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I recently made a few predictions in my first post for Celebrity Big Brother Season three, and boy was I wrong about everything. Well almost everything. But I was definitely wrong about Miesha “Cupcake” Tate being the first one out, as she outlasted all the celebrity competitors and won HOH. How did she do it? Keep reading and find out!

#BUTFIRST… it was move-in day in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and one by one, each Celebrity Houseguest (HG) moved into the Big Brother House (aka the ski chalet). Julie started the episode by explaining that none of the celebs knew who would be joining them in the house. First to enter the BB ski chalet was Carson Kressley (my favorite and who I hope wins). And if you believe the BB curse that the first one in the house never wins, then it’s curtains for Carson! However, Tamar Braxton broke that curse in Celebrity BB season 2, as she entered first and won. So maybe the curse doesn’t exist in Celebrity Big Brother? The next person to walk into the house was Cynthia. Apparently, Carson and Cynthia knew each other from various events.  In her introductory package, Cynthia worried that no one would want to work with her, and her daughter, agreed, basing it on her physical abilities (this was hilarious). Next to enter the BB house was Chris Kirkpatrick. Cynthia had no idea who he was. (There went my prediction of everyone knowing him!) Chris K. is a super fan, and in his introductory package, he said that BB is like the game of chess. He hopes to pit the celebs against each other, leaving him as the winner.

The fourth celebrity to enter the BB ski chalet was Shanna Moekler. Apparently, Carson also knew her. She claimed to be a superfan of the show as well, but I’m not too sure of that just yet. However, she said she was willing to do anything to win the game. Including backstabbing and lying (and boy does she!). Carson, Cynthia and Shanna all chose beds in the same room. Next to enter the house was Todd Bridges, followed by Mirai Nagasu. Chris Kattan entered next and claimed he was not the best game player as he was horrible at poker, not being able to bluff. So he just hopes to entertain everyone and be likable. The next person to enter the house was Todrick Hall. He also claimed to be a superfan, but this is believable. He hopes to play like Dan Gheesling or Derrick Lavasseur, and he’s there to stir the pot. Miesha Tate entered the house next. And finally, the last two HGs to arrive were Teddi Mellencamp and Lamar Odom.

Once everyone entered the house, the celebs had a champaign toast and then scattered to their rooms. Carson brought Cynthia into their room with Shanna and Todrick and created the “Gays and Girls” alliance. But I have a feeling that won’t last long!  Julie appeared on the screen and called the HGs to the living room and formally began the show. The Head of Household (HOH) would begin soon, securing safety for one of them as HOH. The HGs went outside and first had a fashion show prior to their HOH comp. Julie asked for one of them to volunteer as Master of Ceremonies, but that person would not be eligible to compete for HOH. Todd stepped up, knowing he probably could not perform the challenge. The HGs took their place as the first HOH competition began.

AND THE HOH WINNER IS…. In the “BB HOH Gala” HOH competition, the celebs had to grab on to hanging bottles and place their feet in stirrups and hang on until only one remained. Chris Kattan really wanted to win, unfortunately he was first out, in like less than two minutes. Followed by Cynthia Bailey. Next down were Shanna and Lamar, followed by Kirkpatrick and Carson, who threw the competition. Mirai was next to fall, even though Miesha believed she was her stiffest competition. Todrick made a deal with Miesha not to vote him out, which she accepted. But when Teddi asked for the same deal, Miesha declined. And for some reason, Teddi dropped and gave the power to Miesha for the week. Bad move, Teddi. Bad move! Miesha became the new Head of Household (boooo). But, even though Miesha won safety for herself, Julie dropped a BB Bomb on the celebs that there would be another power up for grabs this week. She didn’t say what that power would be, but she said the power was inside the “Gala Giftbox” and called it a blessing to one and a curse to another.

DAY TWO…. Although Miesha had the power, the “Gala Giftbox” promised to ruin her plans for the week. So Miesha decided to keep the most athletic people together at the start. Which she told Todrick. And included Lamar in the mix. Personally, I don’t think Lamar will do well at comps. I could be wrong, but just because he’s an athlete doesn’t mean he will perform well at these comps. Kirkpatrick felt like he could work with Todrick, so he asked if he was in an alliance with anyone else. Todrick lied and said no. So now Todrick was in a separate alliance with Kirkpatrick. While taking a shower, Mirai asked Todrick and Teddi if they were open to a four-person alliance including Cynthia. Todrick pinky swore to her alliance. When they asked Cynthia to join the alliance, she plain out said that her and Todrick were already in an alliance with Shanna and Carson. So Mirai felt like they should instead form a super alliance that includes Carson, Cynthia, Mirai, Todrick, Teddi, and Shanna which Carson named The Formation. By this time, Todrick was in an alliance with everyone in the house, but Todd and Kattan and that’s because he claims they’re always sleeping! Miesha then asked Kirkpatrick if he wanted to be in a “week-to-week” alliance (whatever that means!) with her and Todrick. And she told Kirkpatrick that she was in alliance with Todrick. He agreed.

Okay… I have to interject here! If any of these players were good, when it was revealed that Todrick was already in an alliance with someone else, even though he swore that he wasn’t… at this point, the HGs should’ve realized that he was playing dirty. In a regular season of Big Brother… Todrick would’ve been the first one out for playing too hard! And basically, getting into so many alliances and not revealing it. But it didn’t once cross these celebs’ minds that he was playing shady! Bad game players!!

MON WON… The celebs gathered in the living room to learn about the contents of the ‘Gala Giftbox’. Inside was a purse to be worn as a hat. It would be given to one player who would be safe for eviction. To determine who got the purse-hat, Miesha would start by giving the purse-hat to one player, and that player would pass it to the next player, and so forth and so on. The last player remaining would be safe for the week. Miesha began by giving the purse-hat to Kirkpatrick. From there it was given to Kattan and then to Todd and he gave it to Teddi, who gave it to Lamar, and he gave it to Carson, who gave it to Todrick and then to Mirai, and with only Shanna and Cynthia left, Mirai  was in the position to decide who would earn safety. Finally, she gave it to Shanna! And so, Cynthia Bailey was safe for the week. And then Miesha read the notecard that warned the celebs that Mon Won would bestow a curse upon one of them, that could send someone not nominated home on eviction night. Dun Dun Dunnnn.

LET THE BACKSTABBING BEHING….Teddi was worried she’d be sent home first. The only thing she didn’t want from this game was to be first out. She asked Miesha for reassurance, which Miesha didn’t provide, even though she did tell Kirkpatrick right in front of Teddi that he was safe. Later, Miesha pulled Mirai upstairs proposing a strong alliance along with Todrick, Lamar and Kirkpatrick. Again, she mentioned that Todrick was in this alliance and no bells were ringing!! Dumb! Miesha told Mirai that she planned to put up Todd and Kattan, but once the Power of Veto (PoV) was used, she’d back door Teddi. She then asked Mirai to be a pawn, to secure the backdoor Teddi plan. Mirai asked Miesha to give her time to think about it. Soon after, Mirai went to Teddi and spilled Miesha’s plan. But here’s the thing, she didn’t tell Teddi that Miesha was in an alliance with Todrick, Lamar and Kirkpatrick! She just told Teddi that Miesha planned on backdooring her. Which didn’t surprise Teddi.  But what does Teddi go and do??… SHE TELLS TODRICK!! Of all the people!! So of course, Todrick ran to tell Miesha everything! He disclosed that Mirai was talking to people about her plans, specifically Teddi. Frustrated by this info, Miesha decided to change her game plan. Teddi found an opportune time in the exercise room to plead her case to Miesha. And since Miesha was salty about Mirai, she agreed to not put Teddi up or backdoor her, and instead it would be Mirai. So just before noms, Miesha pulled Carson aside and told him he would be the pawn. Miesha assured him that he’s so well liked that there was no way he was going home. And although Carson was going crazy inside, he remained calm and agreed with Miesha.

THE NOMINATION CEREMONY…. At the nomination ceremony, Miesha nominated Mirai and Carson. She said Mirai was a fierce competitor, and that Carson had an amazing social game. Teddi was surprised to not be nominated, but her radar should’ve been up. Because if that were me, then I’d definitely know something fishy was going on. Like a backdoor plan! Mirai didn’t take being put on the block very well. She quickly ran off to her bedroom and started to cry. Carson seemed okay. But he later said he was nervous by nature.

DAY THREE… After the Nom Ceremony, Miesha reiterated that Mirai was her current target, and that Carson was indeed her pawn. But even though he was promised this, he was determined to save himself with the POV, just in case. Mirai was not taking being nominated very well. She started to act really strange. And kept saying LOL, several times. I mean a lot of times!! In the storage room, Miesha confirmed to Todrick and Cynthia that Mirai was her target. But Cynthia didn’t want to hear too much information. WHAT? Ugh. She needed to stay there to get the full scoop and report back to her team. Miesha asked Todrick to stay behind and told him everything. Which pleased him because he was starting to feel like Miesha was quickly becoming his number one. They later sort of formed a final two. But let’s see how long that lasts.

Meanwhile back to Mirai and her mini breakdown. Kattan was super supportive to her and gave her a hug and some advice. I can honestly say that I misjudged Kattan and think that he’s doing the best he can, I’m starting to like him more.  In the pink bedroom, Carson, IN FRONT OF TODRICK, asked Teddi if Miesha knows about The Formation alliance. Teddi said yes, because otherwise why did the two of them go on the block? Little did they know that Todrick was a big reason why that happened. Later, when they were alone, Teddi and Carson quested who the mole/leak might be and Teddi suggested Todrick, but Carson shut down that idea quickly. So instead, they considered Mirai. If she was the leak, then why would she tell Teddi about the backdoor plan?? DUMB!

TIME TO PLAY THE VETO COMPETITION…. During the POV HG selection, Miesha drew Cynthia’s name, Carson drew Lamar and Mirai got ‘HG choice” and she chose Todrick! WHY?? Because she thought he’d save her. Later that day, Todrick and Miesha worked out some game situations. And they agreed that if Carson came down, Miesha would put up Kattan. However, in the Diary Room (DR), Todrick revealed that Carson is his biggest competition, so he plans on taking him out, but not just yet. However, he wanted to plant the seed in Miesha’s mind. In the POV Competition “Schedule Snafu” each player had to quickly read some brain-teasing texts from an assistant to decipher and memorize the order they needed to visit storefronts along the Main Street of a fake Aspen set. Carson was up first and finished quickly without getting any wrong on his first try but was unsure if it was a good enough time to win. Miesha was up next, followed by Cynthia who despite having safety for the week still wanted to win so she could remove her ally Carson from the block. Unfortunately, she was so confused, and didn’t understand the clues that it took her a fair amount of time to get it right. Lamar, not wanting to be seen as a threat, had no urgency to win the challenge (I honestly don’t think he even knew what was going on… see he’s not good at comps!), but Todrick and Mirai both put their best efforts forward in hopes that they could secure the POV. Once everyone finished the comp, the results came in. Lamar was last after timing out at 30 minutes. Miesha finished in 8:58 minutes. Todrick took 16:52 minutes to finish, Mirai was slightly behind with 16:58 minutes, Cynthia took longer with 22:43 minutes and Carson won with 3:54 minutes! YES!!! Proving that he’s going to be one to beat.

Knowing that she’d remain on the block, Mirai went up to Miesha to propose a new deal and swore her loyalty to Miesha and her alliance, and suddenly wishy-washy Miesha decided that her replacement nominee would be Kattan. Shanna, another nervous nelly, thinking she was going to be the replacement nom (even though her name didn’t come up), told Miesha that she’d do whatever she wanted. And Shanna said the only thing she had to give was information, to form a trust between her and Miesha. And then being the shady person that she is, she exposed The Formation alliance to Miesha (including Todrick!!), but suggested it already dissolved. Miesha then asked Shanna if she would be okay with voting out Teddi and she said yes, and threw Teddi under the bus. So Miesha thanked Shanna and offered her a spot in her alliance. These HGs are idiots!

Before the VETO meeting, Todrick pulled Miesha aside and suggested that the best way to knock down Carson was to take out his number one closest ally, which meant Teddi! Miesha, always wanting Teddi out, loved that idea, but decided to give Teddi a heads-up! So, she took Teddi into the HOH room and told her that plans had changed, and she would most likely be seeing the block. Teddi got teary eyed and appealed to Miesha as a mother. She said all she wanted was to not go out first. But Miesha was sticking to her guns. And as expected, Carson removed himself from the block and Miesha replaced him with Teddi as the new nominee. Mirai and Teddi set out to collect votes to stay in the house. Carson and Cynthia were devising a plan to get Teddi to stay, and she directly went to Todd and Lamar and Kattan for votes, and the only one who agreed was Kattan. Teddi had her work cut out in front of her.

NOM NOW… During the live episode, Julie addressed the HGs and informed them that the Mon Won purse-hat curse was in effect. The purse-hat was out of fashion, and Julie asked Cynthia to flip the Mon Won logo upside down to reveal the phrase “Nom Now”. Once again, the celebs would have to pass the hat from person to person, but this time, the last person holding the purse-hat would remove someone from the block and become the new nominee. Cynthia began the process of determining the new nominee by passing the Nom Now purse-hat to Shanna, who gave it to Kirkpatrick, who he gave it to Todrick, who gave it to Kattan. And it was Kattan who had to decide between Lamar and Todd Bridges who would be the new nominee. Kattan chose Lamar, and Todd was the new nominee. He didn’t seem to take it very well. He claimed he did, but he looked fired up. (First time I’ve seen any emotion in him in this house!). Todd removed Mirai from the block, meaning he or Teddi would be the first evicted HG from the Big Brother House.

AND THE FIRST PERSON TO LEAVE THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE IS…. During their pitches, Todd asked the HGs to “do what you gotta do”. (Yeah, he’s really playing this game! Ugh. I can’t stand players like Todd Bridges. And to think, he was one of my faves going into the house. I was totally wrong about him.) Teddi on the other hand actually pled her case and used the time to thank Tood and the house for making her laugh. She said she wanted to play with integrity and would appreciate the opportunity to keep playing and not be backdoored. She said it was the worst way to go out as someone who came to compete. The voting began and Lamar was first to vote. His vote to evict was Teddi. Kattan was next and voted to evict Todd. The remaining votes to evict Teddi were Todrick, Kirkpatrick, Mirai and shockingly, Shanna! And Shanna was close to Teddi in the house (backstabbing biotch comes to mind). Cynthia and Carson stayed true to their alliance and voted to evict Todd. So with a vote of 5 to 3, Teddi was the first person evicted from the BB Ski Chalet. (Exactly what she didn’t want to happen!!). As Teddi got up to leave, Miesha told Teddi it wasn’t personal. Sure, Miesha, sure!! She was gunning for her from day one!! Lamar was confused as ever and didn’t know why they were all crying and told them to stop. Whatever! He also asked if they were walking her out, or should they sit. And when Teddi’s photo went to black and white, he asked why it did that. Someone get that fool out of the house!! During her exit interview, Teddi was shocked to hear that Shanna voted her out and felt most betrayed by Todrick for conspiring against her. In the end, Teddi said that the BB House was far more challenging than being on “The Real Housewives”. I bet it is, Teddi, I bet it is.

So who will be the next HOH and who will they put up on the block? And will the Power of Veto be used to save the nominated players? Stay tuned next week to find out.

On a side note… Lamar pooped his Big Brother bed! Apparently, he has IBS, and his late-night snack of milk and beef jerky caused him to poop his bed. He told Mirai that he just “let the world know I took a shit in my bed”. And when she said that people probably didn’t know, he confirmed the incident and said he had to clean it up in front of the world. Little did he know that Live feeds weren’t on until Friday. So I think he outted himself. ha

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