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There may be something in the dirt, but I wish there was something more in the script as Something In The Dirt is a jumbled coagulation of ideas that comes across as though two buddies kept pitching random ideas until they hit a proper runtime. 

When Levi moves into an apartment in Los Angeles, he strikes up a friendship with a neighbor and ultimately partners with him to investigate a supernatural happening at the complex with hopes of hitting it big. This was a pretty exhausting watch with the two leads (also the filmmakers) embodying characters that are truly unlikable. Oddball pairings can be a lot of fun when they hook the viewer, but this one never did. There are some that will probably love how unhinged and seemingly random Something In The Dirt is, but those looking for a certain quality won’t find it here.

The script is where the film failed for me, the dialogue all over the place and the plot developments minimally impactful. The whole exercise is reminiscent of an indie college film that does little to make you care about what it is serving up, instead expecting that you are buying what it is selling. There just wasn’t much there for me.

Rating: 1/5

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