and $7.0 million in Spain. Uncharted is estimated to gross $3.6 million from international IMAX screens this weekend (including Monday), which brings the film’s respective international and global IMAX totals to $6.2 million internationally and $11.2 million globally (through Monday). Uncharted is scheduled to be released in China on Monday, March 14.

United Artists Releasing and MGM’s Dog was also off to a stronger than expected start with respective estimated three-day and four-day second place openings of $15.14 million and $18.05 million. Heading into the weekend, consensus four-day expectations had tended to range from $10 million to $13 million for the buddy/dog comedy directed by Channing Tatum and Reid Carolin, which also stars Tatum. Dog was also off to a very nice start this weekend with the film’s modest production budget in mind. Being rated PG-13 could have been a hurdle for a film like Dog (animal comedies are often rated PG), but ultimately the film played well with older moviegoers (73 percent of the film’s audience was over 25) and in more rural areas of North America (an estimated 75 percent of the film’s weekend performance came from the West, Midwest and South regions). After not having much of a theatrical presence in more recent years, Tatum still looks to be a draw at the box office given this weekend’s performance of Dog (Tatum will also star alongside Sandra Bullock in Paramount’s The Lost City, which is scheduled to be released next month on March 25).

Dog also appears to have received a boost this weekend from going over fairly well with critics. Given the film’s healthy A- CinemaScore, Dog also looks to be going over well with audiences, which is a good early sign for the film going forward. Dog started out with $5.04 million on Friday (which included an estimated $1.26 million in preview grosses from Monday and Thursday shows), increased a promising 11 percent on Saturday to take in $5.61 million, is estimated to decrease 20 percent on Sunday to gross $4.49 million and decline 35 percent on Monday to claim $2.92 million. Dog could also potentially hold up better than expected on Monday, depending largely on just how well the film plays with family audiences on Monday.

Meanwhile, Sony’s Spider-Man: No Way Home continued to impress this weekend with respective three-day and four-day third place weekend grosses of $7.20 million and $8.80 million. For the three-day frame, Spider-Man: No Way Home declined a very slim 4 percent from last weekend, while the film’s four-day performance represented a 17 percent increase over last weekend’s three-day frame. This weekend’s hold was obviously especially impressive given the new direct competition Spider-Man: No Way Home faced from Uncharted. Through Monday, Spider-Man: No Way Home has grossed a massive $771.74 million through 66 days, as the film remains the third highest grossing film of all-time domestically (Spider-Man: No Way Home surpassed the lifetime domestic gross of 2009’s Avatar this past Monday). Internationally, Spider-Man: No Way Home grossed an estimated $8.1 million this weekend from 63 markets. That brings the film’s international total to $1.06 billion and global haul through Sunday to $1.83 billion.

Disney and 20th Century’s Death on the Nile was down three spots from last weekend’s first place debut to take fourth with respective estimated three-day and four-day grosses of $6.25 million and $7.19 million. For the three-day frame, Death on the Nile was down a fairly sharp 51.5 percent from last weekend, though that wasn’t a huge surprise given that Death on the Nile lost a sizable percentage of its showtimes from last weekend (including losing IMAX screens to Uncharted) and that 2017’s Murder on the Orient Express declined a nearly identical 51.9 percent during its second weekend of release. Through Monday, the eleven-day total for Death on the Nile stands at $25.91 million. Thankfully, international grosses for Death on the Nile remain stronger, as the film took in an estimated $19.8 million this weekend from 50 markets. Respective totals for Death on the Nile through Sunday stand at $49.9 million internationally and $74.9 million globally. This weekend’s international performance for Death on the Nile was led by a $5.9 million two-day start in China.

Paramount’s Jackass Forever rounded out the weekend’s top five with respective estimated three-day and four-day weekend grosses of $5.24 million and $6.20 million. After experiencing a larger than expected second weekend decline last weekend, Jackass Forever stabilized very nicely this weekend by decreasing a solid 35 percent. In addition to holding up well in the face of new competition from both Uncharted and DogJackass Forever also held up very nicely when considering that this weekend the film was playing in 582 fewer locations than it did last weekend. Through Monday, the 18-day total for Jackass Forever stands at $47.74 million, which is very solid, especially with the film’s low production budget in mind.

Turning towards the bottom half of this weekend’s top ten, Universal’s Marry Me took sixth with respective estimated three-day and four-day grosses of $3.68 million and $4.27 million, fellow Universal release Sing 2 followed in seventh place with respective three-day and four-day grosses of $2.84 million and $3.81 million, Paramount’s Scream claimed eighth with respective three-day and four-day grosses of $1.96 million and $2.28 million, Briarcliff’s Blacklight placed in ninth with respective three-day and four-day grosses of $1.77 million and $2.06 million and LD Entertainment’s The Cursed debuted in tenth place with respective three-day and four-day openings of $1.72 million and $1.95 million (from 1,687 locations). Respective estimated total grosses through Monday stand at $148.33 million for Sing 2 (through 62 days), at $77.33 million for Scream (through 39 days), at $17.39 million for Marry Me (through 11 days) and at a modest $7.36 million for Blacklight (also through 11 days).

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