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PREVIOUSLY ON BIG BROTHERRRRRRRRR…In the double eviction episode, Lamar Odom was the first person to be sent home. Miesha then won the final Head of Household (HOH), putting Todd Bridges and Cynthia Bailey on the block as the two nominees. Miesha also won the final Power of Veto (POV/Veto) competition of the season, securing her power in the house and kept her nominations the same. Todrick had the sole power to evicted and he voted out Todd Bridges, since he was more of a threat to him and Miesha. Leaving, Todrick Hall, Miesha Tate and Cynthia Bailey as the final three houseguests in Celebrity Big Brother. So, who was crowned the winner of the third season of Celebrity Big Brother? Keep reading to find out….

#BUTFIRST. Heading into finale night, Miesha led the number of wins with five comps under her belt, Todrick won one HOH and one Veto, and Cynthia, well Cynthia won NOTHING! But there was still a final HOH competition to be played that determined who would make it to Final 2, and who would be the last member on the jury.  Miesha and Todrick both felt good about their chances of sitting in the final two chairs. Cynthia also felt proud of herself for making it this far in the game (not realizing that she was only there because she sucks, and they didn’t feel threatened by her at all!). Todrick finally revealed that he was a huge BB superfan and that he even had parties with previous cast members (word on the street is, The Cookout stayed at his house and they got a lot of flack from BB fans for even being associated with Todrick..ha). While Todrick and Cynthia were alone in the kitchen, he asked her to take him to Final two if she happened to win the HOH. Which everyone knew she wouldn’t, but he wanted to be sure all his bases were covered. He even threw Miesha under the bus and told Cynthia that Miesha told him she wouldn’t want to take Cynthia to Final 2. (the guy is relentless!). Of course, Cynthia agreed.

(At this point in the show, I knew that Cynthia would probably be Todrick’s one and only vote to win, because she didn’t have time to go home and watch live feeds or see how vile Todrick was in this game. Miesha was just as bad, but she was the lesser of two evils.)

THE FINAL HOH. In the final HOH Comp “Shout Outs”, the seven former houseguest each gave ‘shout outs’ in videos, where two were true statements and one was false. In the first round, Cynthia and Miesha got Teddi Mellencamp’s shout out correct. In the second round, only Miesha got Mirai Nagasu’s shout out correct. In the third round, Todrick and Miesha both got Chris Kirkpatrick’s shout out correct. And in the fourth round, NO ONE got Shanna Moakler’s shout out. They also didn’t get Carson Kressley’s shout out correctly. And in the six round, they didn’t get Lamar Odom’s correct either. With that, there was no need to even show Todd Bridge’s shout out, as Miesha was ahead and secured the win. There would be no Veto since Miesha had all the power in her hands and would be deciding who to take to Final Two between Todrick and Cynthia. Each got to plead their case to Miesha. Cynthia told Miesha that she played with loyalty and already knew what Miesha’s decision would be. And Todrick told Miesha she was his “ride or die”. So of course, Miesha took Todrick with her to Final Two, and Cynthia was the last person evicted from the Big Brother house.

A CLUELESS CYNTHIA. In her eviction interview, Cynthia told Julie that she respected both Miesha and Todrick’s games (She literally has no clue what the heck is going on! I really can’t wait until the bomb is dropped on her that Todrick wasn’t as golden as she believed). She also told Julie that she loved Todrick and without Carson in the house, they got closer, and he was the one who explained the game to her. (Yeah, Shanna tried, Cynthia just wouldn’t listen!). She said if she had won Final HOH she would’ve taken Todrick to Final two with her. (I really need to read interviews with her to see what she has to say about Todrick’s real gameplay.)

A HEARTFELT APOLOGY. Prior to revealing who the final two were, Julie asked the Celebrity jurors questions. #ButFirst, Carson took advantage of the time and publicly apologized to Shanna for not trusting her actions and instead falling for the lies of Todrick and Miesha. He looked truly sorry for what he did. And Shanna accepted his apology and said Carson was a good person. And she said she felt refreshed getting to see everyone again. Kirkpatrick went on to say that being a longtime superfan of the show, the winner should not only win comps, but be able to navigate the game socially and also manage the jury. It seemed to be a little dig at Todrick. When Julie revealed that Cynthia was the last juror to join them, no one seemed surprised that Miesha won the Final HOH and took Todrick with her.

Julie gave the final two a chance to address the jury and explain why they should be the winner of Celebrity Big Brother Season 3. Miesha mentioned being a competitor and a mother and wanted to inspire her daughter. And Todrick said something about having his hand in everything. He went on and on and on until Julie finally cut him off. (Todd’s eyes rolled all the way to the back of his head during Todrick’s finale speech).

A BITTER JURY. When casting their votes, each HG was allowed to explain why they were voting for her they voted for. And some of the HGs took the opportunity to take digs at Todrick and it was awesome!

Teddi: “One of your favorite movies is Wizard of Oz, but you’ve forgotten that we could see behind the curtain, but I’m going to choose the lesser of two evils” (dig at both Todrick, whose favorite movie is Wizard of Oz, and Miesha)

Mirai: “I have an appreciation for competition winning and that was beastly. (I’m guessing this was towards Miesha, but it really made no sense)

Kirkpatrick: “Congratulations guys. I came into this house and tried to leave with integrity so this is for my son, he would have me do it no other way. (A dig at Todrick because he told Kirkpatrick that his son would be ashamed of him).

Shanna: “The one thing that this vote ensures that I will never have to hear your voice again” (to Todrick)

Carson: (Of course Carson’s bit was hilarious)… “Now where did I put my keys? “…. I’m going to go with the person who I thought worked it a little bit harder”…. “Where’s my lip balm” (he was being nice. And funny. As only Carson can be).

Lamar: “I’m going to go with… I just got a tattoo this morning and I’m going to go with the person who resembles that type of mentally.

Todd: “Everything was great up until I saw the live feeds. God bless you guys. I hope you realize that playing the game and winning is definitely doing it in a good way and not talking bad about people that are already gone. (referring to Todrick. Who only spoke negatively of the celebrities in the house).

Clueless Cynthia: “I think you both played an amazing game. You are amazing together. And I’m going to vote for the person that helped me navigate when I really didn’t understand how the show worked” (yeah that would be Shanna, not Todrick. Idiot!)

Because Chris Kattan left the house, he was not allowed to vote. In the event of a tie, America would be the tiebreaker. However, Kattan was in the house, to help congratulate the winner. Julie then announced the votes. Clueless Cynthia voted for Todrick. Todd’s vote went to Miesha. Lamar voted for Miesha. Carson also voted for Miesha. Shanna voted for Miesha. Kirkpatrick voted for Miesha. And with that, Miesha was the winner of Celebrity Big Brother season 3. Julie also revealed that Teddi and Mirai voted for Miesha. Making a 7-1 vote (Idiot Cynthia!)

AMERICA’S FAVORITE HOUSEGUEST. This was the outcome I was most excited about, as I wanted either Carson or Shanna to win. The top three were Lamar, Carson, and Shanna. But in the end, Carson was awarded America’s Favorite Houseguest. He said he was going to donate a big portion of his winnings to his charity. And Miesha ended the show by saying that being in the Big Brother house was tougher than competing in an MMA competition.

MY FINAL THOUGHTS. I’m SO glad this shitshow is over. I honestly think this was one of the worst seasons of Big Brother ever. And it wasn’t just because of Todrick’s vile mouth, but also because there were too many HGs that had no idea how to play Big Brother or even knew what Big Brother was (BB…for future shows, make the HGs do some research!). But Todrick was the main reason that made this season awful. He was toxic in the house and made the people around him toxic. Miesha wasn’t innocent either. She was just as spiteful and cruel. Especially when it came to talking about the HGs behind their backs. But like Teddi Mellencamp said, she was the lesser of two evils. I wonder what it’s going to be like for Todrick once he gets back to the real world?  Instead of taking this time to make himself look good, Todrick spoke poorly about his fans, he admitted to not paying his dancers or people who ‘work’ for him. He talked badly of people in the house and even when they were gone, he said mean things. Maybe it’ll be a wake-up call for him. But I totally doubt it. Even after the show, instead of owning up to what he said and did, he canceled all the interviews because of the Celebrity Big Brother backlash. Well, I don’t feel sorry for him. The guy should’ve kept his mouth shut. I for one am glad he’s getting his just deserts. And I’m also glad I don’t have to hear or see Todrick Hall again.

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