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Episode 7: In the Name of Honor

The time has come yet again, for us as loyal audience members and fanboys to say goodbye to another precious piece of content. Because that’s all this stuff really is anymore. The things that were once so coveted, that helped to change the game of cinema as far as what it was capable of achieving storytelling wise, has now just become more disposable content. Because we end this show not really on a satisfying note that leaves us as audience members feeling rich or fulfilled, but rather in relief over the fact that something actually happened in this episode to kind of tie us over until Moon Knight in a month.

It’s what the whole show has been building to, and its so obvious that Fennec Shand, Boba’s literal mouthpiece, has to remind us not once, but twice about what’s about to go down: the Pike Syndicate have made their move and now its up to Boba, Mando and their little posse of power rangers and a wookie to hold them off. It’s almost like Robert Rodriguez looked at the meticulous planning that went into every frame of those first two seasons of the Mandalorian and said “oh I can do that, but better!” And it was certainly bigger and dumber, I will give him that. Rodriguez has always been good about directing action, he directed some of the craziest gung-ho action flicks of the 90’s from “Desperado” to “From Dusk till Dawn.” But the reason why his style feels so out of place is the fact that there’s absolutely no subtlety to it. Its big, its loud, its dumb, its so obvious you can tell what’s going to happen from three miles away, and it really takes the wind out of what should have been a really badass and awesome action set piece. Because similar to the finale of Mando season 1, it traps our heroes in a corner and forces them to fight for their lives against forces that clearly outnumber them. Unlike Mando season 1, it’s a bunch of characters that we really haven’t spent that much time with, yelling out a bunch of terrible action one-liners we’ve heard a million times before, and escaping certain doom by the skin of their teeth and the will of god, because I swear, nothing can kill these guys, as much as I’d like to see them die.

And that’s the other cardinal sin of this episode that hangs over the whole show, in that the Book of Boba Fett has done such a terrible job of endearing us to these characters that not only am I bored watching the action, but I’m actively rooting for the bad guys to win. The fact that Cad Bane is the only interesting and slightly compelling character is a stark problem, especially since he gunned down the only other likable character as well. It ends with, surprise surprise, a western showdown that once again surrounds the main characters with plot armor in addition to their already impenetrable Beskar, and results in a finale that ends with more of a fleeting whimper than an awesome yell of victory.

Now I know that everyone is going to say that I sound like a spoiled fanboy, that I should just shut up and just enjoy what they give us. To an extent, I understand, and I wish I could. Disney Star Wars has certainly been hit or miss these last couple years. But the only reason why I continue to go so hard on this show is because I know they can do better, I’ve seen what they’re capable of storytelling wise in this medium when it’s in the right hands. First two seasons of the Mandalorian and the Bad Batch weren’t accidents. It comes down to the right creator with the right story, and this is simply another unfortunate example of the wrong person being attached, because as much fun as I’m sure he had making this, Robert Rodriguez was clearly not the right person to handle this.

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