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FINCH (2021)

I love you, Tom Hanks, but Finch is a snore of a film that offers nothing new to the genre and retreads the beats of so many stories that have already been told.

In the aftermath of solar flares ravaging Earth, one man (Hanks) builds a robot to ensure that his dog will be taken care of after he is gone. As moving as the premise may be, Finch fails to tug on any heartstrings, nor does it establish any emotional connection with the audience. The plot is lifeless with little to no developments to keep the story moving; there simply is not much under the hood. Hanks does his best, as he always does, with the limited amount of material he is given, but even that is a fruitless effort. If you’re into Hanks talking with a robot for the majority of the movie and dialogue that will make you pull at your hair (“I know you were born yesterday, but it’s time for you to GROW UP!”).

It is not enough to throw a big name into the mix and shift the focus from one disaster and locale to another. Finch borrows from every isolation disaster movie before it, yet fails to do anything refreshing or unique to advance it. Director Miguel Sapochnik’s film is quite beautiful visually, however, with visual effects worthy of award recognition, but that is about it. What an unfortunate clunker.

Finch hits Apple TV+ this Friday.

Rating: 1/5 

Photo from Apple TV+ Press

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