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It’s hard to believe that this enthralling story of persistence and hope happened in real-life, but The Rescue takes you into the cave in a masterful documentary charting each harrowing day of the effort to save lives.

Back in 2018, a Thai soccer team consisting of twelve boys and their coach became trapped in a flooded cave in Northern Thailand. In a race against time, rescuers scrambled to mount an international effort to find and rescue them. The Rescue is an exhilarating, expertly-crafted documentary that not only brings viewers along for the daring efforts, but brings light to high-risk cave diving and those who call it a hobby. Though those familiar with the event know the eventual outcome, there is a raw intensity in every frame of The Rescue that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. In what is truly a race against time, the filmmakers take you deep into the efforts to get to the team, as well as the cave itself, while highlighting the individuals who came together to find a solution in a thorough, honorable way.

The Rescue shows the very best that humanity has to offer with people coming together for a common cause, riding hope and determination to bring a positive ending to a horrific nightmare. Along the way, the filmmakers manage to teach you about the sport of cave diving and those who partake. The undertaking was all hands on deck, as they say, and it is beautifully showcased through stunning footage of the ups, the downs, and the eventual success. The Rescue is simply fantastic.

Rating: 5/5

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