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DC FanDome 2021 gets underway in just under two hours with the promise of a trailer for The Batman and first looks at projects like Black Adam, The Flash, the Gotham Knights video game, and more. While we are sure to get some surprises, her is my wish list of things I want to see happen (though most are probably dreams).

(5) A Smallville continuation.

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This one actually has a good shot of being announced. Today is the 20th anniversary of Smallville‘s premiere, a show that I love dearly. Back in the summer, Clark Kent himself Tom Welling shared in a Cameo that he and Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor in the show) were working on getting an animated series going to revisit the characters with many of the original cast members. It could be that we are about to get an announcement regarding a Smallville animated series that would continue the story (we already have comic books doing just that!).

(4) A Batfleck/Deathstroke HBO Max miniseries.

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Back before Zack Snyder’s corner of the DC Extended Universe went sideways, Deathstroke (played by Joe Mangienello) was teased as a major villain for future films (we saw him return briefly in Zack Snyder’s Justice League). He was also rumored to be the villain in a then-planned solo Batman movie starring Ben Affleck, but that never came to fruition. With Batfleck back in the cape for The Flash, I would love to see the altercation between his character and Deathstroke in a miniseries.

(3) Janelle Monáe cast as Nubia and to be featured in Wonder Woman 3.

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Rumors have been swirling for over a year about the future inclusion of Nubia, a Black Amazonian warrior who has been portrayed as a twin to Diana Prince and who has even taken up the Wonder Woman mantle in some storylines. I want to see her introduced in Wonder Woman 3, to branch out from the love story that we have seen exhausted in the first two films. In my opinion, Janelle Monáe would be perfect for the role.

(2) Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Part Two

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A complete long shot, but Zack Snyder’s Justice League leaves us with a cliffhanger with Darkseid ready to go off. How sad that we may not ever get to see that storyline play out. Snyder had mapped out the rest of the story and it is sitting there somewhere, waiting to be picked up. With Discovery coming on board and anticipated changes, I would love to see a follow-up film, even a miniseries.

(1) A new Superman movie starring Henry Cavill… or any announcement about Cavill returning as the character in a significant way.

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Look, Henry Cavill is my Superman. He plays the perfect balance of Clark Kent and Superman with emotion and poise. His performances are consistently phenomenal and the fact that rumors have persisted about him not being the Man of Steel moving forward are still out there is a travesty. Most recently, the word was that Cavill had signed on to reprise the role in future projects. Just last night, The Flash producer Barbara Muschietti teased surprises at DC FanDome and, when someone asked about Cavill as Superman in the film, she liked the comment. But I want more… I want him front and center once again. It is time, we need it, and he deserves it.

Follow all of the happenings with DC FanDome today during the Guy At The Movies livestream here.

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