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Dakota Johnson shines in this hilarious and relatable story of friendship and self-discovery.

When Jane (Sonoya Mizuno) gets transferred to London, best friend Lucy (Dakota Johnson) is understandably upset, an ensuing heart-to-heart leading to complexities that challenge both women individually and as friends. This directorial debut from Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne is pure and authentic thanks to a strong script from Lauren Pomerantz that is relatable and realistic. Johnson is fantastic in the lead, shifting from humorous quips to emotional conflict with ease and grace. Strong supporting outings from the funny annoying friend Kat (Molly Gordon) and Lucy’s coworker Brit (Kiersey Clemons) help round out the film. Jermaine Fowler and Sean Hayes are also quite funny, though barely featured.

There really isn’t much to Am I OK?; it’s a fairly straightforward story that doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but instead focuses on properly handling the subjects it deals with. It exudes a certain charm thanks to the friendship of the two main characters and the filmmakers’ crisp, clean filmmaking. Am I OK? Is a refreshing delight.

Rating: 4/5

Photo from Sundance

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