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Awards analysis is provided by Sean from @MathTeacherMovies.

About a month ago, the short lists were announced for several different categories. This means that the Academy has not announced the nominations yet but they have announced a smaller list to narrow it down and the five nominees have to be from this list. Usually this doesn’t change the weather of the predictions but it does help shape the possible nominations. 




“Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry”

“Faya Dayi”

“The First Wave”


“In the Same Breath”




“The Rescue”

“Simple as Water” 

“Summer of Soul (…Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised)”

“The Velvet Underground”

“Writing with Fire”

Summer of Soul is the leading Documentary contender and in the past few years that has meant that it has been snubbed out of a nomination but this year that doesn’t seem as likely. The Rescue is the next leading contender but its momentum has been slipping even though it should still see itself with a nomination. 

Flee is the most interesting nomination as it will most likely be up for International Feature Film and Animated Feature Film as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean its nomination is in jeopardy but it does open the discussion of how it could be spreaded around. 

The last two nominations could truly go anywhere. They can go with more musical documentaries like The Velvet Underground which is getting great press or Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry or Covid-19 documentaries like The First Wave or In the Same Breath. But one of the nominees will almost definitely go to Julia, which is a much more of a feel good film during such difficult times. 


Austria, “Great Freedom”

Belgium, “Playground”

Bhutan, “Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom”

Denmark, “Flee”

Finland, “Compartment No. 6”

Germany, “I’m Your Man”

Iceland, “Lamb”

Iran, “A Hero”

Italy, “The Hand of God”

Japan, “Drive My Car”

Kosovo, “Hive”

Mexico, “Prayers for the Stolen”

Norway, “The Worst Person in the World”

Panama, “Plaza Catedral”

Spain, “The Good Boss”

France getting snubbed after submitting Titane for their International Film is an incredible surprise. It was one of the more unorthodox submissions but it still feels like it should be in contention. Therefore, now the field is quite open for other nominees and possible front runners. 

It’s difficult to count out Flee in this category in addition to Documentary especially that there are few other stand outs. Drive My Car and The Worst Person in the World are definitely nomination locks and are the front runners to win. Yet with the former with a three hour run time and the latter not getting a great campaign with a late release, they both may run into problems. 

Like the Documentary category,  the other nomination slots are up for grabs. The Hand of God is currently available on Netflix drawing many eyeballs to it and I’m Your Man is praised by critics and audiences alike. Spain did not choose Pedro Almadovar’s Parallel Mothers instead going for The Good Boss which either means this film will get some positive attention for being considered a big deal or it will be decried for replacing an Almodovar film. 


“Coming 2 America”




“The Eyes of Tammy Faye”

“House of Gucci”

“Nightmare Alley”

“No Time to Die”

“The Suicide Squad”

“West Side Story”

With five nominations being chosen in this category this shortlist won’t get much shorter. House of Gucci and The Eyes of Tammy Faye are the most definite nominees as they show the most makeup, but after that it’s a crap shoot. 

Coming 2 America just used the same makeup from the first film, but it is great make up. Dune has some fascinating characters made up incredibly well and so could definitely grab a slot, after that it could go anywhere but most likely No Time to Die made for some great aesthetics out of Rami Malek’s Bond villain and that could be risen to a nomination. 


“Being the Ricardos”


“Don’t Look Up”



“The French Dispatch of the Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun”

“The Green Knight”

“The Harder They Fall”

“King Richard”

“The Last Duel”

“No Time to Die”

“Parallel Mothers”

“The Power of the Dog”


“The Tragedy of Macbeth”

One thing will be absolutely certain is that Johnny Greenwood will be getting at least one nomination for either The Power of the Dog or Spencer, both notable scores getting quite a bit of attention.

Dune is another definite nomination with a great score from a huge name like Hans Zimmer. Don’t Look Up also has a great score from Nicholas Brittel who is making quite a name for himself. 

Two other potential nominees could be Encanto which is making a huge push for several of the craft nominations and The French Dispatch could make it as Alexandre Desplat frequently finds himself nominated in this category. 


“So May We Start?” from “Annette”

“Down To Joy” from “Belfast”

“Right Where I Belong” from “Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road”

“Automatic Woman” from “Bruised”

“Dream Girl” from “Cinderella”

“Beyond The Shore” from “CODA”

“The Anonymous Ones” from “Dear Evan Hansen”

“Just Look Up” from “Don’t Look Up”

“Dos Oruguitas” from “Encanto”

“Somehow You Do” from “Four Good Days”

“Guns Go Bang” from “The Harder They Fall”

“Be Alive” from “King Richard”

“No Time To Die” from “No Time to Die”

“Here I Am (Singing My Way Home)” from “Respect”

“Your Song Saved My Life” from “Sing 2”

This category is overflowing with possibilities but the lead contender is “No Time to Die” that is the most popular followed by “Be Alive” as Beyoncé can finally nab an Oscar nomination and possibly win after being such an Oscar pariah. 

Encanto will be the typical Disney film that gets an Original Song nomination while “Just Look Up” is the comedic nomination that’s actually a pretty decent song. 

The final nomination will most likely go to an established name. Diane Warren could get her umpteenth nomination for “Somehow You Do” or it could go to Van Morrison for “Down to Joy” or “Here I Am” with Jennifer Hudson and Carole King. 




“Last Night in Soho”

“The Matrix Resurrections”

“No Time to Die”

“The Power of the Dog”

“A Quiet Place Part II”

“Spider-Man: No Way Home”

“tick, tick…BOOM!”

“West Side Story”

This category is much more tricky where so many have the potential to be nominated. Dune is easily the front runner of the race as it is in many craft categories. A Quiet Place Part II is always a gimme in this category, while The Power of the Dog will have the potential to be a deserved surprise nomination. The other nominations often go to musicals and action movies and there are are plenty on here and so it quite literally anyone’s race. 


“Black Widow”



“Free Guy”

“Ghostbusters: Afterlife”

“Godzilla vs. Kong”

“The Matrix Resurrections”

“No Time to Die”

“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”

“Spider-Man: No Way Home”

Get ready to hear it’s name many times on Oscar night because once again Dune will be winning this award and from the nominations it could be anyone on this list. Matrix Resurrections is aggressive in the visual effects and will definitely get enough attention to be considered. Marvel movies don’t often have luck at the Oscars but there are so many on this list that some of them have to show up. 

The shortlist is an interesting part of Oscar season. It narrows down prospects that help us think about all the nominations that are coming soon. 

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