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Weekend box office predictions are provided by Daniel Garris, courtesy of BoxOfficeReport.com.

Weekend Box Office Predictions:

With no new wide releases entering the marketplace, this weekend’s box office rankings are highly likely to look very similar to last weekend’s. Sony’s Spider-Man: No Way Home returned to first place last weekend after declining just 30 percent to take in $14.01 million. On Wednesday, Spider-Man: No Way Home was down just 29 percent from the previous weekend and the film could hold up even better than that over the weekend. A decline of 23 percent would keep Spider-Man: No Way Home in first place this weekend with $10.8 million, as the film continues to approach the $760.51 million lifetime domestic gross of 2009’s Avatar.

Last weekend Paramount’s Scream experienced a sharp, but quite reasonable, 59 percent second weekend decline to place in second with $12.21 million. With its second weekend decline behind it, Scream is likely to hold up much better this weekend than last weekend; especially given that the film’s Wednesday performance was down a respectable 46 percent from the previous Wednesday. BoxOfficeReport is predicting that Scream will decrease a solid 41 percent this weekend to hold steady in second with $7.2 million.

Universal claimed third and fourth place last weekend, as Sing 2 was down only 28 percent to take in $5.75 million, while Redeeming Love debuted with $3.53 million (which was in line with expectations and respectable given the film’s location count). This weekend Sing 2 could remain in third by declining a slim 20 percent to take in $4.6 million. Being adapted from a novel, Redeeming Love should have some built-in front-loading, but at the same time the film also looks to be going over well with its target audience (after receiving a solid B+ rating on CinemaScore). Look for Redeeming Love to decrease 49 percent from last weekend to gross $1.8 million and remain in fourth place.

As for some of this weekend’s other holdovers, look for Disney and 20th Century’s The King’s Man to decline a very slim 10 percent to take fifth with $1.60 million, for Universal’s The 355 to decrease only 22 percent to follow in sixth with $1.25 million and for Lionsgate’s American Underdog to decline a slim 19 percent to land in seventh with $0.95 million. All three films should be helped out this weekend by strong location and showtimes count holds.

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