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Thought the premise is intriguing, Searchers never quite captured my interest, failing to present anything new on the subject of online dating that I either haven’t heard (or experienced) before).

Speaking with many different New York City participants ranging from young to old, gay to straight, optimistic for their love life and not, Searchers examines online dating apps through the lenses of those who utilize them, covering the good and the bad. The problem with Searchers is very simple: it’s just not that interesting. The initial high of meeting the different subjects and seeing how they go about interacting online quickly dissipates as they film rolls on. I, too, find the subject just as fascinating as filmmaker Pacho Velez does, but there unfortunately isn’t much meat to the conversations he engages in, nor does the documentary do anything unique with it all.

I am a fan of documentaries, generally, that don’t have an ultimate end goal, but have direction; you don’t always know what is going to happen when filming. Searchers doesn’t seem to have much more than a rudimentary outline that struggles to translate into a captivating film.

Rating: 2/5

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