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THE END OF US (2021)

A film that will awaken your feelings from early on in the pandemic when lockdowns began, masks became fashion, and introverts rejoiced, The End of Us is a funny, heartfelt breakup comedy that hits all of the right notes.

Leah (Ali Vingiano) breaks up with her live-in boyfriend of four years Nick (Ben Coleman) just as the world begins to grapple with Covid-19, resulting in a lockdown spent together. This is a rather timely premise that takes elements of traditional breakup comedies and throws them into the mix of current events with great success. Both Vingiano and Coleman are delightful in their roles, each at one point or another dealing with a situation from the past two years that hit home. At times, The End of Us serves as a grueling reminder of how shocking those first few months were, even today as the death toll continues to rise and we’ve seemingly accepted this all as the new normal. 

The fun of the film comes from the “will they/won’t they” back and forth as the characters vacillates between frustrations with one another to maybe a rekindling, to maybe new paths forward. Both of their stories serve a comforting reminder that we each individually are not alone in what has been happening, and that there are ways to overcome the obstacles life throws at us. The End of Us capitalizes on the chemistry of the leads, the relevance of the situation they find themselves in, and the struggles of modern love all in one. Sure, you’ve seen a lot of it before, but this is bound to resonate with you.

The End of Us is now playing in select theaters and is available On Demand.

Rating: 4/5

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