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Each week, Darren from @darrenmoviereviews will be recapping the most recent episode(s) of Hawkeye and the show’s overall connection to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Dinner parties are always fun, especially when swords are involved! Hawkeye’s second episode continues the character and plot development set into motion by the premiere episode, delivering a solid episode that improves on the first episode while showing the true potential of the rest of the series. 

The first episode had a slow pace, but the second episode flows a lot better. This is largely due to the excellent pairing of Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld. The two of them create a wonderful banter on screen as Clint and Kate, creating a buddy cop relationship that is infectious and a lot of fun to watch. The two of them make the episode and are delightful to watch, and the second they are not on screen together, you cannot wait for them to share it again. Based on their chemistry, there is no doubt in my mind that the rest of the series will be a lot of fun! The plot also deepens in the second episode, giving hints as to where the show is heading. This will give Marvel fans lots to theorize about as there are lots of characters in the episode that could set up other Marvel characters appearing either in this series or in the larger MCU, as well as looking for Mephisto references. I’m sure there was one Mephisto reference in the clouds at one point! Actually there was not a Mephisto reference I saw, but I’m sure the internet will dig one up soon enough. 

If I had one complaint about the episode, it was the lack of Lucky the Pizza Dog! He had one small scene, but given his prominence in the series’ marketing, I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of him in the rest of the series. 

And into spoiler territory we go. If you have not seen this second episode of Hawkeye, stop reading now. If you have, keep on reading to find out what we learnt in the second episode…

The episode starts exactly where the premiere left off, with Clint taking the Ronin hood off and discovering Kate wearing the suit. Kate immediately introduces herself to Clint, overcome with excitement having met her idol. Clint, wanting to find out how Kate got the Ronin suit, tells Kate they need to get out of here before the criminals wake up. 

On their way back to Kate’s apartment, Clint is constantly watching his surroundings, checking for assailants. At the apartment, Lucky the Pizza Dog has eaten a book. Clint asks Kate how she got this place, to which she responds she inherited it (presumably from her father). However, Clint cuts right to the chase asking her where she got the Ronin suit from. Kate reveals she got it from the black market auction she was staking out when the criminals attacked it, who Hawkeye reveals are the Tracksuit Mafia, a previous enemy of Ronin. Clint then asks if anyone saw Kate’s face while wearing the suit, to which she responds no. But the Tracksuit Mafia have tracked them to Kate’ apartment, and even learnt Kate’s name (as it was on the buzzer), as they start throwing molotov cocktails into the apartment. Clint picks one up and throws it back at the men on the street, and tells Kate to get the dog and get out of the apartment as it goes up in flames. However, Clint is unable to grab the Ronin suit from the flames and tells Kate that he will come back for it as they escape the flaming apartment.

Now at a subway station, Kate asks where they are going. Clint tells her they need supplies, and they end up at a convenience store to buy supplies to mend their wounds from their run in with the Tracksuit Mafia. Once they have the supplies, Kate gets excited that they are going to go to Clint’s safehouse. She asks if it is Avengers Tower, but Clint tells her it’s not Avengers Tower as Tony sold it a few years ago. Hearing this, Kate tells Clint that she has a place where they can lie low.

Kate takes Clint to her aunt’s apartment, who is in Florida for the winter, and they won’t be disturbed there. Kate picks the lock to let them in, and Clint tells her to stay there as he needs to get the Ronin suit from his apartment and back to his children at the hotel. At the burned remains of Kate’s apartment, Clint snags a firefighter suit to enter the remains to look for Ronin’s suit. However, it is gone, and as he is returning the firefighter suit, he notices a NYC Larpers sticker on the fire engine’s window. 

Having no luck finding the Ronin suit, Clint returns to Kate’s aunt’s apartment. Kate is on the phone with her mother, but hangs up when Clint arrives. Clint fixes Kate’s poor job at cleaning and bandaging her wounds, displaying fatherly care for Kate. This gets him thinking of his own kids, causing him to text Lila and tells her that she and her brothers need to pack their bags and be ready.

The next morning, Clint returns to the hotel and organizes a driver to take his kids to the airport. Laura will pick them up when they land, but Clint decides he will stay in New York to find the Ronin suit and deal with the Tracksuit Gang before returning home for the holidays. Lila sees the cut on Clint’s forehead and knows what he is up to, and makes him promise to be home in time for Christmas.

Back at Kate’s aunt’s apartment, the television displays an update in the murder of Armand: an image of Ronin leaving the scene of the crime. Clint tells Kate that the suit is bad luck, reinforcing why she needs to lie low at her aunt’s apartment. But Kate insists that she has to go to work, and that she will be safe at Bishop Security. Clint eventually decides that Kate will be safe at work and walks her to the office. While walking to Bishop Security, Kate and Clint discuss Hawkeye as a hero and his branding. While Clint does not believe he has a branding problem, Kate thinks he does. She sees him as not wearing his heart on his sleeve and not able to sell the inspiration he should be generating. However, they arrive outside Bishop Security and end their conversation. Kate asks if they will meet up at the safe house after work, but Clint says that hopefully this will be the last time they see each other. Kate is upset though as she wanted to train under Clint. However, Clint allows Kate to enter his number in his phone and Kate dials her number so she has his. Though Clint says it’s for emergencies only…

The first thing that Kate does at Bishop Security is going straight to her mother’s office. She finds her mother and Jack in there. Using the situation to her advantage, Kate asks Jack about the inheritance he will be receiving from Armand, before announcing she wants to speak to her mother alone. Eleanor is shocked, but Jack says this is typical behaviour based on the book he is reading about being a stepfather. Eleanor, wanting to build bridges, invites Kate for dinner that evening with her and Jack, and Kate agrees on one condition: that she gets to come up with the conversation topics.

After dropping Kate at Bishop Security, Clint heads to Central Park. He has found out the NYC Larpers are there for an event, and he is hoping to find the Ronin suit. After arriving, he sees a firefighter from the night before wearing the suit. However, he has to sign up to larp to get close to the firefighter. The whole scene is a lot of fun, watching Clint play fight after saving the world a countless number of times, despite being frustrated that he cannot barge in there and reclaim his suit. He eventually defeats enough LARPers and gets to the firefighter with the Ronin suit, but the firefighter wants Clint to be defeated in battle in exchange for the suit. After a staged battle where Clint loses, the firefighter gives Clint the suit and says he owes Clint one. Clint tells him he can return his LARP outfit to the front desk to avoid being fined, and he does. Before he leaves, the firefighter introduces himself as Grills.

At work, Kate is texting Clint but receives a phone call from an unknown number. She picks it up, and it is the police. They ask her if she will come into the station for a chat. Before agreeing, Kate probes as to what they want to talk about. The detective asks her if she was aware of the fire at her apartment and asks where she was during it. Kate tells him now is not a good time to chat as she is at work, to which he tells Kate he will see her at the station the next morning before work.

Having reclaimed the Ronin suit, Clint phones Laura to check in. He informs her that he will be missing the flight he had booked as he has to stay to deal with the Tracksuit Mafia. But he tells her that he promised Lila that he would be home for Christmas, and that he intends to keep that promise. Laura tells Clint she knows what he’s doing, he’s using a catch and release play, one of Nat’s old moves. 

That evening, Kate goes to her mother’s for dinner with her and Jack. Over dinner, Kate accuses Jack of being too good to be true, and asks what type of sword man is he? She is clearly digging around trying to find out if Jack lets anything slip about Armand’s murder, by dropping a comments like “are you aware of when you are stabbing someone in the back.” Eleanor tries to change the conversation topic, but Jack thinks that a common interest is a good point for Kate and him to bond over. Kate suggests they break out the swords and fight, to which Eleanor objects. But Jack agrees to and gets the fencing gear ready. 

Kate and Jack begin to fence in the hallway, however Jack holds back and let’s Kate win the first three fights. Realizing what Jack is doing, Kate gets mad at Jack and tells him to stop letting her win. Jack removes his mask, and Kate makes an attack on his face, which Jack easily deflects. Eleanor is enraged at Kate, asking what is wrong with her, but Kate says that this is evidence that Jack is hiding something beyond the fact that he is talented with a sword. Kate goes further to say is it not weird that the night Jack’s uncle threatened Eleanor that he turned up dead due to a sword wound. Eleanor tells Kate to stop snooping around, but Kate continues to tell them both about Ronin’s suit and the Tracksuit Mafia. Shocked by what Kate is saying, Eleanor tells Kate that everything will be okay, reinforcing Kate’s future: graduation and then Bishop Security. Eleanor tells Kate she has to apologize to Jack, so Kate does exactly that. She apologizes to Jack for scaring him into telling the truth. Jack then offers her a butterscotch, but it’s not any butterscotch. It’s the monogrammed butterscotch with Armand’s name she found at Armand’s place. This startles Kate, causing her to run out of the apartment as she yells at her mother and Jack that everything is fine. 

On the streets of New York, Clint is waiting for the Tracksuit Mafia. They drive up in their vans, and take Clint as their hostage. Before putting a bag over his head, they tell him that “she” wants him alive.

Outside her mother’s apartment, Kate grabs a cab and begins calling Clint. However, Clint’s phone goes straight to voicemail. She leaves a voicemail telling him that she has discovered clues that Clint needs to hear and to call her back. However, Kate keeps calling, causing one of the Tracksuit Mafia to pick up Clint’s phone, telling her Clint cannot take her call now. Sensing something is off, Kate uses her Bishop Security technology to track Clint’s phone and tells the cab driver to head in that direction. 

Clint has been taken to a warehouse, where the Tracksuit Mafia has him tied to a chair. They ask Clint about Kate, but Clint does not give them any information. He tells them that he has come here to talk to their boss, and breaks free of his restraints. They continue to ask Clint where Kate is, but Clint insists he’s never met her. At that exact moment, Kate falls through the skylight, landing right in front of Clint. The Tracksuit Mafia pull their guns on Kate, and tie both her and Clint up. One of their members heads to their boss, and he tells her that they have them both.

And that is where the two episode premiere ends… The first thing to talk about is the head of the Tracksuit Mafia. If you have been following the casting for the show, you will recognize that it was Alaqua Cox who has been cast as Maya Lopez aka. Echo. In the comics, Maya is connected to villains such as Wilson Fisk, aka. Kingpin, and has photographic reflexes that allows her to duplicate any physical movement she sees. We know that Maya is going to be a big character in the MCU. Not only is she the first deaf character in the MCU, there is already an announced Disney+ series focusing on her character. The question is though with her appearance in Hawkeye, will this lead to an introduction of Kingpin or Daredevil. Rumours have been floating around the internet about Charlie Cox and or Vincent D’Onofrio appearing in Hawkeye, and with Echo appearing, this could be a way to introduce their characters to the MCU proper (as the Netflix shows do exist in the same universe, though the Disney Marvel properties have not referenced them before).

Aside from Echo, there is another notable Marvel character that could be on the show. Eleanor’s fiance Jack shares the same name as Swordsman from the comics. And given his fascination with swords and the abilities he showed during his fight with Kate, Swordsman may be about to appear on the show. In the comics, Swordsman has a troubled history, at times being in league with the Avengers and at other times against them. Given the tidbits we have learnt about Jack so far in the series, it sounds like that if we do see Swordsman in this series, he could very well be one of the main villains for the series. 

Having a smaller connection to the comics, but one that avid Marvel fans will pickup, is Grills. Yes, the firefighter that Clint meets is a character from the comics. In the comics, Grills is actually Clint’s neighbour. I don’t think there is too much to read into with this connection, and while I won’t get into Grills fate in the comics, it’s a nice nod to the comics. 

Finally, the other big Easter Egg is Kate’s aunt: Moira Brandon. In the comics, Moira is a character from the West Coast Avengers, who donates her ranch to be the West Coast Avengers’ headquarters. We do not have any confirmation of whether Moira will appear on the show, but if she does, that could be a hint that the West Coast Avengers may be making an appearance in the MCU. 

Make sure to check back next week for my next Hawkeye recap. No doubt we will learn about Maya Lopez and why she wants Clint? But will we find out what Jack is hiding, or what Eleanor and Armand were arguing about. Keep watching and reading my recaps to find out. 

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