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Deeply twisted and weird, Hatching is a little too ridiculous to leave an impact, not in idea, but in execution.

When the egg that Tinja (Siiri Solalinna) brings home from a wounded bird in the woods hatches, the creature becomes both a source solace and terror. The family depicted is at first a seemingly ideal one, but viewers quickly come to find that the matriarch (Sophia Heikkilä) puts on a public facade and demands the best from her daughter. This serves as the catalyst for the relationship that develops between Tinja and this creature that emerges as she nurtures it, teaches it, and develops a strange connection. All would be fine if the mystical creation of said creature was explained in any way and if the look of it, especially early on, wasn’t so jarring and silly. It ends up serving as a distraction, especially when the bird calls it makes become grating.

Tinja is truly the only likable character in this film; I quickly decided I was fine with whatever happened to the supporting family members as their actions only continued to reinforce Tinja’s loneliness. As a study of maternal behavior, Hatching has inklings of a focus, but the outlandish aspects of the story get in the way. Director Hanna Bergholm puts together a watchable creature feature, but it doesn’t leave much of an impression.

Rating: 1/5

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