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Matt Reeves’ The Batman hist theaters in March and still remains largely shrouded in secrecy. Beyond the main casting and recent teasers, little more is known about the film and what characters will be included. Yesterday, Warner Bros. updated their 2022 UK Movie Preview and a rumored actor has officially been added to the cast list: Eternals actor Barry Keoghan. But who is he playing?

Officially, Keoghan is playing a character named Stanley Merkel. However, fans think he may actually be playing the Joker. In a recently released international trailer for the film, two moments stand out. First, fans caught a glimpse of a sinister-looking smiling figure behind Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne in one of the pictures quickly shown.

Then others were quick to associate a strange voice and laugh at the end of the trailer with the Joker.

Interestingly, The Hollywood Reporter has indicated that WB was testing two different versions of the film with audiences, one with the inclusion of an identified character and another without. Could said character be the Joker, and could he be played by Keoghan? Time will tell.

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