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Each week, Darren from @darrenmoviereviews will be recapping the most recent episode(s) of Hawkeye and the show’s overall connection to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Between bickering whether they are officially partners…or even friends, Kate and Clint have a truly great Christmas party featuring throwing coins, tree decorating and slushy drinks on this week’s episode of Hawkeye. 

With each episode of Hawkeye, I find myself enjoying the series more and more. The plot slowly expands, revealing a much larger conspiracy than we were initially led to believe, that is already pulling in major characters from the MCU with two more potentially about to be introduced in the final two episodes. But, the highlight of the episode once again is the bonding and banter between Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld. The two of them are absolutely wonderful, sharing some truly fun moments during their holiday party and their encounter with Eleanor and Jack, while also having another touching moment as they discuss Hawkeye’s past. It is these character moments that not only has made Hawkeye a great miniseries so far, but another excellent addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the show is clearly building towards a few big reveals in the final two episodes, one of which we know where the show is probably going and the other one is still largely a mystery, the journey to get there has been wonderful and I cannot wait for that journey to continue over the next two episodes.  

Plus, this week’s episode finally gave Vera Farmiga some small but great moments. Farmiga is without a doubt one of the most underrated actresses currently working, and in a matter of seconds in one scene in the episode, she is destined to get Marvel fans theorizing about what her character is up to and what she might be hiding from Kate. Rest assured, I’m sure the truth will be revealed soon enough…

And into spoiler territory we go. If you have not seen this fourth episode of Hawkeye, stop reading now. If you have, keep on reading to find out what we learnt in the fourth episode…

The episode begins right where the previous one ended, with Jack pulling a sword on Clint. However, Jack recognizes Clint as Hawkeye (even if he gets his name wrong and Kate has to correct hime), and they all sit down with Eleanor so Kate can explain what is happening.

Kate tells her mom and Jack that she and Clint stopped by to use the bathroom as they were in the neighbourhood on a mission. Eleanor immediately questions this, and Clint and Kate begin bickering on whether they are actually partners… or even friends. But this does not fool Eleanor. She receives an alert on her phone, letting her know that someone just logged into the Bishop Security system using her password from the apartment. Eleanor asks Kate if they know anything about this, but Kate denies having any knowledge. However, Eleanor tells Kate it’s time for her to share the truth. Kate then admits to using her mother’s login to gain information for her and Clint’s mission. Eleanor then asks if Kate is helping Clint with Avengers level threat? Clint says it’s not exactly that dangerous, but admits that they are working together. Eleanor then says that she trusts everyone at the table to do the right thing. Kate tries to leave, but Eleanor tells her to remain seated and shows Clint to the elevator.

While waiting for the elevator, Eleanor reminds Clint that Kate is not a superhero and that being good is not always enough to keep one alive. To make her point, she points out that even Natasha Romanoff was good, which clearly strikes a note with Clint. She then asks him if he has children, and assuming he does, tells him that as a mother that she cannot lose Kate. She asks Clint to forget the case, but Clint tells her he cannot. But he does promise to ensure that Kate remains safe. He then enters the elevator and leaves the apartment. But after his encounter with Eleanor and Jack, he texts Laura asking her to look into Sloan Ltd.

Before returning to Jack and Kate, Eleanor makes a call but is directed to voicemail. While we do not know who she is talking to, she says that it is urgent and needs to be called back. Clearly, Eleanor has just a few secrets of her own…

On his way back to the apartment hideout, Clint phones Laura to find out what she discovered about Sloan Ltd. Laura informs Clint that Sloan Ltd. is a shell company used to launder money for the Tracksuit Mafia, and that the company’s CEO is Jack. Based on this information, she tells Clint she assumes he will need another day to sort everything out. Clint tells her yes, as he needs to stay behind to ensure that Kate is safe. However, Laura then switches to German so that the kids won’t understand her, and asks Clint if anything else went missing from the auction. She specifically asks about the Rolex watch, the same one the Tracksuit Mafia were looking for in the series premiere. Clint says he does not know that the Rolex is missing and assumes it is safe, but given he thought the Ronin suit was destroyed, that they better look into the whereabouts of the Rolex to be safe. 

Back at the apartment, Kate is listening to Jack and Eleanor talk about Clint and how Kate has always idolized Hawkeye. While Jack leaves to get tea, Kate pleads with her mom to talk about Jack, but Eleanor changes the topic to the plans for the Bishop Security holiday party. Jack re-enters the room, and hearing talk about the party, tells them that there has to be dancing. He then begins dancing with Eleanor, serenading her. It’s a sweet moment and he says how lucky he is to be with Eleanor for the holidays, which gets Kate thinking about Clint who is away from his family and currently alone at the apartment. 

Kate returns with Pizza to the apartment, equipped with Christmas decorations and DVDs. With Clint missing the holiday movie marathon with his family that night, she wants to bring the holiday spirit to Clint. But Clint tells Kate what he discovered about Sloan Ltd., and that he wants to cook up a plan to stop Jack from whatever he is up to. Cue a truly enjoyable montage of Clint and Kate planning how to stop Jack and the Tracksuit Mafia, decorating the apartment, drinking slushy drinks and flinging coins around the apartment, all set to “Mele Kalikimaka”. Even Pizza has gotten into the holiday spirit with his holiday ears on!

After all their fun activities for the party, Kate asks Clint what the best shot he ever took was. Clint tells her it was the shot he didn’t take. Kate wants to know the story, but Clint tells her that it’s not a good story. He says it’s about the time he met someone he was tasked with taking out. But upon seeing this person, he knew he couldn’t do it. He had a feeling she wanted out, and turns out he was right. Kate asks if he’s talking about Natasha. Clint says yes, and it was the best decision he ever made. Kate tells Clint she’s sorry for his loss, but he says it’s alright because being a superhero is a game of managing loss. Kate then asks if Clint lost his family during the Blip. Clint tells her that he did, and that he has no words to describe it. Sensing something else, Kate asks if that was when Clint met Ronin. With no response, Kate figures out the truth, and asks Clint if he is Ronin. Clint tells her that everyone dealt with the Blip differently, and he kept doing the job he was trained to do: to hurt people. Kate says that he was a hero and protecting people, not the weapon Clint viewed himself as. She tells him that he can make mistakes, but Clint says that they are now tied to both him and his family, and he is here to fix them. He then tells Kate that he appreciates everything he did for him tonight, bringing the holiday joy he was missing with his family, but that she needs to rest up for the next day.

That night while sleeping, Clint is haunted with dreams of reuniting with his family after the Blip, his time as Ronin and Natasha’s death. Over coffee in the morning, Clint tells Kate that she has to go find the LARPers as one of them is a cop and can help her get the trick arrows from the evidence lockup. He tells her that he will be going to visit Kazi to settle the Ronin business once and for all.

Back in Central Park, Kate locates the LARPers and asks the cop for help getting the trick arrows from evidence. The cop agrees to help Kate, but says that not only does Kate have to make it worth her while, but for everyone in her LARP Group.

Meanwhile, Clint has tracked down Kazi and is waiting for him in his car. When Kazi enters his car and finds Clint in the back seat, Clint tells Kazi that they need to put the Ronin situation to bed. He tells Kazi that no one knows the Tracksuits operations better, what Maya’s boss wants or what Maya’s boss is capable of. Not only that, but Kazi knows how dangerous it is for Maya to keep hunting down Ronin, which could lead to her own death. Kazi is confused, asking Clint if he is concerned for the Tracksuit Mafia? Clint says he wants no one else to die because of Ronin. Kazi tries to pull the weapons hidden in his car, but Clint has already removed them all. Tells Kazi that Maya is chasing a ghost and that he needs to convince her to stop hunting down Ronin, before exiting the car.

When Clint returns to the apartment, he finds Kate and the LARPers. Kate is being fitted for a viking costume, and tells Clint that the trick arrows are on their way to them. They come to a deal with Kate: for the arrows, they will take materials to make a new costume for themselves and one for both Kate and Clint. Clint then receives a text from Laura, informing him that the Rolex was not destroyed in Avengers compound and its location. With this information, Clint tells Kate it’s time to go, taking the trick arrows from the cop to go retrieve the Rolex.

Clint and Kate are on top of the building across the street from the Rolex’s location, staking out the place. As Clint begins explaining his plan to Kate, he discovers that Kate has left and is crossing the street and enters the building by helping an older man carry in his groceries. While in the elevator with the man, Kate begins talking through her comms to Clint and tells the man that she is talking to an Avenger in her ear. This has the effect that Kate wants: it scares the man out of the elevator, not wanting her help anymore and leaving her free to explore the building for the Rolex.

Kate quickly finds the apartment with the Rolex, picks the lock and enters. However, a flashing light is set off on the wall: it’s a silent alarm. Kate shoots the light with the purple goop trick arrow to block out the flashlighting light. She quickly finds the Rolex, but next to it is a notebook with information about Clint’s family. Watching from across the street, Clint realizes that this is Maya’s apartment and tells Kate to get out immediately. But Maya sneaks up from behind Kate and attacks her. At the same moment, an hooded and masked individual attacks Clint. This sets off the big final fight scene, which sees Kate ziplining across the street to the rooftop where Clint is fighting, with the four of them fighting it out. Kate ends the fight with Maya by shooting her with an arrow, which causes Maya to run off. However Clint continues his fight with the masked individual, only to remove the mask to reveal his attacker’s identity: it is Florence Pugh’s Yelena! Kate has her arrow pulled on Yelena, but lowers it when she sees that Clint recognizes her, allowing Yelena to escape. Knowing that Clint recognized his attacker, Kate asks who she was? Clint tells her that she is a Black Widow assassin, and that the situation has gotten very real knowing that someone has hired Yelena to kill him. He tells Kate that he has to do this alone. However, Kate says no. She knows tonight didn’t go as planned, but she understands the risk she faces if she continues down this path. But Clint says he won’t allow her to do that, takes his trick arrows and tells her to go home.

While this episode was quieter on Easter eggs, Marvel fans got the arrival they were waiting for: Florence Pugh! After being a scene stealer in this year’s Black Widow, Pugh returns to the MCU and it is bound to be an emotional showdown between her and Clint, especially with her being manipulated by Val into thinking that Clint is the reason Natasha is dead. Needless to say, the stakes have been raised substantially for the show’s final two episodes.

While we do not get any clues as to the identity of Maya’s mysterious uncle who is in charge of the Tracksuit Mafia, he is continued to be described as an incredibly dangerous individual. Given her connections to Kingpin in the comics, I have no doubt in my mind that Wilson Fisk will be revealed to be Maya’s uncle. And with Charlie Cox being confirmed by Kevin Fiege to be the MCU’s Daredevil when the character makes his return to the MCU, it only makes sense that Kingpin will be re-introduced as well. And most likely it will be Vincent D’Onofrio reprising his role again from the Netflix series.

As for the identity of the owner of the Rolex? I do not have many leads, as we have very few clues about this character. All we know is that they are tied to Clint and the Avengers. There is only one possibility I can think of, and to be honest I’m stretching here. But it could possibly be Clint’s wife Laura. Linda Cardellini has been getting a lot of screen time throughout the show, more than she has previously got in the MCU, and with her ability to speak German and track down the Rolex’s location so quickly, this has me thinking that she is tied to it somehow. Also, the face of the watch was a rose gold/pink colour, which could mean that it is a woman’s watch. Which begs the question, did Laura used to be a notable character from the comics who has retired to raise a family, and having her identity revealed by the watch would put her family at risk? This could explain why Clint is determined to find the watch to protect the owner’s identity. I might be completely off the reservation with this theory, but given how Clint’s story in the show is tied very closely to his family, this could be a logical explanation. But I’m sure the Rolex’s owner will be revealed soon enough, so make sure to keep watching Hawkeye!

Will Wilson Fisk be revealed to Maya’s mysterious uncle? Will Yelena continue down the dark path she is on, or will she team up with Clint and Kate? And who is the owner of the Rolex? Check back next week for the next Hawkeye recap to see if we learn the answers to any of these questions.

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