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Remember MoviePass, the theatrical subscription service that allowed you to see a bunch of movies for one flat monthly cost until it suddenly didn’t? The company that was riddled with allegations of purposefully blocking paying subscribers from booking tickets? The one that died, came back a bit, then died again when its parent company went into bankruptcy? Yeah, that one. Well, MoviePass may fly again if cofounder Stacy Spikes has anything to say about it. Spike recently was granted ownership after placing a bid for the company and quickly shared that there is a new team exploring the possibility of a relaunch. Here’s one change: the new logo (below) has a black background instead of a red one. They’re different, y’all! We’ll see how this all shakes out as when MoviePass originally hopped onto the scene, chains like AMC and Regal didn’t have their own subscription services in the United States, which they do now. The company originally grew unsustainably, ballooning in subscribers in less than a year. Learn all about it in the incredible Business Insider article here.

Photo from Insider

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