Awards Watch With Math Teacher Movies – December 13th, 2021: Cinematography – Does It Matter If A Film Is Black and White?

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Awards analysis is provided by Sean from @MathTeacherMovies.

While many award categories are all over the place there is one specific technical category that could go in many different ways and that is thanks to several different movies being beautiful this year. This category is Best Cinematography which is responsible for many technical aspects of the camera but in short is responsible for the look of the film.

Some of the past few movies that have won the award for Best Cinematography have been black and white, specifically Mank and Roma. This is not a consistent pattern from the Oscars and in fact from the decades of the thirties to the sixties cinematography had separate categories for color or black and white. Yet it’s worth considering this year as there are four black and white films that are prominent this year.  

Belfast is the current front runner for Best Picture and with that will come many technical wins and nominees and not only has the black and white angle but it mixes slight explosions of color which will definitely catch the eye of the average voter. The Tragedy of Macbeth is not getting much enthusiasm in the award department but it’s cinematography is getting the most attention. The other two black and white movies are Passing and C’mon C’mon which are lower on the list of possibly getting nominated but are still gaining popularity.

As mentioned earlier, black and white movies are not a requirement for Best Cinematography in fact some of the other lead prospects are movies in color. Dune is going to be ruling the technical awards and its excellent look is one that should most definitely be honored. The other movie that can challenge the ruling of the technicals is West Side Story and is definitely going to put up a fight. The cinematography of Spielberg films has a look that can be quite divisive among viewers but this film. 

The Power of the Dog, Nightmare Alley, and Spencer are films that have the potential to be nominated for many categories but cinematography especially as they are famous for their unique and beautiful looks. Finally, there are the long shots of The French Dispatch and The Green Knight. Both of these movies are flat out beautiful and deserve to be considered for several of the technical awards and could have the slightest chance of sneaking in to a nomination.  

There are several possible front runners in this category and there are both black and white and colorized films. There’s no psychology to voters looking at preference between one style of film to the other. It perhaps is a need for nostalgia or a want to see modern cinema. There are positives and negatives to all of the prospects, but all of them are beautiful and worthy of the award. 

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