Ciao Alberto: An Adorable Return To Portorosso

At the conclusion of this year’s Disney/Pixar film Luca, Alberto and Luca were left separated with the former staying behind in Portorosso to work with Massimo and the latter heading to school. In the new short Ciao Alberto, we once again are back in the fishing town as Alberto continues his work with the big cuddly fisherman, only his efforts to impress keep ending in disaster. The latest short from Pixar, debuting on Disney+ this Friday as part of the streamer’s Disney+ Day, is once again beautifully animated with a quick hit of a story that touches on perseverance, patience, and trying one’s best. Those looking for a return to the charm of Luca will enjoy it, but be warned: it leaves you wanting more of the adorable friendship between Alberto and Luca. Do you hear that, Disney and Pixar? MORE LUCA!

Check out the synopsis for Ciao Alberto, as well as the trailer, below:

With his best friend Luca away at school, Alberto is enjoying his new life in Portorosso working alongside Massimo—the imposing, tattooed, one-armed fisherman of few words—who’s quite possibly the coolest human in the entire world as far as Alberto is concerned. He wants more than anything to impress his mentor, but it’s easier said than done.

Luca is now streaming on Disney+.

Photo from Disney

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