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Each week, Chris from @officialtalkintvpodcast will be recapping Peacemaker, now streaming on HBO Max.

Episode 5: Monkey Dorey

Yet again this show manages to reach new highs!

In the fifth episode of Peacemaker our ragtag group of heros find themselves riding into the swarm. Our heroes have set out to destroy a production facility they have linked to the creation of the “Goo”, the yellow, honey-like substance that seems to give all Butterflies energy.

This episode is high flying, action packed, and perfectly concludes with a twist of all twists. It contains exciting moments of action that will surely leave you glued to your seat, as I was. Every character in our squad has a chance to shine in the amazing action sequence of our team raiding the Goo factory. What is particularly great about this sequence is that we finally get to see them working as a unit. They have learned to put their differences aside, at least for the moment, and thankfully for the sake of humanity.

The action is absolutely stunning. Furthermore an action sequence of this caliber existing on television helps to cement my personal opinion that TV, or streaming as we now refer to it, has become the medium producing the best of what creators have been able to offer from behind the lens. It has the feel of an epic motion picture bundled perfectly into your HBO Max browser. 

A lot of that is Gunn and his ability to work within the scope of any story he wishes to tell. Gunn yet again has managed to fully immerse me in yet another one of his wild and wacky worlds. This time it is all the more impressive in comparison to other stories I have watched from him such as the Guardians of the Galaxy because of the fact that the stakes feel just as high as they do in Guardians, but the scope of the Peacemaker, from a narrative standpoint is far smaller. Not to mention the budget of this show is astronomically smaller than a Marvel film.

And yet, not a beat feels lost from Gunns step.

My feelings can be justified by observing a few key factors of Gunn’s filmmaking. 

First, the casting. I’ve said it before but I will say it again, as this show progresses so does my love for these characters, and the actors portraying them. Great actors help to bring the most out of any production. 

Additionally, great actors oftentimes are given great material, and Gunn has done just that.

This show should be taught in film schools. At this point it’s obvious you can view what Gunn and his team are doing with Peacemaker as putting on a masterclass for the ages. A Masterclass in how to tell a story that can rise up above the rest in a genre that is flooded with content.

In a way, the parallels between my thoughts on the filmmaking and what is happening on screen are eerily similar. As an audience member I hope our team can rise up against the swarm of Butterflies, and find a way to cut through and save the day, for humanity, but more importantly, for them to survive so that way they may get a second season of this show! 

Peacemaker is 5/5 so far and I am fully ready and waiting on the edge of my seat to see where these last few episodes will take us!

Episode 6: Murn After Reading

What a bombastic episode!

Alright, this show is truly magical. As if the stakes couldn’t be any higher we’ve somehow managed to top last week’s incredible ride! I have so much to say this week so let’s waste no more time and get into it! 

My biggest takeaway yet again comes from the beautiful relationship being shared between the actors on screen. Not only with each other, but with the narrative. These actors are the perfect people to have playing the characters we have grown to love. At each turn of the way they somehow perfectly handle the increase in tension thrown at them. Furthermore, it’s amazing how flawlessly they seem to rise to the occasion. Even when they stumble they still find a way to persevere. The way Gunn has taken a very human approach to fitting these characters into this narrative is what has made watching them grow, and overcome  so endearing to me.

In this episode we see that the Butterflies are equally as divided as humans. They have factions and alliances within their society same as us humans do. They quarrel with each other and are divided amongst their goals and how they will achieve them. Some are good, and some are evil. 

Murn is a great example of this division we are introduced to amongst the Butterflies. Yes, he is a Butterfly, but he is not hellbent on world domination. He simply needed to escape the chaos of his society, and in doing so traveled earth. It turns out Murn really likes earth. He likes being in a human’s body. All Murn wants to do is live out the rest of his days as a human and enjoy this strange little planet we all call home. 

In a way it is sad. It’s sad because I see parallels to Peacemaker’s personal journey here. They are both outcasts longing for a home. They both don’t seem to fit in with their kind. They both cannot avoid the chaos that somehow always seems to find them. The chaos that is the very thing that deprives them of living a normal, quiet life. 

To reference last week’s article where I reviewed Peacemaker Episode 5, Gunn explores a new area of our hero’s psyche wherein the most heinous and most flawed characters somehow become characters we feel for, and sympathize with. It’s almost as if this show is a forced lesson in empathy from Gunn and his team. It truly feels like Gunn is hoping to impart the importance of empathy upon the viewers through the illumination of the internal conflicts coming to play from our character on screen. It is yet another chapter in the masterclass of filmmaking and storytelling that James Gunn is putting on with Peacemaker.

Peacemaker should be able to relate to the way Murn is feeling. 

I believe that once he is given this insight into Murns origin, he will relate. I cannot wait for this bond to be fully cemented between our heroes. I thoroughly hope that this is a season 1 where the overarching story is to watch how this team comes together. I almost want to think of it as a group origin story. An origin story that will strengthen their relationships as we (hopefully) move into future seasons.

However, if the show was to end here I wouldn’t be upset. In this episode Peacemaker confesses to Harcourt that when he froze in the field in episode 3 it wasn’t about the dove of peace not being present on his weapon. Rather, he couldn’t take out the senator and his family of Butterflies because he wants to change. Peacemaker actually want to find peace. He wants to walk away from this lifestyle that is clearly taking a toll on him. He does not want to kill anymore. He has grown, and changed into a man who feels regret, remorse, and quite possible empathy. 

Peacemaker is a man who is now trying to find happiness and purpose in other places. Because of this new development in the story of Peacemaker’s personal journey I would be content with this story concluding and having this be the final chapter where Peacemaker ultimately is able to walk away from this lifestyle.

I think he deserves that.

In conclusion I love where we are going. We have alien factions battling it out for control of earth and an unlikely band of heroes who are our last line of defense. It doesn’t get any better than this! 

All this to say, Peacemaker is 6/6 and a must watch for anyone who is a fan of the superhero genre!  

Christian Evanko is a journalist, musician, and host of the Talkin’ TV Podcast. Christian brings his many years of experience in the entertainment industry to the stories he covers in an effort to pull back the curtain and paint a true picture of the importance of covering the arts.

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