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PREVIOUSLY ON BIG BROTHERRRRRRRRR……..Olympic figure skater Mirai Nagasu was evicted from the Big Brother Ski Chalet. With a unanimous vote, the celebs voted to send her packing over Chris Kattan, who begged his fellow Houseguests (HGs) to send him home. But who won the third Head of Household (HOH) competition, and who did they put up for eviction? And did the Power of Veto (Veto/ POV) save someone from the block? Keep reading to find out.

#BUTFIRST…. Tensions were high in the Big Brother house, as Chris Kattan was still struggling to stay in the house. He wasn’t sure what had happened and why he hadn’t been evicted instead of Mirai. He was very emotional over Mirai having to leave. Later Kirkpatrick and Shanna contemplated their decision on sending Mirai home over backdooring Todrick. Their reasoning had something to do with Kattan not understanding how the game works. Made no sense to me, but I think it was their way of making themselves feel good for making a bad game play! Meanwhile, Miesha was dictating the the game, telling Todd Bridges and Lamar Odom that their next target had to be Carson, because he’s their biggest threat (no, he’s Todrick’s biggest threat). In the pink bedroom, Cynthia, Shanna and Carson were discussing how anyone other than Miesha needs to win HOH otherwise they’re all going to get picked off one by one (Kirkpatrick should’ve thought about this when making his noms).

A VISIT FROM KATO… It’s time for the HOH Competition! Former HG Kato Kaelin popped up on the TV from a hot tub to introduce the new HOH competition. As the HGs went to the backyard they saw Kato’s hot tub, a ski lift and a game clock. In the “Ski Strip” HOH comp the HGs had to sit on the ski lift which had three buttons on it. They had to strip out of their ski outfits down to their bathing suit and jump in the hot tub in the fastest time they could. If a button wasn’t being pushed, the game clock would gain time at different rates based on how many of the buttons the players couldn’t hold on to.  Todrick was first to strip, and he used his big booty to hold on to one button while using his legs to hold on to the other two. He did a fairly good job. Miesha, being used to juggling tons of things at once, had a really strong performance. Shanna did her best to not take her body off more than two buttons at a time. Lamar tried his best, but his big body was a disadvantage. Kattan had no idea what he was doing and wasn’t even pressing any buttons. He just basically stripped and maxed out. Cynthia pretty much stripped without holding buttons either. Carson did a pretty good job but, in the end, Miesha won with a total of 5:50. Once again, Miesha was HOH.

TURNING AGAINST ALLIES. Kirkpatrick and Shanna felt that Miesha’s win put a huge target on her back and that they needed to get her out soon. And they were happy that Todrick didn’t win because they felt like he would flip on them and vote them out. Hoping to not see the block, Carson and Cynthia pushed on Kattan’s wish that he wanted to leave the house. Later that day, Cynthia was lying on the couch when she heard Miesha tell Kattan that she was not going to put him on the block. Cynthia quickly went to tell Carson what Miesha told Kattan, and they knew that their gooses were cooked. Todrick, not wanting Cynthia to go on the block, questioned Miesha on whether or not she was a threat to their alliance? He then suggested that perhaps Miesha consider Kirkpatrick as an option because he might take a shot at them if they don’t strike first. Some reason Kirkpatrick was now a threat to Todrick, even more so than Carson?? (Can we say production manipulation maybe??)

THE NOMINATION CEREMONY. It was time for the nomination ceremony and Miesha put Carson and Cynthia on the block. She told Carson he was a lovely human being, and that Cynthia was a beautiful, strong woman. But unfortunately, their alliances were not aligned in the game. In the diary room (DR), Miesha said that if Carson can’t go home (her true target), then they’d have to “clip his wings” and take out his closest ally in Cynthia. However, Todrick had different plans… he was secretly hoping that the upcoming veto would be used and Miesha could backdoor an even bigger threat to him, Chris Kirkpatrick. Which was actually a valid thought since Kirkpatrick and Shanna were secretly trying to overthrow Miesha and Todrick. Or at least bring them down from so much power. Kirkpatrick was worried that Carson would go home, leaving him and Shanna as the next bigger targets in the house. Miesha was worried Carson would win Veto again, like the last time. But Todrick didn’t seem concerned. However, he was doing damage control with Cynthia by saying that if it were up to him, he would’ve never put her up on the block. He insisted that he’s fighting for her from his side of the house. He assured her there was no way she was going home this week. Once again, Todrick went up to Miesha’s room to warn her about Kirkpatrick being a bigger threat to their long-term game. Miesha, who only had eyes on Carson as her target, said they could get rid of Kirkpatrick next week.

BRINGING ALLIANCES TOGETHER. In the pink room, Carson told Shanna and Cynthia that if it was his time to leave, that he would want Cynthia and Shanna to work together. And that if he won Veto, he would take Cynthia off the block so that Shanna wouldn’t be backdoored. Which doesn’t make sense, but these celebs clearly don’t know how BB works. Shanna could still be nominated even if Cynthia were off the block. But the women didn’t like Carson’s plan, however, Carson said that would be the best to ensure that they break Miesha. Later Shanna went to Kirkpatrick to express her concern about being backdoored, Kirkpatrick suggested that she do everything she could to win the veto, ensuring that she would not be put up as a replacement nom. (These celebs don’t understand what backdoor means… backdooring someone means they don’t have a chance to fight before being a replacement nom. If you have a chance to save yourself, you cannot be backdoored). Kirkpatrick suggested that if Shanna won Veto, she could take down Carson and stick it to Miesha. Knowing that could put him at risk, Kirkpatrick felt like he could trust Miesha enough that she would put up either Lamar or Todd on the block as a replacement nominee.

KATTAN OUT. Kattan was still not feeling well and really wanted to leave. Knowing that none of the houseguests would vote to evict him, let alone put him on the block, he decided to go home and leave the BB house. Later that day, Miesha gathered all the HGs in the living room to formally announce that Kattan left the game. He left the celebs a video message, with a funny, heartfelt message for each of the HGs. He told them they’ve all had an impact on his life and wished them all luck. And with that Kattan was out of Celebrity Big Brother.

IT’S TIME FOR THE VETO COMPETITION. It was time to pick players for the veto comp. Cynthia, Carson and Miesha drew chips out of the bag. Miesha drew Shanna, Cynthia got HGs choice and selected Lamar and Carson drew Todrick. Before the competition began, Lamar, once again needed Todrick to explain how everything worked. He had mentioned something about removing Cynthia from the block, but Todrick did all he could to convince Lamar not to remove Cynthia from the block. Basically, telling him what to do.  For the POV, each player had to ride a mechanical reindeer for the competition titled “Reindeer Riders”. They had to rock their reindeers back and forth twenty times to add time to their clock. Once their clocks reached 90 seconds, the players then got off their reindeers and had to stack a snowflake puzzle. Once they were satisfied with the number of snowflakes stacked, they would have to lock in their number. The player with the greatest number of snowflakes stacked won. However, their clocks would run down and in order to gain more time, they had to run back to ride their reindeer for more time on their clocks. If the player timed out, without adding more time to their clocks, they were eliminated. Lamar was out first, as his clock timed out. Miesha also timed out, as she was so focused on building her snowflake puzzle, she forgot to add more time to her clock. Cynthia locked her snowflake puzzle in at 9 snowflakes. UMMM… Nine?? Oh Cynthia is horrible at comps! Especially logic ones. She was hoping others would time out or their stacks would fall. But nine?? Shanna locked her puzzle in at 22 snowflakes. Miesha took this opportunity to talk to Shanna and told her that it was fine if she decided to take Cynthia off the block. Which pissed Shanna off because she didn’t like being told what to do. (Thank you, Miesha, for giving Shanna permission to use the veto. The nerve of this woman! Someone really needs to take Miesha off her high-horse and fast!). Todrick and Carson both timed out, which left Shanna as the winner of the POV.

AND THE NEW NOMINEE IS. Knowing that Shanna would probably use the POV, Miesha looked for a volunteer to replace Cynthia (Which is who she thought Shanna was going to remove). While Lamar and Kirkpatrick were in the kitchen, Todd said he would be willing to go up. Kirkpatrick immediately went to tell Shanna that Todd volunteered to go up on the block and this would be their moment to shake things up by removing Carson from the block and voting Todd out. This would’ve been a great plan, had Kirkpatrick not messed it all up! Unfortunately, Miesha knew something was up because Kirkpatrick seemed too anxious. So, when she had a one-on-on with Kirkpatrick and asked him if he would be voting Todd out, he couldn’t lie! And she knew something was up. When Miesha asked Shanna if she was taking Cynthia off the block, Shanna lied and said yes. But Miesha was now trying to convince Shanna not to use the POV. Shanna told Miesha that she was going to play her own game. At the veto meeting, Shanna removed Carson from the block. She explained to everyone that if she wants to have a fighting chance then she needs Carson in the house. But since Miesha felt double-crossed, instead of putting Todd on the block, she put Kirkpatrick. Which he took with stride. He told Miesha that it was just a game and didn’t matter, but that clearly Miesha no longer trusted him. Kirkpatrick also acknowledged that he may have just backdoored himself, but that if he managed to stay in the game, he’d proven to be on the Dan Gheesling level of playing (You’re not, Kirkpatrick.)

HEATING UP IN THE CHALET. After the POV ceremony, Shanna apologized to Miesha and Todrick for removing Carson from the block. Saying that she had to do what would give her the best chance of going up against the two of them. Miesha then sort of threatened Shanna, telling her that she saved Shanna the first week (whatever, Miesha! You were never going to put up Shanna!). She asked Shanna if she would still honor their deal and not nominate her. But Shanna didn’t back down. She said she clearly knew she wasn’t in Miesha’s ‘team’ and so she was looking out for herself. Which Miesha responded with more threats, telling Shanna that that the line had been drawn in the sand. (Ooooo).  Shanna was shaken by their little tiff, but she didn’t want to let Miesha get the best of her. And in the pink room, Kirkpatrick gave Shanna a bit of a pep talk. He told her that they won. Which honestly didn’t make much sense. But he said something about them being thrown under the bus by Todrick and Miesha and that now the house is going to flip against them. He told Shanna this was the happiest he had been in the house since they entered the house. As it just wasn’t fun having one side rule the game. And that now they had a fighting chance to win against either Todrick or Miesha. I’m not sure where Kirkpatrick’s head was at, or what made him think this…but he seemed to think they just won? Later, Todd and Lamar were discussing who they were voting out between Cynthia and Carson and Todd said he was sending Cynthia packing because she voted him out when he was on the block with Teddi Mellencamp. Lamar couldn’t believe Todd wasn’t over it. Cynthia asked Todd if he was upset with her, and he admitted it was hard for him to get over her not voting him. Lamar came to Cynthia’s defense and called Todd a “punk”, which Cynthia didn’t even really need anyone to come to her defense, because she made her own case. She told Todd that she’s been supportive of him since then and that if he feels necessary to vote her out, then by all means, vote her out. Cynthia was fuming and headed toward the pink room. As she walked by Todrick and Miesha, Todrick asked her if they could talk, and she shut him down quickly. Carson tried to calm Cynthia down, but she remembered something else she wanted to tell Todd, so she went back to the kitchen and let him have it. Which ignited an even bigger altercation between the two of them. They ended up cussing each other out and she went back to the pink room. Carson came out to tell Todd that he didn’t need to talk to Cynthia that way and that a man doesn’t go up to a lady the way Todd did. Cynthia declared to Carson and Shanna that now it was personal.

BYE BYE BYE. During the live segment episode, Julie Chen Moonves updated the celebrities on some news outside the Big Brother house. Like that Denzel Washington has been nominated for the tenth time for an Oscar, making him the most nominated Black man in Oscar history. And that the Bengals and Rams are facing off in the SuperBowl this weekend. The HGs all seemed excited to get the news. Back to business at hand. In their last plea speeches, Kirkpatrick told the HGs to do what they had to do, and he stressed that he wanted to play with integrity. Cynthia gave a shoutout to her family and stressed that her word and loyalty was everything in her game. In a vote of 5-0, Kirkpatrick was unanimously voted out of the Big Brother house. Kirkpatrick told Julie during the eviction interview that he was a little surprised Shanna didn’t vote for him but also glad that she did what she had to do to keep a good position in the house. He also told Julie that he was fully aware that his ’move’ was probably why he was evicted, and that it was risky for him to ask Shanna to remove Carson from the block. He said that the game just wasn’t as fun anymore with Miesha and Todrick dominating the house. So, he wanted to do something to flip the house against them. When Julie asked him why he didn’t just lie to Miesha when she asked about not voting out Todd, he claimed that he wanted to keep his integrity, but also felt like their connection was no longer there.

AND THE NEXT HOH IS… The players all got ready for the next HOH competition, and as outgoing HOH, Miesha was not allowed to play. For the “Angry Glam Squad” HOH Comp, the six eligible players took their place on the endurance wall. Each held on to a large director’s chair as they prepared for a long road ahead of them. Shanna yawned and seemed over the comp before it even started. The competition would continue after the show ended… so who will win HOH and who will they nominated on the block? And will the POV be used to save them off the block?

Come back in a few days to find out!

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