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Led by an inspired cast, The Cursed takes the familiar werewolf trope into a new direction that, although simple, can be thrilling at times, even as frustratingly slow scenes bog it down.

When supernatural forces begin tormenting an 1800s settlement, a pathologist (Boyd Holbrook) arrives to get to the bottom of what is happening on the cursed land and bring an end to it once and for all. Viewers should be ready for an intriguing premise that is not so much scary as it is brutally gory. Holbrook is solid in his role, but ultimately limited by overly simplistic writing that fails to create a dynamic character. You truly know little about him, or even the rest of the characters, but are expected to empathize with the predicament. The Cursed could also be described as a creature feature as it does feature some original designs that are gruesome and fascinating; the premise is a familiar one, but elevated here.

What works as a detriment to the overall film is the frequent descent into drawn out scenes, whether that be silent meals with the family or a character walking throughout the field. A more fleshed out backstory would have really driven the film’s horror factors home, as well. The Cursed is not a bad movie whatsoever; I quite enjoyed what it had to deliver, but I wanted more, from the script itself and from the one-dimensional characters. Beautifully acted for what the cast had to work with, but ultimately crossing the finish line as an average horror outing. Still, writer/director Sean Ellis is certainly one I will watch.

The Cursed hits theaters this Friday.

Rating: 3/5

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