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TICK, TICK… BOOM! (2021)

A love letter to Broadway and a celebration of the creative process, tick, tick… BOOM! is a moving, all-encompassing musical about the powerhouse that was Jonathan Larson, as portrayed by the phenomenal Andrew Garfield. 

An adaptation of Jonathan Larson’s autobiographical musical, tick, tick… BOOM! follows the influential writer as he chases his dreams of writing the next great musical. How Garfield has gone this long without being recognized for his vocal talents his beyond me as he completely knocks every performance out of the park with power and range. Lin-Manuel Miranda makes his directorial debut with this film and once again shows that there seems to be nothing he cannot do; tick, tick… BOOM! is stylish, well-structured, and packed to the brim with emotion. Supporting players Alexandra Shipp, Vanessa Hudgens, and Robin De Jesus expertly bring their impactful roles to life, the latter in stunning fashion that will seize your heartstrings and never let them go. 

Every single detail of this film works, from the ways in which Miranda crafts the storytelling to compliment the varied musical moments to the swift pacing. tick, tick… BOOM! is a musical for musical lovers, but also a thank you to the late Larson for the ushering in of the modern rock musical (Rent, anyone?). In his story, viewers will find motivation and hope, as well as comfort in the shared experience of pursuing one’s dreams. This is a truly special film.

tick, tick…BOOM! Is now playing in select theaters and streaming on Netflix.

Rating: 5/5

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