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Though remarkably inspiring to see the impact a visit by some of the powerhouse drag queens of our time had on Peru, especially how the art form continues to empower those fighting to be themselves, Drag Invasion is a rather dull film that succeeds in capturing the moment, but could have done more to fully represent its importance.

Drag Invasion follows dozens of drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race as they travel to and perform in Peru and the impact of such a trip on those fighting for LGBTQ+ rights in such a conservative country. Raw footage takes us along for the journey as some of the biggest names in drag do what they do best and adoring fans erupt in excitement, bombarding the queens at the airport and packing prideful shows and events. Most impactful are the interviews with Peruvian members of the community who share the impact that drag has had on them in such a religiously conservative, homophobic society. These moments showcase the true power of the film, giving voice to those have been unheard, those continuing to fight. But Drag Invasion doesn’t dive deep enough into the realities on the ground in Peru, instead remaining at a surface level inspection that quickly jumps back to the queens and positive words of advice that they share. It all comes across as very rushed and more of a snapshot of the moment than a powerful use of the moment. 

That said, the events depicted in Drag Invasion are incredibly important, showcasing the impact and importance of representation, visibility, and community. Though it leaves you wanting more, Drag Invasion will put a smile on your face.

Rating: 3/5

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