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An incredibly necessary story gets wrapped up in a predictable teenage drama led by a funny and poignant turn by Troye Sivan.

When Caleb (Sivan) is exposed to HIV the night before his high school graduation, the three month wait for his results is busied by an unexpected romance. Writer/director Jared Frieder, here with his first feature film, taps into the emotional turmoil brought on by an HIV exposure and the lengthy wait for results that many may not realize is a reality. Sivan’s Caleb puts on a strong front to hide his troubled temperament, something the young successfully reveals in an emotionally wrought third act that sees the house of cards come tumbling down. Viveik Kalra and Brianne Tju are delightful in their supporting roles, though Kalra’s character could have used a bit more fleshing out. There were interesting ideas presented throughout the film that seemed to lack an expected depth, resulting in an unsatisfied feeling.

Frieder’s Three Months presents as your run-of-the-mill teenage coming of age story mixed with romance and humor, dashed with discussions around HIV that have been a long time coming. Through affecting dialogue and key storytelling decisions up until the end, Three Months contributes to the a fight against the stigma of HIV in an accessible, genuine manner. The film sometimes gets lost in the teenage mentality of the characters before jumping back into intentionally challenging scenes, an unevenness that is unfortunate for the end product. Still, Three Months is an important watch and a nice step for Sivan to take the leading role and successfully run with it.

Three Months hits Paramount+ this Wednesday.

Rating: 3/5

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