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Each week, Liz from pop.goesthemovie will be recapping the latest happenings in the Big Brother house! Celebrity Big Brother 3 kicks off this Wednesday.


Welcome to BIG BROTHER… Celebrity Big Brother that is! For the next three weeks, the Big Brother house will once again experience a celebrity takeover.  The third season of Celebrity Big Brother starts tonight (Feb 2), and I’m ready for it! If you’d like to keep up with all that’s going on in the Big Brother house, be sure to stay tuned every week as I recap what these crazy celebs are up to. Paramount + will also be showing Live Feeds this season, so I’ll also be including some live feeds coverage as well.

#ButFirst… who are the celebrities that have signed up to be filmed 24/7 while giving up their personal space for a chance to receive the grand prize of $250,000 and being crowned the third winner of Celebrity Big Brother? Keep reading to find out!

This season eleven celebrities have been chosen to live in the BB house. They include athletes, an ex boybander, a previous child star, an ex SNL member, two housewives and a few performers. These ‘celebs’ will need to leave their “talents” outside the BB house and do whatever it takes to win the title of Celebrity Big Brother.

The celebrities walking into the BB house for the first time are:
-NBA star (and Khloé Kardashian ex), Lamar Odom
-Former Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Teddi Mellencamp
-Former Miss USA and reality TV star (and ex-wife of Travis Barker), Shanna Moakler
-OG Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and style guru, Carson Kressley
-Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey
-Olympian ice-skater, Mirai Nagasu
-Influencer and appeared on Masked Singer, Todrick Hall
-*NSYNC member, Chris Kirkpatrick
-Diff’rent Strokes actor, Todd Bridges
-Saturday Night Live alumn, Chris Kattan
-UFC fighter, Miesha “Cupcake” Tate

Every year when Big Brother first premieres, I always choose my favorites and give my first impressions. But, with celebs, it’s always a hit or miss, because they KNOW they’re on camera, and BB tends to treat them a little differently than regular Big Brother Houseguests. So which celebs do I think will do well, and which will struggle to make it in the BB house?

Currently my favorite celebrity BB houseguests are Carson Kressley, Todd Bridges, and Teddi Mellencamp. And those have nothing to do with the game, I just like these three!

I’m rooting for Carson Kressley. I love him! He’s funny and smart and I feel like he’ll do good in this because people will underestimate him. He’ll be like a mix of Tom Green and Ross Matthews from previous seasons of Celebrity BB. Carson’s my choice for the winner!

Game-wise, I don’t think Teddi Mellencamp will last very long. She doesn’t have the ability to bite her tongue and although she says she doesn’t get easily offended, she really does. And I’m pretty sure someone on here will offend her. However, she and Cynthia Bailey have the Housewives thing going on, so maybe Cynthia will have her back?

I think Cynthia Bailey as well as Mirai Nagasu will fly under the radar. So, they may go far. I’m pretty sure Cynthia is hoping to make it as far as Kandi Burruss made it on her season of Celebrity BB. So, she’ll do whatever she can to make that happen.

Chris Kirkpatrick might do well. He’s not the most popular *NSYNC member, but still, he was in *NSYNC! And I think the other houseguests will look up to him in some ways, and won’t be voting him out any time soon.

Same goes for Lamar Odom. Even though he’s had his troubles, I feel like he might be one of those players that everyone will like, yet want out, but won’t vote him out. The Houseguests will think he’s a strong player, but I don’t see him being so strong! I don’t know, I feel like he won’t want to do the comps or anything other than lament about Khloe Kardashian.

Speaking of the Kardashians… Big Brother knew what they were doing by casting Odom and Shanna Moakler in the same season. Moakler’s ex-husband is now engaged to Kourtney Kardashian, so you’d better believe the name Kardashian will be mentioned quite a few times in this Big Brother house. But, maybe not for too long, because I have a strange feeling that Moakler won’t make it too far. She can be rather annoying!

I don’t know how far Chris Kattan will go, but I feel like the HGs will start to get annoyed with him as well.

And I also am not sure where Todd Bridges will land during this Celebrity BB season. Will he be out in the first few days or will he float his way to the end? I’d love to see him go far in this game. But only time will tell!

Todderick Hall came in second place on Masked Singer, so he might make go far in this game as well. But I honestly had no idea who he was until he appeared on the Masked Singer last year, so I’m not sure if all the celebs will know who he is (they probably will??).

As for UFC fighter, Miesha “Cupcake” Tate… I think she might be the first one out, similar to Season One of Celebrity BB when UFC champ Chuck Liddell, was evicted first.

So, there you have it, my very first predictions of this coming season of Celebrity Big Brother. It’s a quick season…because apparently celebs can’t be cooped up for more than three weeks. Also, I’m pretty sure this is CBS’ attempt at competing against NBC and The Olympics.  Good luck there, CBS. Plus, I really don’t think CBS wants to be dealing with these celebs for too long! One thing’s for sure, I’ll definitely be watching and glued to the feeds. See ya in three weeks world… I’ll be over here, not going out, watching Celebrity Big Brother!

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