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TITANE (2021)

A hypnotically odd feature that continuously has you wondering exactly what is going on, Titane is a solid film that is bolstered by the committed performances of its leads.

Alexia (Agathe Rosselle) goes on the run after committing a series of violent murders, becoming entrenched in a con that provides the love she has always sought as she deals with an unexplained, unorthodox pregnancy. Titane is not for everyone, a film that pushes the envelope by asking the audience to accept an odd premise that wraps up with a perplexing finale. Yet writer/director Julia Ducournau navigates the film’s twists and turns with steady grace and control, embracing the shock value and leaning in to the insanity. Rosselle is absolutely captivating in her feature debut, carrying each scene with a mysterious aura that elevates the film’s sometimes confusing intent. Her scenes with an equally committed Vincent Lindon emit intrigue and push the levels of the audience’s comfort.

For all of its interesting and disturbing pieces, Titane doesn’t totally come together; what the film is attempting to say never becomes clear and is buried in the absurd. It portrays its lead ultimately as a broken and shattered woman without much depth, a character who suddenly changes course midway through as the story shifts. There simply is not enough meat underneath the presentation, though that may be enough for many.

Titane is now playing in select theaters.

Rating: 3/5

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