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STUDIO 666 (2022)

I knew it was going to be bad, but I wasn’t prepared. I WASN’T PREPARED! Studio 666 is essentially an opportunity for Dave Grohl to showcase Dave Grohl with half-witted dialogue, painful attempts at humor, and acting turns that would be laughably bad if you weren’t already crying. 

With their tenth album expected by the record label, Dave Grohl takes the Foo Fighters to a dilapidated home with a sinister past in order to find inspiration and tone for their music. Chaos ensues. I the story was conceived by Grohl, which makes sense given he annoyingly dominates every scene, but the script itself was written by horror veteran Jeff Buhler. The story is simple enough, but silly, both in concept and delivery. While the gore factor is definitely there, the ridiculousness fails to find the right balance and ends up becoming a major distraction. Add in the obvious, that the Foo Fighters are not actors, and you have an excruciating outing that can’t be saved by the inclusion of Leslie Grossman or Whitney Cummings. 

Studio 666 is a Foo Fighters advertisement through and through. It also likely will delight fans of the band, or maybe more specifically Grohl, as long as they can tolerate repetitious antics and ear pain. This could have been a fun horror outing. Fun it is not, but there certainly is a ton of horror to be experienced. 

Studio 666 hits theaters tomorrow.

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