Review: Marry Me

MARRY ME (2022)

Ridiculous concept aside, Marry Me is a pleasant surprise of a romcom that harkens back to the films JLo became a staple in, exuding charm and heart while delivering an all-around joyous film.

Just as superstar Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) is about to publicly marry Bastian (Maluma), news of him cheating on her breaks. In a moment of spontaneity, Valdez spots math teacher Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson) in the crowd holding a sign with the title of her hit song “Marry Me” and decides to do just that. Lopez and Wilson are both wonderfully committed to the premise of the film and, as a result, deliver exactly what is necessary. Their scenes together are truly heartfelt and cute. Lopez’s musical moments are beautiful and the music enticing (seriously, download the soundtrack), though there are extended periods of it that seem a bit unnecessary. Young Chloe Coleman is adorable and commanding in her performance as Wilson’s daughter, her strongest moments coming opposite Lopez. In terms of filmmaking, director Kat Coiro has created a crisp, though a bit too long, film.

What we’re left with is a movie that feels like it is from another time, sans the social media subplot and use of dazzling graphics to advance the story. Marry Me is mindless, delightful entertainment, but also much of the same in terms of cheesy romcoms of the past. The aware moments that the film does possess (Valdez being married a number of times similar to Lopez in reality), as well as the laughs (Sarah Silverman was hilarious) are few and far between and all lead to a predictable ending that leaves you satisfied, but ready to move on. The enjoyment factor is there, but Marry Me is destined to be a cable television rerun and nothing more.

Marry Me is now playing in theaters and streaming on Peacock. 

Rating: 3/5

Photo from Variety

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