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Each week, Dom from @movienerdreviews will be recapping The Book of Boba Fett, now streaming on Disney+.

Episode 5: Return of the Mandalorian

At last, we’re in the home stretch. We finally have some actual things happening, rather than spending half the episode in flashback land. It’s just a pity that we had to spend the episode with Din Djarin rather than the titular character of the show.

I’m more than convinced now that Favreau had absolutely no ideas for this show outside of the flashbacks. The fact that we spend the first four episodes tediously and meticulously going over every single aspect of Boba’s return to the fold, only to then deviate and have an entire episode about the Mandalorian shows exactly where these creators’ intentions lie. The fact that we get an entire episode with Din, an original character that we’ve come to know and love over the last 3 years, and didn’t miss one second of Boba’s story until the end when Fennec inevitably comes in to recruit him, demonstrates that “The Book of Boba Fett” was more like a side adventure and a distraction rather than an actual story.

This episode plays out like they had so much crazy stuff planned for Mandalorian Season 3, set to be released at the end of this year, that they just shot a bonus episode to keep Bryce Dallas Howard on contract and released it in this batch of episodes. The episode follows the typical plot structure of a Mandalorian episode: Din carries out a bounty for some bit of information, reunites with his sect of Mandalorians The Watch, they send him on a mission, he ends up back on Tatooine with Amy Sedaris. Only this time, the crux of the episode is them building a ship. An N-1 from Naboo to be exact. After going down nostalgia lane yet again, this time to the podracing sequences from Phantom Menace, Din is contracted out by Fennec to serve as muscle in Boba’s upcoming war with the Pyke’s. Now whether we’ll actually get to see any of that cool action, that’s a different story, but at the very least we got to spend some fun time with some characters who are actually interesting.

I know that we as fans hunger for this stuff consistently, but I wanted to talk about this idea of consistently setting up for the next bit of IP rather than focusing on the story in front of us that has become such a frustrating part of almost every bit of Disney & Warner Bros. released content today. It’s sold primarily to satisfy buyers and consumers on the internet, which demonstrates the average intelligence of these types of consumers, considering that almost a third of California’s population alone voted for Harambe in a government election. It’s part of a vicious cycle of just tingling their dopamine to get them to focus up from Tik Tok and other forms of social media just long enough to see that they’ll get something else to follow up before they resume their activities. It’s becoming even more detrimental to storytelling, because it results in a series of corporate, shiny products that have no sort of actual substance or meaning. We know that we sound like broken records when we say this, but coming from Disney, which at this point has really become the absolute best when it comes to selling products, the fact that we still can’t get meaningful, emotionally gripping stories from the company that owns more than a third of the entire entertainment industry is just shameful.

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