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An intriguing exploration of the intersecting lives of five youths, Terrorizers weaves a complex web of storytelling that doesn’t always hit the mark, but allows the young cast to absolutely shine.

When a slashing incident causes a stir in Taipei, we are taken on a journey that shows the culprit crossing paths with not only the victims, but altogether five disillusioned youths. Terrorizers is a film where the story is overshadowed by the superb acting and strong structural execution. The plot takes a number of dynamic turns that, due largely to director Ho Wi Ding’s vision, is unpredictable from beginning to end. The cinematography and the subtle choices in delivery are exquisite.

The film is makes a statement about the interconnectivity of people, especially youths, and the impacts of digital media (video games and pornography, specifically), specifically showcasing how the medium impacts our lives. While everyone is seemingly connected in Terrorizers, they couldn’t be further apart due to the safety, reliance, and facades of the online world. This is a fascinating film that, though the plot lacks that final punch that would have brought it all home, never once waivers in deliciously entertaining twists and turns.

Rating: 4/5

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