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Each week, Darren from @darrenmoviereviews will be recapping the most recent episode(s) of Hawkeye and the show’s overall connection to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Not only is it the beginning of the holiday season, but the next MCU Disney+ show is set to premiere next week: Hawkeye. And to ring in the holiday season, the series is set during the holiday season in New York City, and if the trailers are any indication, will bring tons of action and festive cheer. 

We last saw Clint Barton in Avengers: Endgame, fighting Thanos, saving the world and helping to return his family from the Blip. Prior to Endgame, Clint went rogue after the Blip, becoming Ronin and hunting down and killing criminals. But after reuniting with the Avengers during the events of Endgame, he said goodbye to Natasha Romanoff on Vormir in an emotionally charged struggle, having to sacrifice her to retrieve the Soul Stone to bring back his family and half of the world’s population. In his first ever solo MCU project, we find Clint trying to return home to his family for the holidays, while an enemy from his past resurfaces that threatens more than just the holidays with his family. Clint must team up with Kate Bishop, a young archer, and work together with her to defeat the enemy from his past and keep the holiday season on track. The series will also spend time exploring Clint’s past as Ronin, filling in the gap between Infinity War and Endgame, a time period previously unexplored in the MCU so far. 

Based on the trailers, the series looks like a lot of fun. Full of Christmas music, decorations, car chases and arrows, this looks like the Die Hard entry for the MCU. Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld seem to have wonderful chemistry in the trailers, creating a buddy cop style series similar to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But as this is a MCU show, we know that there will be more going on than just a fun holiday themed story over the next five weeks, and here are just a few things to get excited for!

  1. Hawkeye’s Starring Role

If there is one Avenger who has gotten the short stick so far in the MCU, it has been Hawkeye. After being a minion of Loki and completely absent from Infinity War, it’s about time Hawkeye gets his starring role. Renner has his first starring role and we will finally get to learn who Clint is, beyond the fact that he shoots arrows. We only know snippets of his history from various lines throughout the previous films, so who knows what surprises we will learn about him. We could have a few bombshells dropped, like when we learnt he had a wife and kids in Age of Ultron. 

  1. Kate Bishop’s MCU Debut

Kate Bishop is a well known character from the Marvel comics for being a prominent member of the Young Avengers and being the first female character to take up the mantle of Hawkeye. There is no doubt that Steinfeld is the perfect actress to portray Kate in the MCU, and I’m excited to see another Young Avenger make their debut, hopefully building towards a long rumoured Young Avengers film. Also, Bishop features in the Secret Invasion comics so this series could introduce her character while setting up a larger role for her in future in development MCU projects.

  1. The Return of Yelena & Maybe Val (Don’t Say Her Name)

Florence Pugh was an absolute scene stealer in this year’s Black Widow as Yelena, Natasha’s younger sister. We know that she will appear in this series, and after the post credit scene from Black Widow, it is clear that she will be an adversary for Clint after Julia Louis-Dreyfus manipulates Yelena into thinking that Clint killed Natasha, instead of Natasha sacrificing herself to save the world. The teased showdown between Clint and Yelena will no doubt be a thrilling part of the series, though I’m sure we will see them make amends and Yelena become one of the next recruits for the Young Avengers. However, it remains to be seen if Val will make an appearance and drop some more hints as to why she is assembling a team…

  1. Vera Farmiga Joins the MCU

Vera Farmiga is making her MCU debut as Kate’s mother Eleanor. While it is not known how big of a role Farmiga will have in the series, she is a phenomenal actress and any time she joins a project, it is a reason to get excited for it. 

  1. Rogers: The Musical 

As glimpsed in the series’ trailer, we are getting a Broadway musical about Steve Rogers. Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, the musical team behind Hairspray, are writing the song that will feature in the series. I’m a sucker for any Captain America related content within the MCU, and considering it will be a full out musical number, this is something I am very excited for! Considering Shaiman and Wittman are behind the song, it should be a fun moment in the series and feature some truly catchy lyrics, that will wet fans appetites for the first fullon MCU musical. Who knows? Maybe we will see Rogers: The Musical hitting Disney+ in the near future as a live special.

  1. First Official Holiday Entry in the MCU

While Iron Man 3 featured the first holiday scenes in the MCU with Tony trying on his new suit while Jingle Bells was playing and the giant bunny he bought Pepper for Christmas, Hawkeye is the first full on holiday entry in the MCU. While this may not faze some fans, I will be happy to have an alternative holiday show to watch every holiday season to join the seasonal rewatch list that includes such films as Love Actually, The Grinch and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  

So sit back, grab a glass of eggnog and get ready for Hawkeye. Who is the enemy from Hawkeye’s past? Will any characters from Netflix’s Daredevil appear, as has been heavily rumoured online the past few months? And most importantly, will Clint make it home to his family for the holidays? Check back next week as I recap the first two episodes of Hawkeye.

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