Weekend Box Office Report: September 17 – September 19, 2021

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Weekend Estimates Update:

Disney’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings continued to rule the box office this weekend with an estimated first place take of $21.70 million. That easily represented the largest third weekend gross since the re-opening of domestic theatres; a mark which was previously held by fellow Disney release Free Guy with $13.16 million. Shang-Chi held up especially well this weekend for a film of its size in its third frame, as the film was down just 37.5 percent from last weekend. This weekend’s hold is even more impressive when considering that Shang-Chi was playing in 230 fewer locations than it was last weekend and also lost a portion of its IMAX showtimes to Lionsgate’s IMAX re-issue of 1995’s Ghost in the Shell. This weekend’s strong hold for Shang-Chi also made up for last weekend’s second weekend decline being a bit sharper than most had been expecting (while still being respectable in its own right).

Through 17 days of release, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has grossed an impressive $176.89 million. That already makes Shang-Chi the second highest grossing film domestically since the re-opening of theatres and in the coming days the film will zoom past the $183.38 million current gross of fellow Disney / Marvel film Black Widow to become the highest grossing film domestically since re-opening. With a current total gross to 3-day opening weekend ratio of 2.35 to 1, Shang-Chi already has a higher current ratio than that of Black Widow (currently 2.28 to 1).

This weekend also saw Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings surpass the $300 million global mark. The film grossed an estimated $20.3 million internationally this weekend from 43 markets. That brings the film’s international total to $143.7 million and global haul to $320.6 million. Current totals by market for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings include $21.8 million in the United Kingdom, $12.6 million in South Korea, $9.2 million in France, $7.6 million in Russia, $7.0 million in Japan, $6.7 million in Germany, $6.5 million in Hong Kong, $5.9 million in Mexico, $5.7 million in Brazil, $5.2 million in Spain, $4.1 million in Australia and $4.0 million in Italy. After taking in an estimated $1.82 million from global IMAX screens this weekend, the current global IMAX total for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings stands at $24.5 million (which represents 7.6 percent of the film’s overall global total).

Meanwhile, Disney and 20th Century’s Free Guy had a terrific hold this weekend to remain in second place with an estimated $5.20 million. Free Guy declined a very slim 6.8 percent from last weekend and the film’s per-location average actually increased 3.9 percent over last weekend. In addition to continuing to benefit from strong word of mouth, Free Guy (and holdovers currently in wide release in general) clearly benefited from this weekend’s four major new releases being collectively soft. The 38-day total for Free Guy stands at $108.58 million, which currently makes the film the sixth highest grossing film domestically since re-opening and gives the film an impressive current total gross to opening weekend ratio of 3.83 to 1.

Free Guy is on the verge of surpassing the $300 million global mark with an estimated current global total of $298.3 million. This weekend Free Guy grossed an estimated $8.4 million internationally from 48 markets, which brings the film’s current international total to $189.7 million. Estimated totals by market for Free Guy through Sunday include $85.6 million in China, $21.1 million in the United Kingdom, $10.8 million in Russia, $5.2 million in France, $4.7 million in Saudi Arabia, $4.6 million in Germany, $4.5 million in Japan, $4.2 million in Australia, $3.3 million in Spain and $3.3 million in Mexico.

For the second weekend in a row a new release from Warner Bros. opened to underwhelming results, as Cry Macho debuted in third place with an estimated $4.52 million. The neo-western directed by and starring Clint Eastwood had a per-location average of just $1,138 while playing in a very wide 3,967 locations. Over the years Eastwood has been a very consistent draw at the box office (especially as an actor), but audiences just weren’t interested in seeing Cry Macho in theatres. The film’s mixed critical reviews didn’t help matters at the box office, nor did the film opening day-and-date theatrically and via streaming on HBO Max. This weekend’s performance for Cry Macho was very similar to the $5.43 million start of Warner’s Malignant last weekend, which like Cry Macho, is also currently available on HBO Max. Cry Macho looks to be going over a bit better with audiences than its has with critics after receiving a respectable B rating on CinemaScore, though that rating also suggests that Cry Macho isn’t going over as well with audiences as a typical film starring and or directed by Eastwood. Internationally, Cry Macho grossed just an estimated $0.35 million from 18 markets, which places the film’s current global total at $4.87 million. On a positive note for Warner Bros., the studio had far better results with this weekend’s international start for Dune (more on that in a bit).

Universal and MGM’s Candyman was down just 26.5 percent from last weekend to remain in fourth place with an estimated $3.50 million. This weekend saw Candyman surpass the $50 million domestic mark, as the film has grossed an estimated $53.17 million through 24 days. Candyman is currently the 14th highest grossing release of 2021 domestically and before much longer will surpass both Raya and the Last Dragon and The Suicide Squad to move into 12th place for the year. In the United Kingdom, Candyman continued to hold up well this weekend with an estimated $0.42 million, which brings the film’s total in the market to $5.93 million.

Fellow horror film Malignant followed in fifth place with an estimated $2.68 million. The Warner Bros. release was down two spots and a respectable 50.7 percent from last weekend’s debut. However, in the bigger picture the ten-day start for Malignant stands at just $9.80 million. Malignant is preforming slightly better internationally where the film grossed an estimated $3.1 million this weekend from 70 markets and has grossed $14.8 million to date. That brings the film’s current global total to $24.6 million. Estimated totals by market for Malignant through Sunday include $1.8 million in Spain, $1.5 million in Russia, $1.3 million in the United Kingdom, $1.1 million in France and $1.0 million in Mexico.

Open Road and Briarcliff’s Copshop was even softer than fellow opener Cry Macho this weekend with an estimated sixth place start of just $2.31 million. Despite good critical reviews and opening exclusively in theatres this weekend, the Joe Carnahan directed action-thriller starring Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo opened on the low end of its already low expectations. Copshop failed to reach the respective $3.61 million and $3.10 million debuts of fellow Open Road / Briarcliff releases Honest Thief (back in October of last year) and The Marksman (in January of this year). With a location count of 3,005, Copshop also opened significantly wider than both of those films and only managed a per-location average of $769 this weekend.

Estimated grosses for some of this weekend’s other holdovers include a seventh place haul of $2.09 million for Disney’s Jungle Cruise and an eighth place take of $1.75 million for Paramount’s PAW Patrol: The Movie. Both films held up very nicely this weekend, as Jungle Cruise declined a slim 10.3 percent from last weekend, while PAW Patrol: The Movie was only down 23.9 percent. Like Free GuyJungle Cruise also saw its per-location average increase over last weekend, while this weekend’s per-location average for PAW Patrol: The Movie was down very slightly from last weekend. Respective total grosses stand at $112.58 million for Jungle Cruise through 52 days and at $37.14 million for PAW Patrol: The Movie through 31 days.

In moderate release, Disney and Searchlight’s The Eyes of Tammy Faye was off to a modest start of $0.675 million from 450 locations. That gave the Michael Showalter directed film starring Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield a per-location average of $1,500 for the frame and was good enough for ninth place among all films this weekend (just ahead of Sony’s Don’t Breathe 2). Somewhat surprisingly, critical reviews for The Eyes of Tammy Faye have been mixed (although more positive than negative), which likely limited potential a bit for the film this weekend. With a solid B+ CinemaScore rating, The Eyes of Tammy Faye looks to be going over slightly better with audiences than it has with critics. This coming Friday (September 24), The Eyes of Tammy Faye will expand to semi-wide release in an estimated 1,000+ locations.

Despite slightly stronger critical reviews, Focus’ Blue Bayou was even softer than The Eyes of Tammy Faye this weekend with an estimated start of just $0.315 million from 477 locations (for a per-location average of $660). Blue Bayou was directed by and stars Justin Chon and also stars Alicia Vikander. Since the re-opening of domestic theatres, the specialty release market has been especially soft in general and that trend continued this weekend with The Eyes of Tammy Faye and Blue Bayou (as well as the second weekend performance of Focus’ The Card Counter.

Warner and Legendry’s Dune was off to a very nice international start this weekend with an estimated $36.8 million from 24 markets. According to Warner Bros., Dune opened 80 percent ahead of Godzilla vs. Kong and 33 percent ahead of Black Widow in the same international markets. Debuts for Dune this weekend included $7.6 million in Russia, $7.5 million in France, $4.9 million in Germany, $2.6 million in Italy, $2.4 million in Spain, $1.4 million in the Netherlands, $1.2 million in Ukraine, $1.2 million in Taiwan, $1.1 million in Hong Kong, $1.1 million in Denmark, $1.0 million in Sweden and $0.98 million in Norway. IMAX screens were responsible for an estimated $3.6 million of this weekend’s overall international gross (9.8 percent). Dune will open in additional smaller international markets next weekend, in additional key international markets beginning in mid-October and open domestically, day-and-date theatrically and via streaming on HBO Max on October 22.

While a domestic / international split is not yet available, the IMAX re-issue of 1995’s Ghost in the Shell grossed an estimated $0.400 million this weekend from 204 global IMAX screens (121 of which were in the domestic marketplace, 47 of which were in the United Kingdom and 36 of which were in Japan).

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