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PREVIOUSLY ON BIG BROTHERRRRRRRRR……..Following the eviction of Chris Kirkpatrick and Chris Kattan leaving the show, only seven houseguests remained in the Big Brother Ski Chalet. The previous episode left off with a Head of House (HOH) endurance competition. Miesha, as outgoing HOH, was not allowed to play. As the HOH comp continued, the house was divided into two clear sides: Miesha, Todrick, Todd and Lamar against, Carson, Cynthia and Shanna. The only hope for the powers to change would be if Carson or Shanna won HOH (Cynthia would no way be winning an endurance comp). Slowly all the HGs began to drop except for Carson and Todrick. Unfortunately, Todrick begged Carson to not put him up or backdoor him, which Carson agreed, so Todrick fell, and Carson was crowned the new HOH.

This would’ve been great news, had Carson not been so gullible. It’s hard for me to even recap what exactly went on during these two episodes, as they were the toughest eps to get through. Not only because Cynthia and Carson made the worst game decision ever on Big Brother, but because on live feeds, and in the show, it just got so ugly. So bad, to the point that I’ve decided to stop watching live feeds.

Seeing that Todrick and Miesha were probably going to get nominated or at least Miesha was, Todrick constructed a lie about Shanna. He called it an exaggeration, and not a lie…but it was a downright lie. He told Carson and Cynthia that Shanna had been playing them and she was not on their side. Even though Shanna took Carson off the block and helped them throughout the entire game because Carson and Cynthia are clueless… they chose to believe Todrick’s lies over Shanna’s truth. Cynthia wouldn’t even talk to Shanna. It was sickening! In the end, Carson put Miesha and Todd Bridges on the block. But in his Diary Room (DR) session, he said if one of them come down, then he has a plan up his sleeve. Meaning Shanna would go up! What an idiot!

VETO. NEW NOMINEE. In the end, Shanna didn’t even get to play in the veto competition and Todrick, surprise…  surprise, won the Veto. He removed Todd Bridges from the block and Carson nominated Shanna on the block. The one person who saved HIM from the block and whose only ally Kirkpatrick gave up his game so that Carson, Cynthia, and Shanna could team up and get rid of Miesha or Todrick and the fool puts up Shanna for eviction. I’m STILL stunned that Carson was that stupid to do this. And as planned, the HGs voted to evict Shanna Moekler from the BB house with a unanimous vote.  She had no fighting chance, because no matter how much she tried to explain to Carson and Cynthia that Todrick made up these lies, they didn’t believe her. The one good thing about her eviction is that she went out with a bang. Before she walked out the door, she told Todrick she was going to sway the jury to NOT vote for him to win. And then of course, Carson and Cynthia said they made the right decisions. IDIOTS!

DONE WITH CARSON AND CYNTHIA. Going into this season of Celebrity Big Brother, I was a huge fan of Carson Kressley’s. And I was rooting for him to win. But after what he and Cynthia Bailey did to Shanna Moekler, I just can’t in good conscience root for him or Cynthia. The fact that they easily let two people who were not in their alliance manipulate them the way they have boggles my mind.  Carson and Cynthia turned on their one true ally, and I guarantee, what they did to Shanna is going down as one of the worst Big Brother game moves ever.

But game moves aside, the things that Miesha and Todrick have said and done, shaming Shanna and her character and dragging her name and family in the dirt just sickens me. But what’s worse is that Cynthia believed Todrick without thinking twice and she jumped on the shaming Shanna bandwagon. That to me is worse than what Todrick and Miesha are doing. They’re both dirty, but the fact that Cynthia is joining along is gross! This game has turned ugly and I’m not happy one bit. Kirkpatrick even spoke out and said this was the reason he wanted to leave. He was not a fan of Todrick Hall and his antics.

THE NEW HOH. Unfortunately, Todd Bridges won the HOH. I have not seen the competition, but live feeds showed him with the key around his neck. I bet Todrick and Miesha let him win, so it could look like they kept their deal with Cynthia and Carson. But you’d better believe Todd Bridges is nominating both Carson and Cynthia with Carson as his target, because Miesha is in his ear! But this outcome isn’t even fun. Because I at least wanted to see Todrick or Miesha win HOH and nomminate Cynthia and Carson so I could scream “I TOLD YOU SO” at the TV! But Todrick and Miesha even took that piece of joy from me. I wanted to see them do dirty to Cynthia and Carson and instead it’ll look like it was all Todd Bridges. But Cynthia and Carson don’t even care because they said that they got the right person out who needed to get out. They’re complete idiots!

Shanna was a superfan and I wish she would’ve been in a season where there were more super fans playing the game or even just people who understood this game. Because she deserved a better playing field than Carson, Cynthia, Todd Bridges or Lamar Odom. Odom doesn’t even know what the hell he’s doing or what’s going on! When he was asked who he wanted to evict, he sat there staring at the screen, chewing off his fingernails and spitting them on the sofa and eating them! So gross. I for one, cannot wait for this crapfest to end!

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