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ANTLERS (2021)

A masterful blend of exceptional sound usage and an intriguing premise, Antlers is a solid horror outing filled with creativity and gore.

When a young boy (Jeremy T. Thomas) lands on the radar of one of his teachers (Keri Russell) due to concerning behavior, she and her sheriff brother (Jesse Plemons) become embroiled in the dangerous reemergence of a legendary creature tormenting their Oregon town. Antlers is a wild ride, one that serves as an allegory for the abuse suffered by both Russell and Plemons’ characters. Though we just scratch the surface with that subplot, the overall mythology explored is wholly original (the story is based on a short story) and well-executed, a film that demands to be seen in theaters for full effect. Director Scott Cooper’s focus on the isolation of sound and sudden scene shifts raises the level of suspense, never allowing it to wain. Cooper’s approach goes a long way towards establishing the atmosphere that allows the unique creature to excel in.

The performances all around are committed and appropriate, Thomas the most impressive as he embodies responsibility and fear in an unrivaled fashion for a first-time child actor. Plemons himself is quickly becoming an actor that I feel I could watch in anything. The film as a whole doesn’t do much to reinvent the horror genre, but Cooper takes what has come before him and delivers a refreshing take from a director wading into these waters for the first time. 

Be sure to use the bathroom before you go in, otherwise watch at your own risk. 

Antlers hits theaters tomorrow.

Rating: 4/5

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