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PREVIOUSLY ON BIG BROTHERRRRRRRRR…Following the eviction of Shanna Moekler, after Todrick and Miesha’s Hail Mary plan to survive the block by throwing Shanna under the bus, Carson and Cynthia ended up not trusting Shanna, so they turned against their only ally and happily put her up as a replacement nominee and vote her out.  Now only six people remained in the Big Brother house. Outgoing HOH Carson Kressley was not eligible to compete in this week’s comp, so it was a fight between the other five houseguests (HGs) which included, Cynthia Bailey, Miesha Tate, Todrick Hall, Todd Bridges and Lamar Odom. Who won the HOH, and which two houseguests did they nominate for eviction? And was the power of Veto (veto/POV) used to save the nominees? Keep reading to find out…

#BUTFIRST. Everyone in the house felt that they made the right decision to let Shanna go because she was shady (wait until Carson and Cynthia find out they were duped). Except Lamar didn’t want to see Shanna go. He told Todd that he wanted to win HOH because he wanted to vote out Miesha. And then in front of Miesha, he told the other HGs that he didn’t have beef with Miesha but tried to convince Todd to vote her out. This did not sit well with Miesha. (duh!)

HOH COMPETITION. Ahead of the eviction, Miesha and Todrick solidified their deal with Carson and Cynthia that neither of them would go after each other for one week, if any of them were crowned the HOH. And since Carson couldn’t compete, it was still Miesha, Todrick, and Cynthia against, Todd and Lamar. During the “Celebrity Endorsement” HOH Competition, the players had to guess which ingredient was missing from their special cocktails. The ingredients were disgusting, because they weren’t real drinks, but instead ingredients like garlic, mixed with orange juice and pickle juice. And the celebs had to figure out what the missing ingredient was, from a bunch of different ingredients on the wall. Todrick was desperate to win this HOH, but Todd wanted it more. Lamar wanted to take out Miesha, and Cynthia wanted to win to save her and Carson. After tasting each disgusting drink, Todd Bridges was able to get all the missing ingredients correct and won the HOH! This of course was terrible news for Carson and Cynthia since they didn’t have a deal with Todd (which they should’ve gone to Todd and Lamar instead of Miesha and Todrick). But Todd winning was a blessing in disguise for Miesha and Todrick, because now Todd could do their dirty work for them and take out their number one target, Carson… without getting blood on their hands. As the winner, Todd also got to choose two mascots for his new signature drink, the HOHITO, which meant two players would have to wear costumes. He chose Todrick and Lamar.  Not only did they have to wear a “mojito and lime” costume, but they also had to be attached to each other for 24 hours. Lamar was not happy about this at all. And the fact that Lamar was always so gassy, wasn’t great for Todrick! But the ‘bit’ was funny to watch.

THE NOMINATION CEREMONY. Todd decided he would not be putting Cynthia up on the block. Which was surprising since he and Cynthia were always bickering and even got into a bit of spat in the house. He believed that not putting Cynthia up on the block was a way of getting on her good side, and he also thought that if Carson won Veto, he wouldn’t use it, because then that would mean Cynthia would go up. (I sometime question Todd’s reasoning). But, by Todd doing this and telling everyone he was doing this, Todrick realized Todd was trying to get potential jury votes. Which wasn’t good news for him. At the nomination ceremony, Todd put Carson and Lamar on the block. Cynthia was relieved, because now she could win veto, take down Carson and Todd would have to put Todrick up. (As if Cynthia would ever win a competition!!)

TIME FOR THE VETO COMPETITION. Before the Veto comp, Cynthia prayed that her or Carson would win. It was a nice moment. All the houseguests played in the competition, “Ego Veto”, which was basically three card Monty. They had to follow the path of a digital veto medallion as it shuffled inside of identical objects. After six rounds, both Miesha and Todrick were tied for the lead. And after the final round, Miesha won the golden power of Veto, which meant bad news for Cynthia and Carson.  They devised a plan to ask Miesha NOT to use the veto on either of them and keep the noms the same. (HUH? I tell ya, Cynthia and Carson are horrible at this game!) They planned to not ruffle feathers with Miesha and Todrick, but to get them to turn against Lamar, because Miesha was already complaining about Lamar and how irritating he can be. Especially during the veto comp when she was trying to concentrate. Cynthia and Carson just don’t get that Miesha and Todrick think Carson is a huge threat to them. At the veto meeting, Miesha chose NOT to use her veto and kept noms the same.

ANOTHER HG IS EVICTED. Miesha pulled Todrick aside to discuss what a threat Todd was becoming. They thought that after Carson left, the next person who should go is Todd, because he was more than likely to win comps, compared to Lamar and Cynthia. Later, Carson and Cynthia had a chat with Todrick, and Carson asked Todrick to live up to his initial words where they’d look after each other. In return, both promised that they would not go after Miesha or Todrick. But Todrick told Carson that he was going to be tough to sit next to at the end. Todrick quickly went to Miesha to ask if perhaps they should vote out Lamar. She quickly turned that notion down. She wanted to stick with their plan… Carson first, Todd next. (Which I secretly loved because she used BOTH of them to take out her targets! Carson took out Shanna, his only ally who could actually help him and Todd targeted Carson, who he could’ve teamed up with and taken out the actual threat in Miesha and Todrick… IDIOTS!) With a vote of 2-1, Carson was evicted from the Big Brother house.

A WAKE UP CALL. During his chat with Julie Chen Moonves, Carson told her that he was so happy to have made so many friends in the house. And he was feeling very emotional. He said there was no way of breaking the bond that Todrick and Miesha had. But Julie asked him why he chose “words over actions” in his decision to target Shanna instead of Miesha. He said they couldn’t trust Shanna (which he and Cynthia could’ve), but he admits that the smarter decision would’ve been to get out Miesha when they had the chance. DUH! (In the real world, the bomb was dropped on Carson that Todrick and Miesha lied about Shanna and he said he would have to apologize to Shanna one million times. And that he was VERY disappointed in the way Todrick played the game because he could not believe that since they were celebrities that he’d play and risk using his ‘brand’ that way. What a rude awakening Carson is in for when he realizes just how mean Miesha and Todrick really are. Especially Todrick!).

As a treat to the final five, Julie surprised each houseguest with special messages from home. Todd’s mom, kids, sister and brother all wished him well. Todrick’s mom said some lovely words to her son. Cynthia’s husband said he couldn’t wait to see her, but he wants her to win (yeah that’s not happening). Lamar’s friend, Metta World Peace, had some motivational words for him, and Miesha’s kids and her fiancé all congratulated her and wished her luck. As the episode ended, Julie announced that the audience would get a chance to vote for America’s Favorite Houseguest and award one of the players $25,000. (I bet Shanna wins this!)

(Episode 12 was a “flashback” episode. Nothing happened except the houseguests ate dinner as they ‘reminisced’ about the previous houseguests while they showed unaired footage from the season.)

EPISODE 13. Following Carson’s eviction, it was time to name a new HOH. Todd (the dumbass), was feeling high after his win and evicting Carson (which was a huge mistake), and although he could not play, he felt safe with everyone who was playing HOH (except for Cynthia, but we all know she would not win). Ahead of evicting Carson, Todrick gave him and Cynthia the heads-up. Which they finally realized that Miesha and Todrick were never going to honor their deal, and that Cynthia should team up with Todd and Lamar. Lamar meanwhile called out Todrick and said he was fake with his fake laugh. And that upset Todrick. He wanted to know why Lamar’s energy was so off toward him. Lamar was completely sick and tired of Miesha and Todrick. Todd told Todrick that he was in hot water and that if he or Miesha didn’t win the HOH, they’d be up on the block. He also said it’s going to be tough for Todrick to get votes to win the final game. Which didn’t sit well with Todrick.

THE HOH COMPETITION.  In the “Spot the Fake” HOH competition, the houseguests had to determine the differences between real and fake pieces of artwork in the Big Brother house. The art pieces were spread throughout the house and in each round the players had to race throughout the house to determine which version on the memory wall was the fake. In the first round, Cynthia was the only one to get it wrong, so she was eliminated (no surprise there!).  Lamar was eliminated in the second round because even though he knew the answer first, he took his sweet time to get to the room (I think he actually got lost!). With only Todrick and Miesha left to win, Miesha felt comfortable letting Todrick win, but she still wanted to win to get a record number of wins and ensure her own safety. The last one threw them off, but Todrick finally figured it out. He locked in his answer and Miesha locked in a different answer. In the end, Todrick was correct, earning him his first HOH.

TODD IS TARGETED. After Lamar and Cynthia lost, Todd told Lamar that he expects to be Miesha and Todrick’s next target because he’s their biggest threat. Meanwhile, Miesha and Todrick, in another room, agreed that Todd needed to go next. They both said that Lamar and Todd would go up on the block and that if Todd won Veto, they’d replace him with Cynthia. Ahead of the noms, Todd and Cynthia both agreed that Todrick had played a great game and they felt like he would put either of them up. (Cynthia, is such a dummy).

TODRICK’S THEATRICS. Todrick wanted to prepare a ceremony that would be “one for the books” because it would probably be his only chance as HOH. He then descended from the HOH room singing some weird made-up song, wearing a homemade costume that was supposed to be ‘regal’ looking. He had a train attached to his robe, he was wearing jewelry, his pink high-heeled Crocs, and a headpiece across his forehead. Cynthia was the only one who seemed to find this whole thing funny. Lamar was not amused at all. Todrick nominated Lamar because he said he was a troublemaker and he also nominated Todd, because he was tired of sharing the same first syllable.

After nominations, Todrick and Miesha were convinced that Todd was the bigger threat than Cynthia and Lamar, and he needed to go home this week. They knew Todd would be mad at them, but all they could see was the end of the road. Meanwhile, Todd, Lamar and Cynthia discussed how they should have gotten together earlier to get Todrick or Miesha out (DUH!), and Todd was upset that he didn’t even get a heads-up about him being nominated on the block. He finally admitted that he was tricked into getting rid of Carson and Lamar said, “I told you so”. They were also not happy how Todrick wasn’t being very humble about winning HOH and Todrick’s reign was rubbing them the wrong way.

IT’S TIME FOR THE VETO COMPETITION. This was probably the best competition ever, only because of the costumes they made the players wear. For the “Celebrity Luge” veto comp, the five players went head-to-head in different rounds. They each had to slide on a luge, attempting to get to the target in the allotted time. The player who got to the target closer to the time would win the round. The last one standing would win the veto. In a random draw, Miesha faced Cynthia in round one. Cynthia laid down on the luge! Literally laid down and just let the luge take its sweet time to get to the end. (I still can’t believe how bad Cynthia is at these comps.). Miesha won round one. Miesha chose Todd and Todrick to face off. Todd hated the costume he had to wear (skintight leotard). He said he looked like a Teletubby, and he did! Hahaha. Both guys delayed their take off (Because Lamar told them out loud how to do it!), but since Todd took off first, and he was a bit heavier, he won his round. The next round defaulted to Miesha and Lamar. It was close race, but Miesha beat Lamar and eliminated him from the game. In the final round, Miesha and Todd faced off. Both were not taking off, however, Miesha took off first. But since Todd was heavier, he went down faster, winning the most important veto comp of his BB life.

Power hungry Todd acted like winning veto was winning HOH. He obviously was taking himself off the block which meant Cynthia was going up. Both hoped that Miesha and Todrick would see Lamar as a bigger threat. They discussed that their plan for the following week should be to get rid of Todrick because they thought it would be easier to win against Miesha. (They had no clue it was a double elimination). Todrick talked to Todd and Todd told him that he didn’t care who went home between Cynthia or Lamar, but that if he won HOH next week, he would put up him and Miesha. But Miesha and Todrick already knew that HOH didn’t matter, it was Veto that was the most important and Todd couldn’t beat them twice in a row. So, Todrick didn’t seem too concerned. Which he or Miesha shouldn’t have been because again, Todd who thinks he knows how the game is played, was clueless. At the veto meeting, Todd removed himself from the block and as expected, Cynthia was the replacement nominee.

THE NEXT HOUSEGUEST EVICTED. During his final plea speech, Lamar said the chips would fall where they may. Cynthia, during her speech, pointed out that she already made it farther in the game than expected. She just didn’t want to be first out. Miesha cast her vote to evict Lamar and Todd cast his vote to evict Cynthia. That left Todrick as HOH to break the tie. He cast the vote to evict… Lamar. During Lamar’s one-on-one with Julie (who in an earlier episode, Lamar had no clue who Julie Chen Moonves was!), he told her that he was mentally preparing to leave that night. Julie asked if he thought he had an ally and he said he played alone. Because in the end he didn’t want to cut anyone’s throat. He also revealed that he missed his ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian, and that he was happy to have met Todd Bridges because he was inspired by Todd’s 30 year’s sobriety and asked him to be his sobriety coach. Awe.

DOUBLE EVICTION. After Lamar left the house, Julie surprised the final four with a double eviction announcement. Miesha, Todd and Cynthia went to the backyard for the next HOH competition. For the  “BB Flix Film Festival” HOH competition, the players were shown movie posters where they had to listen to descriptions of the movies and be the first to ring in with the correct answer of the movie poster they were describing. Todd was doing well in rounds one and two, but Miesha kind of figured it out so by the last round, she was ahead and won the HOH. Ensuring her in the BB finale. And totally bad news for Todd! As the new HOH Miesha nominated Cynthia and Todd for eviction. For the final Veto comp of the season, the final four competed in “Frozen in Time”. Each player had to answer a question about the season. The answer pertained to a day in the house, and they had to roll a ball down a tilting ramp and land closest to the answer as possible. Since Cynthia and Todd had no idea what happened on what days, they did horrible at this competition. Todrick and Miesha knew their days. I’m pretty sure they were studying, while Todd and Cynthia were totally clueless! At the end of the rounds, it was a tie between Miesha and Todrick. Julie asked a tie-breaking question and Miesha answered correctly. Miesha had full power by winning the veto and kept her nominations the same. Cynthia or Todd was going home.

THE NEXT EVICTED HOUSEGUEST. In his final plea speech, Todd said that Todrick played the best game out of everyone and congratulated him. Cynthia gave Todrick and Miesha props for being such a strong team and competitors. Todrick was the sole vote to evict, and he sent Todd home. Cynthia made it to final three! But only because no one finds her a threat. Which of course, she doesn’t realize. Also, as final three, she won’t be able to go home and see how Todrick did her wrong and will probably vote for him at the end.

Speaking of voting at the end, during his one-on-one with Julie, Todd told her that Todrick is playing the best game. He told Julie that Todrick worked the entire house by getting to know everyone. Todd also felt betrayed by Miesha and Todrick, but then accepted their decision since he knew he was a threat to their game. Julie asked him if laying low at the beginning of the game was his strategy and he said yes. People always thought he was asleep, but he was actually listening. (Sure Todd! He was sleeping because he was snoring the entire time!).  He said living in the house was tough for him because he was the oldest person there and stuck in his way. And it was hard to be away from all his things (like his cellphone!).

So, who will win the most important HOH of the season? And who will be the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 3? We’ll find out TONIGHT, when a new winner is crowned BB Winner!!

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