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Each week, Dom from @movienerdreviews will be recapping The Book of Boba Fett, now streaming on Disney+.

Episode 3: The Streets of Mos Espa

So after a week of everyone complaining about flashbacks, because Disney Star Wars shows cannot seem to go even a minute without scrutiny, the show creators kick things into high gear with the third episode, entitled “The Streets of Mos Espa.” And by gear, they mean throw in a bunch of modern, Cyberpunk-esque teens, because nothing screams modern like kids with robotic appendages.

The show has certainly come a long way since its debut, despite it only having premiered 2 weeks ago. We’ve gotten vision quests in the desert, the Tusken Raiders as actual characters, more connections to previous canon and non-canon stories, and now, the full scale crime war that’s been hinted at has now commenced. The mayor is revealed to be in league with the Pykes, another new installment in Star Wars canon contributed by Filoni’s animated verse, and Boba gains some new allies in his quest as Daimyo. But here is the point where the questions start to roll in, chief among them: where is this actually going?

It’s a criticism that has dogged the structure of pretty much every single live action Disney+ show that aired on the streamer since its inception in 2019. Their treatment towards the shows being more along the lines of extended films with weeks in between each act rather than a commercial break. It’s an ingenious way of both suckering in the audience each week in order to find out what happens next, but incredibly detrimental to the actual storytelling that’s being unfolded. What we end up getting is something that mixes the worst of both worlds: mixing the problems that come with the traditional television landscape, in which waiting weeks upon weeks for a satisfying conclusion can provide a lackluster payoff; and the problems of the streaming era, in which the need to over produce mass amount of products results in varying quality that can result in something feeling rushed, or worse, overstaying its welcome.

What the Book of Boba Fett is demonstrating now across three episodes, is that it is nothing more than a side project. What I suspect happened was, Jon Favreau and Robert Rodriguez had such a great time filming that one episode of the Mandalorian’s second season that they ended up pitching Disney on the idea for the spinoff, based on Disney’s increased amount of ordered Star Wars spinoff projects as well as Filoni’s focus on said spinoffs dividing his & Favreau’s allotted time to work on Mandalorian’s third and supposed final season. Add into that Pedro Pascal’s busy schedule as he went off to film The Last of Us, and the solution presents itself. These episodes, as interesting as they have been, have shown their hand as only being filler material until the last two action packed episodes, an egregious trate that was oh-so common on a lot of network shows of yesteryear. They don’t contain the fun or the excitement of previous properties, rather starting to feel boring and stale and yet another of Disney’s disposable products they’ve become too good at throwing at us. While it does receive props for its usage of Krrsantan the Wookie, this episode does not promise a satisfying ending for any character, least of all the titular Fett, who seems to be losing his edge on top of his show.

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