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CYRANO (2022)

Peter Dinklage shines in an otherwise mediocre musical adaptation of a classic story.

While Cyrano (Dinklage) believes that his appearance makes him unable to be loved, he fawns for his friend Roxanne (Haley Bennett) who has fallen in love with Christian (Kelvin Harrison, Jr.), a man Cyrano himself helps to win her affection. The performances all around from Dinklage, Bennett, and Harrison, Jr. are nothing short of dazzling, each embodying their characters in emotion and song. Joe Wright’s latest is one of his most passionate with heart emanating from Dinklage in particular. Though the music fits the film, it is often a bit underwhelming; none of these songs will be bops that you’ll be singing after you finish watching. Similarly, the script is rather uneven and falls into slow trudges that destroy the momentum and hold this latest interpretation of the classic from soaring.

I’m not sure that anything was really accomplished here by once again revisiting the story of Cyrano. Aside from showcasing Dinklage in particular, the film seems to be destined to be forgotten and land with little impact. The move to continuously delay release in hopes of making an awards season splash has failed mostly due to the underwhelming journey Cyrano takes you on, ending on a low note and not offering much new. On all of the technical notes, especially costumes and settings, the film sores. Is that enough to make this a standout with audiences? I reckon it’s not.

Cyrano hits theaters Friday.

Rating: 3/5

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