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PREVIOUSLY ON BIG BROTHERRRRRRRRR…….. Heading into the first live eviction episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Head of Household (HOH) Miesha “Cupcake” Tate nominated Mirai Nagasu as her true target, after Mirai double crossed their alliance. Miesha also nominated Carson Kressley and claimed he was the pawn. But things changed quickly when puppet master Todrick Hall got into Miesha’s ear and convinced the MMA fighter that OG Queer Eye, Carson was the real threat to their game, not Mirai.  (Todrick is really threatened by Carson’s likeability, plus the fact that he’s good at comps and gets all the attention). However, Carson dominated the Veto competition and took himself off the block. Miesha had no choice but to replace Carson with Real Housewife, Teddi Mellencamp, who she had recently guaranteed safety. At the live eviction ceremony, Julie Chen Moonves announced that the ‘Mon Won’ hat-purse which gave Cynthia Bailey safety, was now the Nom Now Curse. Meaning the last person holding the bag would be the new nominee. Chris Kattan was forced to choose between Lamar Odom and Todd Bridges, and he chose Todd as the new nominee. Todd removed Mirai from the block and he and Teddi were the nominees. With a vote of 5-3, Teddi Mellencamp was the first Celebrity Houseguest evicted from the Big Brother Ski Chalet.

So who won the next HOH? And who did they nominate for eviction? And did the veto save one of the nominees? Keep reading to find out!

Mirai was thrilled to have survived the block. And seeing Teddi go home was a real eye-opener to Carson and Cynthia. They soon realized that The Formation was no more. Especially since Mirai nor Shanna voted to keep Teddi. It was also obvious to Carson that Todrick was dictating Miesha’s HOH, whether she’d admit it or not. Shanna and Chris Kirkpatrick solidified their Final 2 (F2) and felt like they could ultimately trust one another. But trust was broken between Cynthia and Todrick, she no longer had any trust in Todrick at all.  However, Todrick swore that if he won HOH, he would not be putting Cynthia’s name on the block.

#BUTFIRST…. It’s time for the HOH competition!! As outgoing HOH, Miesha was not allowed to play the “Rotten Potatoes” HOH Competition. There were three ‘rotten’ potato meters in the backyard. One by one, each celebrity had two minutes to roll as many balls as they could into each meter and attempt to lock in the highest scores from each potato-meter. Each potato meter was a little different, and the celebs could spend as much time on each, as long as they locked in their score before their time reached zero. The higher the score, the better. Mirai went first and scored a total of 51. Next was Todrick with a score of 36. Lamar took the lead with a score of 61. Kirkpatrick then scored even higher with 75. Shanna came in at 52. Carson started off great but panicked and ended up with a 36. Cynthia didn’t seem to understand the scoring and ended up with a 46. Todd definitely had no idea what was going on and settled for his score of 33. And poor Kattan’s score was null and void since he didn’t lock his third potato into place. Chris Kirkpatrick was the new HOH!

Okay, so Todd didn’t even try, and it just irks me to no end that he was chosen to stay in the house over Teddi, who at least wanted to play. Todd was just upset that he was picked last and put on the block, but he doesn’t bother to even attempt to play the game. He just wants to eat and sleep. The sad thing is his ass is going to get carried so far down this game. But I really hope he goes soon! Well after, Todrick and Miesha go home! Ha. And to think, I was actually rooting for him before the show began. Well, no more, Todd. No more!

MIESHA IS NO PUPPET MASTER. As soon as Kirkpatrick won, Miesha thought she had influence over him. Boy, was she mistaken. Kirkpatrick plain out told Todrick and Miesha that he was playing his own game, and that he had other plans of who he wanted evicted from the game. Later, Kirkpatrick came clean and revealed to Miesha and Todrick that Mirai was his target. Both were mortified, especially Miesha, since she worked so hard to save Mirai. Miesha then suggested that Kirkpatrick go after Carson and Cynthia, which really annoyed him. He pulled Shanna aside and said he didn’t want Miesha running the house. And so he contemplated putting up Mirai up with Todrick. Much to their complete surprise (and joy), Kirkpatrick revealed to Cynthia and Carson that they’re pretty much safe.

HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO. To make peace and because cake… Carson baked what looked like a delicious cake. Which Kattan loved. He loved it so much, he’d wake up nightly to feast on it, so much so that no other HGs would even touch it because he would eat it straight from the cake pan. The scenes of him waking up and tumbling all over the place to get himself some cake were the funniest scenes to date! Kattan may not be playing this game at all, but he sure is providing the funny! (UNINTENTIONALLY). Kirkpatrick wanted to see what Lamar and Todd would do if they were HOH and who they would nominate on the block next to Mirai. They didn’t give him much insight, but they did pledge their loyalty and support. Kirkpatrick decided to come clean to Miesha and told her he was putting up Mirai and she was still pushing for Carson. But Kirkpatrick doesn’t see Cynthia or Carson as threats (that’s because they’re not, Miesha and Todrick are!)… but Miesha was insistent and so Kirkpatrick and Shanna hatched a little plan of their own.

TIME FOR THE NOMINATION CEREMONY. As planned, Kirkpatrick nominated Mirai for eviction. But instead of nominated Todrick or an even bigger threat like Miesha, he nominated cake loving, Kattan! What? Why?? Kirkpatrick claimed it was because he never talked game with Kattan, but in the diary room (DR), Kirkpatrick assured us that his true target was Mirai. But he knew he’d have to work hard to keep her nominated since Miesha and Todrick would do everything to keep her safe in the house. And although Kirkpatrick once again explained to Miesha and Todrick that their goal of getting rid of Carson, isn’t his goal, they insisted that Carson is a bigger threat. But unfortunately, since all they care about themselves, they weren’t hearing Kirkpatrick when he said Carson wasn’t a threat to his game and they all but admitted that Carson was only a threat to Miesha and Todrick. Later, during his one-on-one time with Shanna, they considered that perhaps if Mirai does come down, then Miesha or Todrick could replace her.

THE LIVE VETO COMPETITION. In the live Veto competition, “Marry Me”, Todrick, Shanna, and Cynthia were chosen to compete, along with the two nominees and HOH Kirkpatrick. In the competition, the HGs were shown a large image of several fans holding up different signs, with only one sign saying “Marry Me”, and the players needed to answer which section of the image the “Marry Me” sign was in. Sort of like a “Where’s Waldo” but with a “Marry Me” sign instead. In the first round, everyone but Kirkpatrick got it right. Same went for the second round.  This competition seemed rather easy, so it was weird that Kirkpatrick was getting them wrong! Cynthia and Kirkpatrick got the fourth one wrong. Shanna got one wrong, so at this point Mirai and Todrick were further ahead. However, in the next round,  Miria and Todrick both got the image wrong and Shanna got it right, so the three were tied for first. The next round, everyone but Kattan got it right. And for the last image, Todrick and Shanna both got it right and there was a tie. Thankfully, Shanna did well in this comp. Because I couldn’t for the life of me understand why Kirkpatrick was getting all the answers wrong. The “Marry Me” signs were SO easy to spot! He has to need glasses or something. For the tie-breaking questions, Julie asked “How long was it in hours from when the Mon Won hat was revealed to the moment Todd went on the block?” They had to provide their answer in hours without going over. Shanna answered 72 hours (seriously?) and Todrick answered 180. The correct answer was 175!!! Todrick went over by 5 and Shanna won the POV! That was sheer luck.

THE NEXT EVICTED CELEBRITY HOUSEGUEST IS… With power in her hands, Shanna decided to keep the noms the same. Kattan and Mirai were still up for eviction. Each nominee was given a minute for their last plea speech. For his speech, Kattan seemed unprepared. He also didn’t want to stay. Acknowledging that he wasn’t convinced he wants to play and that he thinks he should just “move on”. This even took Julie aback and she made a comment about him asking to be evicted. Mirai went on to say how she’s never felt comfortable in the house and that the HGs are “so much older than me” (really?), but that she would like to stay in the house because it’s important that people who look like her can see themselves on television. But with a unanimous vote of 7-0, Mirai was evicted from the Big Brother house. Kattan was not happy. He really wanted to go home. In her brief chat with Julie, Miria said she was lonely in the house and that she wasn’t used to be the only Asian American in the room. (Which I thought was weird, since she seemed to be getting along with the group for the most part, until she did something to Kirkpatrick which caused some drama that wasn’t shown!). And her last words were that being in the house was harder than the Olympics because she could at least prepare for those, but nothing could mentally prepare her for Big Brother.

So who won the next HOH and who did they nominate? And did the Power of Veto save them off the block? Stay tuned this weekend to find out!

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