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Whether The Weather Is Fine is… well… fine, a film that seeks to shine light on the people left picking up the pieces after natural disasters hit, yet one that fails to bring together the emotion, humor, and story in a tight package.

Set in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, the film follows a young man as he navigates the destruction in the Philippines, the confusion, and the desperation. The visuals created for the film are truly breathtaking and emotionally charged as homes are destroyed and lives lost. As we follow the characters through their navigation of the debris, we are expected to feel for what they are going through, but the lack of depth of the characters and the unbalanced delivery of the more humorous aspects of the film doesn’t allow for a consistent tone. Had the focus been on one character and their decision to move on to a new home (we’re told a ship is en route to take people to Manila) or stay back and rebuild, it would have been more compelling. 

There are certain visuals that director Carlo Francisco Manatad delivers that will stay with audiences, from the depiction of the destruction following the storm to one of the final scenes set upon a fireworks-laden backdrop. The beauty is sadly overshadowed by a directionless story that seems to cast a wider net than necessary, resulting in an ambitious yet disappointing outing.

Rating: 2/5

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