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Each week, Dom from @movienerdreviews will be recapping The Book of Boba Fett, now streaming on Disney+.

Episode 4: The Gathering Storm

The storm has gathered, the flashbacks seem to have finally come to an end, and things seem to be heating up as we reach the midpoint of the season. This is usually the point when the audience starts to get some grasp as to what’s going to happen the rest of the season, and with only three episodes left in this show’s run, the only thing this reviewer has to say is thank goodness, finally some good old fashioned gunslinging.

First, let’s talk about the flashbacks, as this is another episode that is composed almost entirely of them. I’ve talked about the usage of flashbacks in different television shows before, and how they can be used sparingly or gratuitously in different instances. This episode pulls off a very tricky balancing act of using this flashback to finally tie the knots together between Boba escaping the Sarlacc pit and him eventually finding Djin Djarin & recovering his armor. This episode also dives into what happened after his rescue of Fennec Shand, which also results in their recovery of his iconic ship, Slave I. After blowing away the biker gang that killed the Tuskens and attempting to recover his armor from the Sarlacc pit, Boba officially makes his proclamation to Fennec about what he wants and what the theme of the entire show is: to no longer serve incompetant masters and attempt to make life better for the down-trodden and disenfranchised.

And so, with this stage of the hero’s journey complete, having literally returned to the place of his metaphorical rebirth, Boba emerges from the bacta-tank, fully healed and hopefully ready to engage the present day story more. And after recruiting Black Krrsantan as muscle, Boba finally has the meeting with the other crime lords that it feels like has taken forever to get to, and it goes pretty much the way one would expect these things to go. The Pykes provide more money, despite the fact that they’re making a play for the whole planet, they don’t care about making life better, only profit, etc. etc.

The final consensus on this episode appears to be that it’s a midpoint: it wraps up one story then sidles us into another, as Boba completes his quest to recover his things, recovering his identity in the process while also merging them with his new, reborn identity from his time with the Tuskens. It results in another fun action sequence in which we get to see Slave I blow some stuff up and almost get eaten by the Sarlacc pit, before finally giving us the hope we’ve been waiting for: that we might actually get to see Boba leave Tatooine, if only for a moment, to go and find some more muscle, potentially taking us to other Star Wars worlds and introducing us to some new and familiar characters.

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